SNAPPED ANKLES – ” Forest Of Your Problems “

Posted: March 24, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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UK group Snapped Ankles have once again descended from the trees to gift the world with a new album, their third “Forest Of Your Problems” , Due out on July 2nd via The Leaf Label. If you’re unfamiliar, legend has it Snapped Ankles are wildmen of the woods, living in the branches and looking like a pile of leaves that have come to life to play danceable komische post-punk with a mix of synthesizers, guitars and foraged instrumentation. They produced this one themselves with regular collaborator and The Comet Is Coming member Danalogue on mixing duties.

There’s a new congregation in the forest! After a year of solitude in the woods, faced with tangible apocalyptic threats to the modern world, the woodwose are back!, But the community has divided, boundaries have been marked out and hedges erected.

The four tribes have gone to war. Choose your doctrine. The Business Imp, The Nemophile, The Cornucopian and The Protester all want to save you, take you to the moon, smother you in wellness or just sell you a tree to hug. It’s a dark fearful world out there and here are your spirit guides to lead you through the Forest Of Your Problems. Take care on the path!

The first single from the album is “Rhythm is Our Business,” a storming, crazed banger set to a manic beat that owes just a little to The Fall and maybe a little to the B-52s. The band have also announced a fall UK/EU tour, Snapped Ankles‘ last album, Stunning Luxury. 

 The Cornucopian Edition: exclusive to Rough Trade Shops. Individually numbered transparent blue vinyl with black splatter LP in paper bag + bonus ‘Parasite Sessions’ CD

• The Nemophile Edition: Bandcamp exclusive ‘woodland healing’ recycled vinyl with pink splatter LP in paper bag (also available with exclusive T-shirt)

• The Protester Edition: ‘forest floor’ recycled vinyl LP (available in the best independent record shops worldwide)

• The Business Imp Edition: black vinyl LP

Taken from Snapped Ankles third album “Forest Of Your Problems”, released 2nd July 2021.

BAY 126VRT The Cornucopian mockup with inner and bag RGB300

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