SNAPPED ANKLES – ” The Invisible Real That Hurts “(Danalogue Dirty Orbit Mix)

Posted: June 30, 2018 in MUSIC
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Snapped Ankles release their brand new violations of songs by Can (Bel Air), The Fugs (CIA Man), Joey Beltram (Energy Flash) and The Comateens (Ghosts). Famed in mediaeval folklore, it has been suggested that the woodwose represent the opposite of civilisation. Outcasts at the fringes of society – that place inhabited by hunters, criminals, religious hermits, herdsmen, and others who operate on the margins. That place where rock and roll found its voice, long before its inevitable commodification. On Violations Snapped Ankles dare to show their hand. Here are the records and artists that shaped them. Outsider music. Recreated on logs and drums and rusty wire. Shot through with tetanus, electricity and bile. Society is on the verge of collapse. Get out while you still can.


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