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The Districts a four-piece indie rock band from the small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania. The group formed in 2009 while members Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence were still in high school. The prolific young band released their first EP, “Kitchen Songs” in 2011, followed by the track “Telephone” , The band released their debut full-length, the following year. The Districts then released a second EP, the more acoustic-leaning While You Were in Honesdale, was released in late 2012 and the band continued to perform regionally. Their mix of jangly indie Americana and blues-inspired rock caught the attention of Mississippi’s Fat Possum Records, who issued the band’s self-titled third EP, which contained three remastered songs from the “Telephone” album along with two newly recorded tracks.



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Two demos recorded over the past bit of time. All proceeds will go to the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council to support their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.


One to Another engineered & mixed by Keith Abrams
Alice recorded in our practice space.
Written and performed by The Districts

The Districts are an American indie rock band originally from Lititz in Pennsylvania,. The group formed in 2009 while members Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence were all still in high school.

The group self-released two EPs and a full-length album over the course of 2011 and 2012. Late in 2013, after a stint in viral success from a live studio session, The Districts signed with Fat Possum Records releasing an EP early the following year consisting of three remastered tracks from their previous releases and two new songs. By 2014 the group had relocated from Lititz to Philadelphia . In February 2015, the group’s second full-length, A Flourish and a Spoil brought the band attention to the general media. The band mix of jangly indie Americana and blues-inspired rock.  



All sales will be donated to the Standing Rock Medic and Health council.

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Our good friends and local Philadelphia favorites, The Districts, recently played a pop-up show at our headquarters to a intimate crowd of 50 or so fans. We got so many requests for tickets that we had to close the RSVP within an hour of posting about it. The guys played a full set that night and we filmed three songs.

“Hounds, Bold, Heavy Begs”



The Districts met in their hometown of Lititz, Pa., and began making a name for themselves in Philadelphia’s music scene. Coming from a small town, the band members have known one another for most of their lives. “I went to preschool with [frontman] Rob [Grote],” says drummer Braden Lawrence, “but I didn’t talk to him because he stole my blocks or something and I hated him for 10 years.”

Eventually the Districts relocated to Philadelphia and became part of that city’s music scene. Their most recent album, A Flourish and a Spoil, was recorded at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minn. “It was awesome,” Grote says of the experience. “We put on some Nirvana and went swimming.”

Now on tour supporting the new album, the Districts visited The Current’s studio for a session with Mary Lucia. Here are some key quotes from the interview:

On the title of their song, “4th and Roebling”:
“It’s right off the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. We parked there the first time we played in New York a long time ago, and we needed a title for the song.”

On how their van and gear disappeared while on a previous tour:
“We went to the City Museum in East Saint Louis (Ill.), which is an awesome museum but not in an awesome area. We were in a gated lot, but we came out of the City Museum and our van was gone.”

On the Philadelphia music scene:
“I feel like it’s one big music scene with a lot of different little ones in it. But even if you don’t necessarily fit into a certain one, no one really hates on each other too much. Even if you don’t like the music, it’s cool that there’s a lot of bands; everyone’s pretty supportive of it and into it, so that’s cool.”

Songs Performed
“4th and Roebling”
All songs off The Districts’ album, “A Flourish and a Spoil”, out now on Fat Possum Records.

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Philadelphian quartet The Districts are preparing to return to the U.K along with their upcoming album, “Popular Manipulations”on August 11th through Fat Possum Records. So far, they’ve teased us with the full-length trio of new songs “Ordinary Day” , “If Before I Wake” and “Violet”. Today, the rock outfit has unveiled yet another new track, “Salt”.

Taking cues from “If Before I Wake”, the reverberating “Salt” has a glossy sound buoyed by sparkling synths, but with scaled back guitars this time around. Frontman Rob Grote’s soaring vocals rise above the fray with contemplative lyrics like, “Thought you were hopeful/ The last of the glow/ Until you burn out/ Until we burn out.”


The Districts have graced us with another thunderous single off their upcoming album Popular Manipulations.

Rob Grote from the band says, “Lyrically, ‘Violet,’ deals with ideas of possessiveness, intimacy, sex, dependency, and how they’re used manipulatively. Kind of a look at how these things can be beautiful but are also used as devices, usually unconsciously which is the somewhat terrifying part. There is a pervasive thing throughout a lot of classic and modern popular music where ideas of ‘needing’ and referring to a romantic partner with a tone of ownership are normal and poignant lyrical topics. This song was using those same ideas but observing the strangeness in them, rather than celebrating them. Structurally the song reflects that strangeness by restraining and exploding somewhat irregularly.”

Next week, The Districts continue their world tour in support of Popular Manipulations, with a show supporting Ryan Adams and a stop at Lollapalooza. They follow that up with a string of Midwestern and Northeastern dates including a pair of shows with My Morning Jacket. After that, they kick off a European tour at Reading and Leeds Festivals.


The Lititz, Pennsylvania-formed four-piece don’t concern themselves with mundane tales. With frontman Rob Grote at the helm, they bellow out wild stories about the vastness, fear and thunder of youth. Everything sounds huge. Grote’s vocal never simmers down, guitars are packed like sardines bursting at the seams, drums threaten to blow the doors down.

If 2015 coming-of-age album ‘A Flourish and a Spoil’ hinted at the band’s big-thinking signatures, new song ‘If Before I Wake’ cements it. Grote chants “I’m just a narcissist!” and claims he’s “too blessed to be depressed!”, like he’s had a spiritual awakening. Every fragment of the track has been pushed up to 100 per cent, blared out to the skies. In just three minutes, it feels like The Districts have contained a lifetime’s tale.


The Districts are a band that never stops moving. Popular Manipulations is an accurate representation of how much Robby, Braden, Connor, and Pat have grown, individually and as one solid unit. They’ve fallen in love and had their hearts broken and put back together again. They’re not the young underage band anymore, they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone and have come face to face with things that are so much bigger than them.

Popular Manipulations is life in the present. The way Robby belts from the depths of his chest compliments Pat’s crooning guitar while Braden and Connor lock in with a rhythm section so thick you could slice it with a knife. The songs are so visceral and compelling they make you like you’re experiencing every emotion at once. You can wade through the lyrical themes of manipulation, possessiveness, and anxiety or float among their dark and dreamy arrangements. Each song stands alone on its own but the synergy between them as a whole is explosive.

Philadelphia band The Districts have announced a new full-length album entitled, “Popular Manipulations”. The follow-up to their 2015 excellent breakthrough effort, “A Florish and A Spoil ” due out August 11th via Fat Possum Records. 

Four of the 11 tracks on the LP were recorded with producer John Congleton, who’d previously worked with the band on Flourish. The other songs were all self-recorded by The Districts themselves alongside Pine Barons member Keith Abrams. “Both sessions were great,” said frontman Robby Grote  “We just have fun working with John. There’s a dialogue between us when we are working with him where he has suggestions or we’ll just talk stuff out, but it was definitely refreshing recording just a neighborhood away from where we live and doing it all ourselves with Keith. We viewed it as more of a challenge.”


In addition to the album announcement, the band released the single and video for lead single “Ordinary Day”, On Record Store Day 2017  7-inch vinyl. Directed by Out of Town Films, the clip is a brooding visual that Grote said “deals with ideas of loneliness, alienation and going through the motions in life.” It tackles those concepts by having the black-garbed band deliver a lifeless performance for a bunch of people in creepy white masks drinking milk.