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Ever since the original Dinosaur Jr line-up reunited in the mid 2000s, they’ve been even more prolific than they were the first time around, and they continue to be consistently great, reliable lifers. You always kind of know what to expect from a new Dinosaur Jr album, and they always deliver quality stuff, “Sweep It Into Space” being no exception. There are a few unexpected moments to keep things fresh (plus production and musical contributions from Kurt Vile), but mostly it’s the Dinosaur Jr you know and love.


Nearly 40 years into their career, Dinosaur Jr are still delivering the indie rock goods. They don’t need help at this point to do so, but having pal Kurt Vile co-produce adds lift to J, Lou and Murph’s sails. It may be easy to take them for granted these days, but “Sweep it Into Space” reminds you why you loved them the first time.

Released April 23rd, 2021

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Dinosaur Jr. offered another preview of the band’s upcoming album “Sweep It Into Space” with the new single, “Take It Back”. “Sweep It Into Space” is out on Friday via Jagjaguwar Records.

Following the release of the Lou Barlow-penned “Garden“, this latest single finds singer/guitarist J Mascis back at the helm. While the song opens with bright sonic tones compared to “Keith Richards’ Jamaican explorations” in a press release, these quickly give way to a more conventional Dinosaur Jr. tone. What could be construed as a catchy, radio-friendly hook gets ruffed up just the right amount by J’s raspy delivery to give “I Ran Away” a comfortable edge of grit. Meanwhile, the stop-motion animated video by director Callum Scott-Dyson makes some of the lyrics’ straightforward messaging a bit more ambiguous and abstract.

“[I] really wanted to use the creature on the front of the album sleeve for Sweep It Into Space as an inspiration and springboard for its own little adventure, exploring some simple notions of creation, dependence, coming of age and searching for another like yourself,” Scott-Dyson said in a press release. “I wanted to mix those themes with my style of stop motion animation, everything being very DIY and handmade, using any materials I could get my hands on to bring the idea to life and give it a surreal and otherworldly feel. I’ve always been a really big fan of Dinosaur Jr, so I was working extra hard to do something that could add to such an awesome track and sit alongside it.”

New Album “Sweep It Into Space” will be out April 23rd! Check out the first song, “I Ran Away,”

“Take It Back” the new song by Dinosaur Jr. from the album ‘Sweep It Into Space’, out April 23rd on Jagjaguwar Records.

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Dinosaur Jr. have shared a new single and music video, “Garden.” The track was written by co-founder and bassist Lou Barlow, and it marks the second single off their forthcoming record “Sweep It Into Space”. The new video was shot in Western Massachusetts. It was directed by Lou and Adelle Barlow, with John Maloney contributing illustrations and Chloe Hemingway providing animation.

“Everyone seemed to want a disruption in the order of American life, it seemed necessary. Then it happened,” Lou Barlow says of the track. “It began as a bitter lamentation but as I was finishing the lyrics, singing over the instrumental version of the song while driving to J’s through the miles of farmland that separate his studio in Amherst and my home in Greenfield (Massachusetts), I saw a sign on a shed: Back to the Garden. I was looking for a resolution, where do we go when faced with such dramatic confusion? Back to basics, back home, back to the garden.”

The single is a wash of colliding influences as ’60s Brit-pop tones give way to Barlow’s ’00s alt-rock delivery. Aesthetically, a certain attitude of apathy coalesces with the paradoxical image of the band exploring a snow-capped garden in Western Massachusetts. The video also features shots of a scenic bend in the Connecticut River, which Barlow noted isn’t far from the site of the first-ever Dinosaur Jr. music video, “Little Furry Things”. In addition to the live-action shots of the band, the “Garden” video also hosts artwork by the band’s tour manager John Moloney, who routinely sketches caricatures of the band.

Dinosaur Jr.’s new record is due out April. 23rd.

Dinosaur Jr. are returning with a new album: “Sweep It Into Space” is out April 23rd via Jagjaguwar Recordings. Kurt Vile co-produced the album and played 12-string guitar on the new song “I Ran Away,” which is out today.  Here is Sweep It Into Space, the fifth new studio album cut by Dinosaur Jr.. during the 13th year of their rebirth. Originally scheduled for issue in mid 2020, this record’s temporal trajectory was thwarted by the coming of the Plague. But it would take more than a mere Plague to tamp down the exquisite fury of this trio when they are fully dialled-in.

“Sweep It Into Space” follows Dinosaur Jr.’s 2016 record “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not”. They began recording the new one in autumn 2019 at Biquiteen in Amherst, Massachusetts. After the pandemic interrupted recording with Vile, J Mascis “ended up just mimicking a few things [Vile]’d done,” as he said in a press release. “But the recording session was pretty well finished by the time things really hit the fan.”

And Sweep It Into Space is a masterpiece of zoned dialling. Recorded, as usual, at Amherst’s Biquiteen, the sessions for Sweep It Into Space began in the late Autumn of 2019, following a West Coast/ South East tour. The only extra musician used this time with Kurt Vile. Indeed, Sweep It Into Space is a very cool album. As is typical, Lou Barlow writes and sings two of the album’s dozen tunes and Murph’s pure-Flinstonian drumming drives the record like a go cart from Hell. Lou’s songs here are as elegant as always. But there are very few moments where you wouldn’t know you were hearing Dinosaur Jr. in blindfolded needle drop.

“I Ran Away” the new song by Dinosaur Jr. from the album ‘Sweep It Into Space’, out April 23rd on Jagjaguwar Recordings.