DINOSAUR Jr – ” Sweep It Into Space “

Posted: April 23, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Ever since the original Dinosaur Jr line-up reunited in the mid 2000s, they’ve been even more prolific than they were the first time around, and they continue to be consistently great, reliable lifers. You always kind of know what to expect from a new Dinosaur Jr album, and they always deliver quality stuff, “Sweep It Into Space” being no exception. There are a few unexpected moments to keep things fresh (plus production and musical contributions from Kurt Vile), but mostly it’s the Dinosaur Jr you know and love.


Nearly 40 years into their career, Dinosaur Jr are still delivering the indie rock goods. They don’t need help at this point to do so, but having pal Kurt Vile co-produce adds lift to J, Lou and Murph’s sails. It may be easy to take them for granted these days, but “Sweep it Into Space” reminds you why you loved them the first time.

Released April 23rd, 2021

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