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A companion piece to the 2016 LP ‘Strangers,’ consisting of home recordings contemporary to that album’s sessions. Strangers is a beautiful and haunting record,  these recordings are a superb addition.

Marissa brought us a beautiful album full of melancholy..her voice and melodies are taking us out there. All the colors of the dark makes me shivering, and from now on, Marissa is not a stranger for me anymore. Please take time to listen to her incredible record. You will not be disappointed !



“Strangers” finds Marissa Nadler’s sonic palette expanding (synths and drumbeats are at times added to Nadler’s voice and guitar). But despite the added instrumentation and more intricate arrangements, a purity forever remains in the treasured songbook of Nadler’s forever timeless oeuvre. Beautiful subtleties exist within the sonic tapestries while striking imagery such as disintegrating cliffs, towering skyscrapers, darkening woods and deep rivers are offset with characters often feeling at odds with the world they find themselves in (or more accurately find themselves suspended into, all of a sudden). There’s a tangible sense of contrasting dichotomies lying at the heart of “Strangers” (between the familiar and the unfamiliar; safety and danger; darkness and light; life and death) which makes the journey Nadler takes us on all the more real. Tangible. Life-affirming. And like a silent witness we can quietly navigate that darkness with her. For we are not strangers after all.


BALTO – ” Shots In The Dark “

Posted: February 4, 2017 in MUSIC
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Balto are set to release their latest effort in February via the fine folks at Total Reality Meltdown. The Portland 4-piece play a great brand of soulful Americana that is very infectious. Take a listen to a couple of tracks off the new album below. Recently returned from a grueling tour of Alaska’s interior, they found a farmhouse studio, located in the fields of an agricultural island in Oregon, and sojourned there for nine days— stocked with a generation of new songs, dozens of borrowed instruments, and several hundred tallboys.The loose, bucolic setting made for fertile developments.

Songs took on a backporch ease. Instrumentation got ad hoc, with a tuba loaned from a local middle school and an empty swimming pool serving as a reverb chamber. With the opportunity to become truly lost in their work, ideas and paint flew at the walls; yet the project stayed tight and bright through the discerning production of Phillipe Bronchtein, who balanced the looseness of the sessions with gentle rigor and clarity, welcoming Sheron’s penchant for bombast while bringing the razor to things whenever necessary. Consequently, the alloyed sounds on Strangers are uncluttered and weighted perfectly to the musical arcs they tender. In the final mix (courtesy of Jeff Saltzman), every note rings out and fades away in the expanse, revealing in full Balto’s luscious and impeccable songcraft.


Album out 02/24/2017 via Total Reality Meltdown


With her much-lauded LP Strangers released last May on Bella UnionMarissa Nadler has unveiled a typically striking video for the track “Dissolve” one of the album’s many highlights.

For more than 12 years Marissa Nadler has perfected her own take on the exquisitely sculpted gothic American songform. On her seventh full-length, Strangers, she has shed any self-imposed restrictions her earlier albums adhered to, stepped through a looking glass, and created a truly monumental work.

In the two years since 2014’s elegiac, autobiographical “July”, Nadler has reconciled the heartbreak so often a catalyst for her songwriting. Turning her writing to more universal themes, Nadler dives deep into a surreal, apocalyptic dreamscape. Her lyrics touch upon the loneliness and despair of the characters that inhabit them. These muses are primal, fractured, disillusioned, delicate, and alone.  In places her voice and guitar play off subsonic synths, while elsewhere, a pulsing drumbeat launches the songs off into an intense, confrontational place.

Marissa Nadler performs a chilling rendition of “Dissolve” in a session for

I’m so excited to share with you the video I created for Janie In Love. It’s a mixture of stop motion animation and live footage. I worked on it for a very long time, but it was all enjoyable.. especially when things started to move… I can’t wait to make more.

I’m starting a long North American tour this week and looking forward to driving around and being inspired by the beautiful landscapes- and mostly – performing for you.
I’ll be bringing along Milky Burgess, who played some gorgeous guitar on my album Strangers and plays in a slew of awesome bands, including Master Musicians of Bukkake, as well as Don McGreevy, whom you may know as the current bassist in the band Earth.
All dates are opened by the wonderful musicians and people of Wrekmeister Harmonies & Muscle and Marrow
Taken from the album “Strangers” out now on Sacred Bones Records and Bella Union Records.

Simone Felice album “Strangers” is such a beautiful album of raw honesty and intimate, poetic storytelling. A collection of songs at once so fierce and so gentle; turns of phrase at once unheard and yet familiar too. Simone Felice is a modern poet and a fine story teller with the sort of voice that makes for the rawest straight-to-the-heart songs. Strangers is a fine addition to the Americana and alt-country genre, and one which beautifully leads us through the human condition.”