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A companion piece to the 2016 LP ‘Strangers,’ consisting of home recordings contemporary to that album’s sessions. Strangers is a beautiful and haunting record,  these recordings are a superb addition.

Marissa brought us a beautiful album full of melancholy..her voice and melodies are taking us out there. All the colors of the dark makes me shivering, and from now on, Marissa is not a stranger for me anymore. Please take time to listen to her incredible record. You will not be disappointed !


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Bury Your Name is out today digitally!! For those of you who like intimate, stripped down lo-fi recordings- this is for you. This is not a new album release. I write lots of songs when making an album, and when recording Strangers, I wrote more than usual leading up to it. These were the songs that I felt strongly about but that didn’t fit on the album- subject matter or sonically. lets call it a companion EP. Head over to Bandcamp to get it! My favorite is Give me Your Gun- which is the Leave the Light on of Strangers (meaning, It was recorded but the album version wasn’t the vibe).


Taken from the album “Bury Your Name” out on September 23rd 2016.