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“I Shall Be Free” is the second single in the series of four 7”vinyls leading up to their next full-length LP. Each single being a seasonal release. “I Shall Be Free” is the Spring installment. The song is defiant anti-work protest punk. The slash your face chords and bass less undertow channels an AC/DC-Cramps hybrid that completely misses the mark. Primo Hot Snakes for sure.
released February 11th, 2020
Released  Sub Pop Records

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Surf-punks The Frights released a new album of uncharacteristically emotive songs. “Everything Seems Like Yesterday” is the group’s second LP for Epitaph, and the first to see them move in the direction of introspective acoustic songwriting, rooted in vocalist Mikey Carnevale’s original intention to share the songs as a solo record. Among the ten new tracks, “Leave Me Alone” stands out as particularly earworm-y pop song, borrowing little more than its angsty subject matter from their SoCal-punk godparents.

Band Members
Marc Finn – Drums
Mikey Carnevale – Guitar
Richard Dotson – Bass
Jordan Clark – Guitar
Our new album ‘Everything Seems Like Yesterday’ is out now digitally on Epitaph Records. CD/Vinyl Out March 13th.

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The newly released “Cigarette Hills” is a rousing success from San Diego act The Strawberry Moons. An initial arsenal of playful organs and escalating vocals becomes accompanied by sweltering guitars past the one-minute mark. The organ/guitar interplay thereafter is engaging alongside the vocal presence, which impresses with the “soul” enunciation leading into the thunderous guitars at the two-minute mark. “Cigarette Hills” is a great introduction to The Strawberry Moons, whose debut full-length album (produced and engineered by Ben Moore) is out on September 24th


Band Members
Aimee Jacobs, Will A Lerner, John Falk, Jason Areford, Dustin Schemensky . Things change, John has left and now there is Hector. Elements of indie pop, psychedelic and ’60s rock with an emphasis on strong melodies, strong words, strong coffee, and guy-girl vocals.


Independent record label located in San Diego, CA by way of Boston, MA. Started in 2006.

Hitting up South By Southwest this year? Topshelf Records will be returning to Austin Cheer Up Charlie’s for our official SXSW showcase on Thursday, 15th March. We have an awesome lineup this year featuring GulferQueen of JeansSpecial ExplosionRatboys, and No Vacation.



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Swami John Reis and Rick Froberg have been making noises together since high school. The mean swagger of Hot Snakes. Reis and Froberg are responsible for some of the most turbulent rock and roll of their, or any, generation.

Hot Snakes streamlined Drive Like Jehu’s complex compositions and emerged as bona fide downstroke warlords. They have made 3 studio albums of high-velocity, slash-your-face, piss-punk: 2000’s Automatic Midnight, 2002’s Suicide Invoice and 2004’s Audit in Progress. The band ceased activity in 2005 but reunited for a triumphant world tour in 2011, planting the seeds for what would further happen.

Now, after a 14-year hiatus from the studio, Hot Snakes have kicked down the door back into our lives with their new album, Jericho Sirens, due out March 16th from Sub Pop Records. The new album blasts out of the speakers with the furious “I Need a Doctor,” inspired by Froberg’s experience needing a doctor’s note in order to miss an important work function. “Yeah, I had to be quick on my feet,” says Rick. “Luckily a friend had a stack of stationary from Planned Parenthood and I used that to forge a note relieving me of my obligation”.

Throughout Jericho Sirens, Froberg commiserates with the frustration and torrential apathy that seems to be a fixture in our daily lives, while also reminding us that we have no fucking clue. “Songs like ‘Death Camp Fantasy’ and ‘Jericho Sirens’ are about that,” he says. “No matter where you look, there’re always people saying the world’s about to end. Musically, the album incorporates the most extreme fringes of the Hot Snakes sound (the vein-bulging, 78-second “Why Don’t It Sink In?” the manic, Asian Blues on speed of “Having Another?”), while staying true to longstanding influences such as the Wipers, Dead Moon, and Suicide on propulsive tracks such as “Six Wave Hold-Down,” one of the first songs written for the project during a Mummer Parade 2017 session in Philadelphia. Other moments like the choruses of “Jericho Sirens” and “Psychoactive” nod to Status Quo and AC/DC with Froberg admitting, “I still flip bird and ride my BMX on top of cop cars.”

Jericho Sirens was recorded in short bursts over the past year, mostly in San Diego and Philadelphia with longtime bassist Gar Wood, Jason Kourkounis and Mario Rubalcaba, both of whom drummed on prior Hot Snakes releases but never on the same one. For Reis, reactivating his creative partnership with Froberg was one of the most rewarding aspects of the process: “Our perspectives are similar. Our tastes are similar. He is my family. And what more is there to say? My favorite part of making this record was hearing him find his voice and direction for this record. I came hard.”

In tandem with a full back catalog reissue series and the new album, Hot Snakes will return to the road in 2018 to incinerate the villages, and they’re already looking ahead to more music. Says Gar Wood, “There’re already 2 more records written and recorded. We wanted to come out with this one using the more mainstream sounding stuff to give people a chance to catch up.”

Jericho Sirens (Release Date: March 16th, 2018) Sub Pop Records, Catch the band Live Tuesday, January 30th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Last Call Withdrawal

San Diego band Barbarian are back with the new video for “Last Call Withdrawal.”

Getting a video for “Last Call Withdrawal” now is something of a surprise. The track appeared on Barbarian’s debut full-length Night Blooms, which was released way, way back in 2014. So while getting a video now for a two-year-old song is a bit of an unusual development, it’s definitely not an unwelcome one. “Last Call Withdrawal” was an undeniable standout on the damn-good Night Blooms. The hazy track is at once upbeat and laid-back. It never insists on itself, but wraps around your brain with the comfort of a warm blanket or a glass of single malt.

We’ve known for a while now that “Last Call Withdrawal” is a great song, and now it finally has the video it deserves. Starring Barbarian frontman Andrew Mills and model Sophie Stephens, the video was shot in the gorgeous Imperial Valley desert/Salton Sea area. The easy chemistry between the two leads is as enjoyable to behold as the sun-drenched vistas.

The video was directed by Cory Ring and Blake Raynor of Kakalak Collective. If Raynor and Kakalak Collective sound familiar, it’s because they were also behind the recent “Crave” video for Dani Bell & the Tarantist, which also followed a photogenic couple around the desert to intoxicating effect.

“Last Call Withdrawal” is dedicated to Barbarian’s longtime producer/engineer and bassist Jon Greene, who has also worked with San Diego alums Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles. Greene passed away on November 5th.

Music video by Barbarian performing Last Call Withdrawal. (c) Creature Beach Recordings

WAVVES – ” Way Too Much “

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San Diego’s limitless supply of sunshine never gets old. From the sound of the new album V the band. Wavves aren’t tiring of their version of that formula either. The city’s indie-surf sons have emerged from the garage once again with seemingly upbeat, jangly songs contrasted by depressing lyrics revolving around losing your job (“All the Same”), losing your girl (“My Head Hurts”), losing your friends (“Cry Baby”), and losing your life (“Flamezesz”). But this time around, they’re back with controversy in tow—thanks to frontman Nathan Williams’ Twitter-bashing of his record label. That’s not a surprise to anyone who’s seen him throw Pete Doherty-worthy antics onstage, or to those who have listened to him whine while crooning, as he does on “Way Too Much”  (“I’m just stumbling / And I’m looking for a purpose / I’m just leaning / And it’s coming to the surface too much / Always thinking too much / This conversation is getting boring / I’ve given up and now I’m on the ground”). With V, Wavves haven’t completely given up yet, but they certainly aren’t trying anything new, either.

Soft Lions - Spellbreaker

we’ve focused on vintage 60s psych and surf rock frequently so with Jackie Zealous and Best Behaviour, and to prove good things do come in threes, here is another band to check out try Soft Lions from San Diego
whose own mix of 60s San Francisco pop with noisy garage-guitar driven tracks, gave their songs a definitive West Coast vibe.

On their new EP Spellbreaker, the band dive into dark, confessional material drawing on a broad range of inspirations, including retro surf licks, Sonic Youth records, and the vintage film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, creating a moody, but undeniably groovy atmosphere.




Hailing from San Diego and currently residing in Los Angeles, Kera and the Lesbians lovingly refer to their musical style as ‘bipolar folk’. Bipolar in the sense that in one song drummer Michael will pound his drums, expelling his demons with sheer force, while Kera croons and screams and serenades, enchanting all within earshot. Eamon’s guitar playing is reminiscent of sleepy desert afternoons, spent on porches accompanied by the smell of leather and aging wood, while Phil’s bass lines get the crowd moving and grooving. Brandon’s use of brass is at once warm and rounded, but so tactfully manipulated that it inevitably raises goosebumps. Kera brings heaps of charm to the set, with her joking between songs and her Elvis-like dance moves, it’s obvious that she and the whole band live for this. Their range has allowed them to perform with a diverse list of acts including Devendra Banhart, Best Coast, and Crystal Castles. The band has a definite DIY work ethic, having self released two EPs, and their first debut “YEAR 23” released on Lolipop Records. They also do their own booking and artwork internally. Their newest release “Year 23″‘ is a manic story covering one of Kera’s most aggravating habits and instilling in the listener a mounting feeling of tension that it mercifully relieves, while still giving a taste of the madness of obsession.



Tristan Ann Prettyman is an American singer songwriter and former Roxy Model from San Diego in California. She was signed to Virgin Records until 2013 and released her first major label album “Twentythree”  at the age of Yep 23 followed by her second album ” Hello ” with a third studio album tilted “Cedar and Gold” released on October, after being dropped from her label Tristan Prettyman independently released an EP, “Back To Home” this month,