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Wavves have released a new video for the fourth single from their upcoming album, You’re Welcome, due out in May. It follows three previous tracks, “Animal ,” “Daisy,” and the title track. The video was inspired by 1970s UK Glam rock shows like Top of the Pops, which included performances by David Bowie and many others over its 40-year-run. In “Million Enemies,” a recurring clip features Wavves performing on a sparkly, shiny stage, clearly honing in on the grunge glam aesthetic. Nathan Williams dons a bejeweled leather jacket, which sports the band’s name on the back, and Stephen Pope wears a cape. (Williams asked to keep the jacket, but revealed that the stylist wouldn’t let him.) They are then joined later by a girl fan, clad in pink flared pants, dancing on the stage and watched in horror by her mother on an old television.

Wavves – You’re Welcome out on Ghost Ramp Records on 5/19

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Wavves have released their new single ‘Animal’.

The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘You’re Welcome’ which is set for release on May 19th via Ghost Ramp.

With its 90’s punk rock vibe, ‘Animal’ offers an eclectic alt-rock blend building up to a chorus that’s worth waiting for.This summer, Wavves will support Blink 182 on their North American tour alongside dates with Post Animal and Kino Kimino.


Wavves announce new album, share new songs and slam former record label Warner Bros.

Wavves have shared two new songs as they prepare to release forthcoming album You’re Welcome

The new tracks come in the midst of a furious parting shot at the band’s former label Warner Bros. Records who, in the words of frontman Nathan Williams, possessed nobody within their organisation capable of running a business.

“We still owned all of our shit, which was the most important part for us,” Williams said after admitting the money offered to them was too good to turn down. “For them it was a shot in the dark,” he added.

“I figured it would run the same as [prior label] Fat Possum, just with more people. I was wrong. […] I’d never come in contact with such a poorly run company in my life. It was anarchy. Nobody knew what they were doing. Turnover rate was like an American Apparel. It was really all cons – unless you’re a cash cow. For everyone else, major labels can’t help you. Maybe at one time they could, but that time is dead.”


Reclaiming creative control has meant reinstating the DIY vision he’s always held for Wavves as a project and new album You’re Welcome delivers some of the most immediate, catchy music the group have ever written, drawing influence from his love of ‘50s doo-wop, Cambodian pop and ‘70s South American psychedelia.

The album is out on the 19th May. Two singles have been shared – listen to the title track and Daisy below.

The Wavves went on to explain how the band played the field when major labels came calling, using the attention to earn themselves some swanky food at LA’s best restaurants.

“We were just trying to go to eat at nice places in LA,” Williams continued. “There were a few people from majors who would not stop reaching out to us. “They were obsessed. They thought we had heat and they needed an edgy big rock band like they used to have in the ’90s. Me and Stephen were in our shitty apartments, Googling ‘nicest restaurants in LA’. We went to eight or nine dinners. At the end we’d say, ‘not interested’.”

Anyway, moving away from the furore of major labels, here’s some new material from Wavves:


WAVVES – ” Way Too Much “

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San Diego’s limitless supply of sunshine never gets old. From the sound of the new album V the band. Wavves aren’t tiring of their version of that formula either. The city’s indie-surf sons have emerged from the garage once again with seemingly upbeat, jangly songs contrasted by depressing lyrics revolving around losing your job (“All the Same”), losing your girl (“My Head Hurts”), losing your friends (“Cry Baby”), and losing your life (“Flamezesz”). But this time around, they’re back with controversy in tow—thanks to frontman Nathan Williams’ Twitter-bashing of his record label. That’s not a surprise to anyone who’s seen him throw Pete Doherty-worthy antics onstage, or to those who have listened to him whine while crooning, as he does on “Way Too Much”  (“I’m just stumbling / And I’m looking for a purpose / I’m just leaning / And it’s coming to the surface too much / Always thinking too much / This conversation is getting boring / I’ve given up and now I’m on the ground”). With V, Wavves haven’t completely given up yet, but they certainly aren’t trying anything new, either.

Dylan Baldi, at the ripe old age of 22 has released his fourth full-length album, “Here & Nowhere Else”, out now and it cements his indie-darling status. It’s seriously all killer-no-filler, what does the future for his offshoot band  Wavves. Cloud Nothings‘ new album is out now. Here and Nowhere Else mostly moves in one direction and at a breakneck pace; by playing just ahead of the beat, taking charge of the song with torrential fills, Gerycz does everything in his power to try and throw it off course. The insatiable drive and urgency of Here and Nowhere Else, as well as the resulting cohesion, means that it might initially appear less ambitious than previous album Attack on Memory. To call it a “grower” would be accurate, though that downplays its visceral jolt, as previous Cloud Nothings records revealed their high points fairly quickly; here, the initial sonic beating’s reflected in the unmistakable shades of purple, black, and blue-black in the resultant bruises.