STILLWATER – ” Stillwater Demo’s ” ( Nancy Wilson and Peter Frampton) Record Store Day 2021

Posted: May 30, 2021 in MUSIC
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A collection of the 6 demos recorded by Nancy Wilson and Peter Frampton for the songs they wrote for the fictional band in the iconic rock film “Almost Famous”. RSD will be the exclusive vinyl edition, the tracks will appear on a future project but available only on CD and Digital.

In the movie “Almost Famous” (2000), the band Stillwater was supposedly an amalgamation of Poco, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and a few other bands that Cameron Crowe had actually written articles about early in his career with Rolling Stone.

One of them leapt off a hotel balcony into a swimming pool. Another almost missed a ride on the tour bus after making a detour to an after-show bash. They met groupies and partook in their share of on-the-road partying, and a newspaper headline declared that the band “runs deep.

If you think that sounds like Stillwater, the fictional band from Almost Famous, you’d be correct. But those tales also apply to a real-life group of the same name that existed during the same period,

The 1973 moustached collective featured in writer/ director Cameron Crowe’s ”Almost Famous” has a legitimate rock pedigree. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready is the real talent behind Russell Hammond, the band’s charismatic lead guitarist (played by Billy Crudup), while ex Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson (Crowe’s wife) plays rhythm guitar for the group. What’s more, ’70s vet Peter Frampton penned several of the Stillwater tunes heard in the movie, and Wilson and Crowe cowrote the band’s bass driven anthem ”Feverdog,” which made the film’s soundtrack.

Wilson, who also scored the film, says she recruited talent with classic rock roots (Frampton) and contemporary know-how (McCready), because she knew she wouldn’t create a believable sound otherwise. The goal was to make a band ”that’s really good, but not all the way formed yet,” she tells ”An ‘opening for Black Sabbath’ kind of sound.” And she also wanted to complement the movie’s satirical if loving take on rock & roll Über egos. ”We had to walk the line between parody and something that sounds legit,” says Wilson

Record Store Day 2021 release from UMC

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