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The current single “Overbite”, is accompanied by a superb video from illustrator & designer Jono Ganz. The track is a great addition to the Fightmilk canon, with uptempo, catchy hooks and harmonies galore. The cascading guitars (Alex) effortlessly mixing with the drums (Nick) and bass (Healey) underpinning Lily’s vocals. It’ll stay with you for days once you’ve heard it!

With three strong singles already taken from the album already, “Contender”, due on 14th May is on course to be a knockout of an album.

“Overbite” is the new single taken from the Fightmilk’s second LP Contender. Overbite is released digitally on 19th March 2021 via Reckless Yes. the lead singer on point. In this case Lily Rae, the coolest front person/woman since Sleeper’s Louise Wener. Since then Fightmilk’s debut, “Not With That Attitude”, has been played at least a couple of times a week; along with the 2020 singles “I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space” and “If You Had A Sister”.

Lily (she/her) does main vocals and plays guitar. Alex (he/him) plays guitar. Healey (they/them) plays bass.The drums play Nick (he/him).

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‘Ready Steady Bang’ is the debut album that kicks off with singer and guitarist Angela Martin insisting ‘time and time again, you fail to see my point’. I’m instantly hooked. It’s not even 30 seconds into the entire album when there’s a shimmering synth hook thrown in by Grace Healey. I had to rewind to catch that again. Paula Snow’s bass comes in like something straight from a stomping 70s disco floor; a cut from Donna Summer or (more recently) Gossip. Kerrie Smith on drums is holding it down, keeping it solid then we hit not even a minute into the album and out comes this totally different, wild beat which she then steers effortlessly back into the verse, driving the song on. Like it was nothing.

Ok, so I wasn’t ready, despite the warning of the album title. And don’t worry; I’m not here to give a second by second account of each song, There’s so much packed into just under 30 minutes, it’s truly astounding. We have lurking, creepy psychedelic riffs mixed with spiky lyrics contemplating the birth of consumerism on ‘Shake and Bake’. ‘Sunday Monday’ sparkles and spins; showing off helter skelter riffs comparable to The Like. ‘Electric’ swaggers and saunters; if Elastica had thrown in some disco beats, this would have been the result. Oh, and did I mention that this gem is brought to us by Reckless Yes, who are continually knocking it out the park with every passing release.

This has been Hercury-nominee with the longest gestation period, an early incarnation of Bugeye having been active in the late 90s before the band reformed five years ago. Ten indie-disco-punk nuggets with a post-Britpop feel .

Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures, maybe one day all music will sound this good. But for now Bugeye stand alone, Bugeye are a 4 piece band from Croydon. Flying the flag for women in music, they also run a gender balanced music festival called Cro Cro Land in South London. Not content with ‘only’ releasing their debut album, Bugeye also have a podcast ‘Rock, Pop, Rambles’ which sees (hears) them discuss various legends of rock and pop alongside sharing music from more newer, emerging bands.

It’s a powerful slice of disco-punk…’ – Louder ‘Each song just gets better and better’- John Kennedy – Radio X ‘With a sound that’s both retro and remarkably fresh, it’s easy to see why Bugeye have been making waves…’ – Gigslutz ‘dripping in attitude and obstinance, one for fans of the soulful fierceness of Gossip and the craft and meodies of Sleater-Kinney..’ – God is in the TV


Disco-punks Bugeye are teasing their indie debut album with the release of new single Don’t Stop, via independent label Reckless Yes originally released on 28th February 2020.

Re- released July 10th, 2020

Rewind to 2015 and things were going swimmingly for Chorusgirl; they’d just released their debut album on the wonderful indie-pop label, Fortuna Pop, their debut single, Oh To Be A Defector was playing on the BBC6Music playlist and critics were queuing up to throw praise in their direction. Then as they returned to the studio, things didn’t go quite as easily as they hoped, as songwriter Silvi Wersing puts it, “there was barely a month without bad news on a personal and wider level”. Despite those difficulties (label ending, personal struggles, political uncertainty), the second Chorusgirl album got made, and as anxieties spiked, perhaps it was the album that pulled Silvi through, “we were hacking and honing away at the songs for months, trying to craft some sort of sculpture of our state of mind”.


The second Chorusgirl album, “Shimmer And Spin”, will arrive on new label home Reckless Yes Records later this year, and ahead of its release, the band have this week shared the first track from it, “No Goodbye”. As is the case with much of the finest music, No Goodbye is not a track that wears its difficulties obviously. There’s a fizz and a playfulness to the music, that fans of the bands will be pleased to hear intact. From the opening salvo of snare drums and jangling guitar chords, it rattles along at impressive pace, even the the more sparse sections are punctuated by prominent bass-notes that maintain the songs impressive flow. There’s even room for a just short of ludicrous guitar solo towards the end, with a slight nod to The Wave Pictures, adding to the whole, frankly joyous experience. The track’s lyrics seem to be at odds with the sprightly music, there’s a personal quality to the words, a puzzle with some pieces missing, yet there’s a sense of wanting to escape from both your own expectations and those of others. Throughout Silvi seems to be trying to slip out the door, as she repeats regularly, “you know that I’ll leave no goodbye”. By all accounts, Shimmer And Spin, was a difficult record to make, from the sound of No Goodbye it was well worth the effort.

releases November 16th, 2018

Demon Baby and Love is Like written by Faith Taylor
Other songs written by Silvia Wersing 

Shimmed And Spin is out November 16th via Reckless 

What do you do when your long term relationship grinds to a halt? If you’re lifelong friends Lily Rae and Alex Wisgard then you form Fightmilk. Coming together in 2015 as a heady mix of angst, alcohol and Kirtsy MacColl, the duo set about writing the songs that would soundtrack their break-ups and, reference It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wherever possible. Following two well received EP’s the band are set to take the full-length plunge in November, with the release of their debut album, Not With That Attitude.

Ahead of Not With That Attitude’s release, the band have this week shared their brand new single, Four Star Hotel. The track details how, towards the end of both their relationships, Lily and Alex had independently booked holidays to Amsterdam, which ended with the same conclusion, a holiday will never save a relationship. As Alex explains,“almost every line is based on one of our two true stories, from the shit-eating grins in the holiday photographs to having to push two twin beds together in a hotel room”.


Their tales of sexless nights in swanky hotel rooms, fleeing from weed cafes and, “kissing for the camera”, are set to their usual blend of ferocious riffing, and pounding drum beats. With a sound equal parts Weezer and Diet Cig, and lyrics so acerbically comic that Art Brut would be proud of them, Fightmilk are bringing a fresh take on the oldest, angstiest subject known to songwriting, and it sounds wonderful.

10 songs about crushing hard, acting out, and running away to solve crimes in Sweden, available on GORGEOUS pink vinyl thanks to the good folks of Reckless Yes Records.