FIGHTMILK – ” Overbite “

Posted: March 28, 2021 in MUSIC
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The current single “Overbite”, is accompanied by a superb video from illustrator & designer Jono Ganz. The track is a great addition to the Fightmilk canon, with uptempo, catchy hooks and harmonies galore. The cascading guitars (Alex) effortlessly mixing with the drums (Nick) and bass (Healey) underpinning Lily’s vocals. It’ll stay with you for days once you’ve heard it!

With three strong singles already taken from the album already, “Contender”, due on 14th May is on course to be a knockout of an album.

“Overbite” is the new single taken from the Fightmilk’s second LP Contender. Overbite is released digitally on 19th March 2021 via Reckless Yes. the lead singer on point. In this case Lily Rae, the coolest front person/woman since Sleeper’s Louise Wener. Since then Fightmilk’s debut, “Not With That Attitude”, has been played at least a couple of times a week; along with the 2020 singles “I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space” and “If You Had A Sister”.

Lily (she/her) does main vocals and plays guitar. Alex (he/him) plays guitar. Healey (they/them) plays bass.The drums play Nick (he/him).

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