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Extremely loud and incredibly gross. Fightmilk’s second album “Contender” out May 14th 2021 on Reckless Yes.

We can’t believe it either. It’s only their second album! Recorded over four weekends between late 2019 and late 2020, it’s the sound of Fightmilk getting louder, quieter, stupider and more serious over the course of a ferocious forty-five minutes. Grab the album on your pick of vinyl or CD, or choose from our range of pretty sweet merch bundles, even if we do say so ourselves…


All songs written by Fightmilk.

Lead vox/guitar/keys – Lily
Lead guitar/vox/keys – Alex
Bass/vox – Healey
Drums/vox/keys/programming/percussion – Nick
Guest vox on ‘You Are Not the Universe’ – Michael Physics

Releases May 14th, 2021

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The current single “Overbite”, is accompanied by a superb video from illustrator & designer Jono Ganz. The track is a great addition to the Fightmilk canon, with uptempo, catchy hooks and harmonies galore. The cascading guitars (Alex) effortlessly mixing with the drums (Nick) and bass (Healey) underpinning Lily’s vocals. It’ll stay with you for days once you’ve heard it!

With three strong singles already taken from the album already, “Contender”, due on 14th May is on course to be a knockout of an album.

“Overbite” is the new single taken from the Fightmilk’s second LP Contender. Overbite is released digitally on 19th March 2021 via Reckless Yes. the lead singer on point. In this case Lily Rae, the coolest front person/woman since Sleeper’s Louise Wener. Since then Fightmilk’s debut, “Not With That Attitude”, has been played at least a couple of times a week; along with the 2020 singles “I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space” and “If You Had A Sister”.

Lily (she/her) does main vocals and plays guitar. Alex (he/him) plays guitar. Healey (they/them) plays bass.The drums play Nick (he/him).

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Formed back in 2015 from two friends becoming simultaneously, “romantically redundant”Fightmilk have gone on to become among the DIY-scene’s most loved bands. Their nostalgic take on the alternative angst of the 1990’s, was previously shared in the shape of two well received EP’s, however they didn’t really prepare any of us for just how good their debut album would be. The album, Not With That Attitude, was written not in the full-blown malaise of relationship breakdown, but with the hindsight that only time to process can produce; a record about reflecting on your past, sometimes with sadness, and often with a wry smile at why you were ever that bothered by it in the first place.


Musically, Not With That Attitude walks a line between the seriousness of classic jangling indie and the more playful end of pop-punk, it is a record that can do seriously sad, then throw in a riff so bombastically joyful that Fall Out Boy might consider it a little too much. The many musical faces of Fightmilk were given a cohesive flow by the record’s one constant, Lily Rae’s vocal; whether channelling Blondie fronting Bloc Party on Dream Phone or perfecting a British take on Diet Cig on Summer Crush, Lily was the perfect counter point to the band’s varied musical sketches. Possibly the most tantalising sketch on the record was penultimate track, Solving Crimes In Sweden, an anthemic, arena worthy pop-song, its rich production adding piano and even swells of brass to a track that feels like a band finding their feet, and showing no fear of experimenting or taking their audience with them on this intriguing journey. With that attitude, Fightmilk’s music could take them anywhere their imagination will let them.

Band Members 
Lily sings and plays guitar.
Alex plays guitar and sings.
Adam plays bass.
The drums play Nick.

Extremely loud and incredibly gross. “Not With That Attitude”, our debut album, is out on LP/DL on 2nd November!

What do you do when your long term relationship grinds to a halt? If you’re lifelong friends Lily Rae and Alex Wisgard then you form Fightmilk. Coming together in 2015 as a heady mix of angst, alcohol and Kirtsy MacColl, the duo set about writing the songs that would soundtrack their break-ups and, reference It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wherever possible. Following two well received EP’s the band are set to take the full-length plunge in November, with the release of their debut album, Not With That Attitude.

Ahead of Not With That Attitude’s release, the band have this week shared their brand new single, Four Star Hotel. The track details how, towards the end of both their relationships, Lily and Alex had independently booked holidays to Amsterdam, which ended with the same conclusion, a holiday will never save a relationship. As Alex explains,“almost every line is based on one of our two true stories, from the shit-eating grins in the holiday photographs to having to push two twin beds together in a hotel room”.


Their tales of sexless nights in swanky hotel rooms, fleeing from weed cafes and, “kissing for the camera”, are set to their usual blend of ferocious riffing, and pounding drum beats. With a sound equal parts Weezer and Diet Cig, and lyrics so acerbically comic that Art Brut would be proud of them, Fightmilk are bringing a fresh take on the oldest, angstiest subject known to songwriting, and it sounds wonderful.

10 songs about crushing hard, acting out, and running away to solve crimes in Sweden, available on GORGEOUS pink vinyl thanks to the good folks of Reckless Yes Records.