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Chicago-based hardcore punk band LURK have released a lyric video for their song “Pressure Points” as well as an acoustic version of their song “Trample”. The songs are off of their upcoming EP, Pressure Points due out July 29 via Pure Noise Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kiley tells us that the new song was recorded during the same sessions as the upcoming album, but that LURK “decided to keep it aside to release with this collection of songs instead.”

“Lyrically it’s about the damage caused by our desire for comfort and normalcy,” he continues. “In the wake of it we deplete our natural resources, murder animals, lower the standards of education and now apparently accept living with a deadly virus. It goes without saying but we need to do better and need rapid change.”

LURK tend to be a pretty genre-defying punk band, and “2043” is a fine example of this. It starts off giving the same IDLES-meets-Pere Ubu vibes as “Pressure Points” before evolving into a chorus that kinda sounds like shoegazy Stooges, and the song’s coda fuses psychedelic sound effects, harsh shrieks, and ’70s guitar heroism. It’s all over the place, but it works. Hear it for yourself below. LURK also tell us they also recorded some covers at home while quarantined, so stay tuned for those and more details on the upcoming LP, which Kevin says “will be coming when the timing is better.”

Our new single “Pressure Points” is out now via Pure Noise Records along with an acoustic version of an older song called “Trample”.


Released July 29th, 2020

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Los Angeles ensemble Spanish Love Songs are gearing up to release their third album this Friday in the wake of 2018’s impressive Schmaltz. But before revealing “Brave Faces Everyone”—their first LP through their new label, Pure Noise—the group is sharing one more single called “Beachfront Property,” which angstily addresses many of the same concerns we’re forced to confront on a day-to-day basis: climate change, student loan debt, and a baffling incompetent political system, among others.

“The answers seem so obvious, yet nothing ever really changes,” shares lead vocalist Dylan Slocum, addressing these topics which recur throughout the album. “It’s tiring. This is a song about the apathy and anxiety that I see in myself and my friends, especially concerning the chaos that seems to be coming our way. On any given day our anxiety feels hyperbolic, or is the punchline to a joke, or keeps us up all night, but we don’t really do anything about it because it feels insurmountable and inescapable. It’s not meant to preachy—life is difficult. But we have to try to call ourselves on our shit if we ever hope to change anything.”

The video sees the band performing the tune in front of a bright red Mercedes, a surrogate image on par with the luxury of the song’s titular real estate. As the song reaches its climax the band’s showered in bright flowers, providing a vibrant new color palette to the single-tone set.

Brave Faces Everyone is due out this Friday, February 7th, via Pure Noise Records.

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It’s not that Spanish Love Songs are sad,  Sure, the California-based band’s jangling, heartfelt punk rock exudes the feeling of returning home to your shitty town for a family gathering, and guitarist/vocalist Dylan Slocum’s lyrics are full of crushing phrases that sum up the overbearing weight of the world. But neither feel self-indulgent or emotionally manipulative — instead, they just point out the honest-to-God truths of what it is to struggle in the modern day. And maybe that’s overwhelmingly depressing, but maybe that says more about the world than Spanish Love Songs.

Losers 2, the new single from Spanish Love Songs off of their upcoming album “Brave Faces Everyone”, tells it like it is, and rips your heart out accordingly. From the opening vignette of staring at the house you grew up in that you can no longer afford to own post-financial crisis, to the classic Spanish Love Songs bridge in which Dylan solemnly sings, ‘You know, if we weren’t bailed out every time by our parents, we’d be dead,’ the track is a throttling series of truths that cut deep into the millennial psyche.

This is another case of taking what we do well and trying to focus it outwards,” says Dylan. “I’ve had plenty of people ask why the songs continue to get bleaker and bleaker, but I feel like the answer is pretty obvious. This is the world we know. It’s the world I see my friends stuck in, and that I’ve seen my family stuck in. Everyone works themselves to the bones to just survive. Not to say that we’re not incredibly privileged — I’m aware — but I wanted to look outward and just acknowledge that for the roughly 99 per cent of us, life is an endless grind,

Band Members
Dylan Slocum – Guitar and Vocals
Kyle McAulay – Guitar
Trevor Dietrich – Bass
Ruben Duarte – Drums
Meredith Van Woert – Keys
Brave Faces Everyone is out February 7th via Pure Noise Records

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“Something often lost: Life is process, not product,” sings Patrick Kindlon on “Unlicensed Guidance Counselor,” perhaps the most poignant track on Cheer. Drug Church’s third album is a tribute to that “process.” Kindlon’s protagonists are studies in humanity, captured with a photographer’s eye, a poet’s ear, and a comic’s timing. The titular “Unlicensed” advisor offers “guidance” via hilarious/horrifying anecdotes as good as anything in Confederacy Of Dunces … mashed up with platitudes lifted from Dark Knight dialogue. It’s perfection: Kindlon is on some zen-master shit and his lessons are delivered over bangers indebted to Pixies, Fugazi, and countless other erstwhile bash-and-poppers largely lost to time. Such is life. Cherish the moments. Trust the process. Buy this product.


Band Members
Patrick-vocals, Chris-drums, Nick-guitar, Patrick-bass, Cory-guitar,


Huge new track from the band GATES from New Brunswick New Jersey, taken from the album Bloom and Breathe




With the debut album Bloom and Breathe due out 21st October this New Brunswick, New Jersey Band signed to Pure Noise Records,