SPANISH LOVE SONGS – ” Brave Faces Everyone “

Posted: February 8, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Los Angeles ensemble Spanish Love Songs are gearing up to release their third album this Friday in the wake of 2018’s impressive Schmaltz. But before revealing “Brave Faces Everyone”—their first LP through their new label, Pure Noise—the group is sharing one more single called “Beachfront Property,” which angstily addresses many of the same concerns we’re forced to confront on a day-to-day basis: climate change, student loan debt, and a baffling incompetent political system, among others.

“The answers seem so obvious, yet nothing ever really changes,” shares lead vocalist Dylan Slocum, addressing these topics which recur throughout the album. “It’s tiring. This is a song about the apathy and anxiety that I see in myself and my friends, especially concerning the chaos that seems to be coming our way. On any given day our anxiety feels hyperbolic, or is the punchline to a joke, or keeps us up all night, but we don’t really do anything about it because it feels insurmountable and inescapable. It’s not meant to preachy—life is difficult. But we have to try to call ourselves on our shit if we ever hope to change anything.”

The video sees the band performing the tune in front of a bright red Mercedes, a surrogate image on par with the luxury of the song’s titular real estate. As the song reaches its climax the band’s showered in bright flowers, providing a vibrant new color palette to the single-tone set.

Brave Faces Everyone is due out this Friday, February 7th, via Pure Noise Records.

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