YUMI ZOUMA – ” Mona Lisa “

Posted: November 14, 2021 in MUSIC
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New Zealand indie-pop group Yumi Zouma shared a video for their new song “Mona Lisa.” The self-directed video stars frontwoman Christie Simpson and was filmed in Lyttleton, New Zealand.

“‘Mona Lisa’ came to us gradually over a long period of time—so its story has changed and shifted, developing new relevance with each new phase of our lives,” states Simpson in a press release. “It’s a song that ruminates on conflicting, shifting uncertainty—of wanting someone that maybe you can’t have of uncertain boundaries, of confusing interactions, misunderstanding, yearning. Trying to forget an obsession or shifting between losing all hope and giving in to the obsession lured back by the excitement and promise the moments of feeling so alive. The terror and joy of a big crush.

“And so we wanted the video to feel like a mirror to all those emotions along the passage of time—except in isolation. A year stuck inside (as we have been), alone with the big feelings, the big highs, and the low lows—dancing around your bedroom, losing it a little bit. Moving in, making it yours, moving out again. The strange phase we’ve been existing in, trying to thrive in (occasionally succeeding, but often not). The joy, the sadness, the conflict, the chaos—without ever really leaving your bedroom.”

In September, the band shared the track “Give it Hell.” Their most recent album, “Truth or Consequences“, came out last year via Polyvinyl,

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