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Neko Case  is releasing her first solo album since her 2013 record The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You. Her new album is titled, “Hell-On”, due out on June 1st, it is a 12-song, self-produced LP. Case has given listeners a taste of the new record with tracks “Bad Luck” and “Hell-On,” and now with “Curse Of The I-5 Corridor,” Case has left a final bread crumb before the release of the full-length.

The seven-minute song winds like the long interstate it references: I-5 runs along the West Coast of the U.S., from the Mexican to Canadian border. A duet with Mark Lanegan, who is known for his solo work in addition to collaborations and his work with Queens of the Stone Age, “Curse Of The I-5 Corridor” is a haunting combination of lyrics and sound. The song reflects on the past, and uncovers an unsureness of the future and what it could have brought. Lines like “in the current of your life I was an eyelash in the shipping lanes” and “I fear I smell extinction in the folds of this novocaine age coming on” reveal these aspects. Lanegan’s voice at times becomes an eerie echo to Case’s, lurking in the background, and adds to the tension the song’s instrumental breaks carry.

“Curse of the I-5 Corridor” by Neko Case from the album ‘Hell-On’ available June 1st Anti Records.


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Neko Case’s first solo album in 5 years, “Hell-On”. Is the hyphen some kind of slang for our current hell on Earth? Per that wild album artwork, are haberdasheries going to update their stock with hats made out of lit cigarettes? Can human hair really emit such a dark and ominous plume?

Here’s what we do know. Out June 1st, “Hell-On” will feature contributions from Beth Ditto, Mark Lanegan, k.d. lang, A.C. Newman, Eric Bachmann, Kelly Hogan, Nada Surf’s Doug Gillard, Laura Veirs, Calexico’s Joey Burns, and others. While she’s often shared producer credits in the past, this is the first time Case has completely self-produced her own album, saying in a press release: “Producing a record is a huge task and there were times I was deep in the weeds, but that is normal for a record that takes a year plus. The weeds aren’t so bad.”

The opening title track is typically Case, which is to say, unpinnably suited to any sound but her own, as her voice coils around such choice lyrics as: “God is a lusty tire fire.”

In that same press release, Neko Case reflects on the kinds of songs she writes and — with every right to brag, but still self-effacing — why she’s the only one who can write them that way:
I write songs from a feeling of solidarity with folks who feel alone or isolated, I think I’m trying to comfort people in this way. It’s not a forceful way rather “No commitment necessary;” take it if you want it, take it as you can.


My style is odd, I don’t know what genre this is. I don’t have a pretty voice or a trained voice, and I am constantly disappointed that I don’t have a “tough” voice, no matter how hard I practice, but it’s mine, and for all its loud, heavy-handed, nasal, vibrato-less qualities I accept it. The closest sound I have found to compare it to is Bulgarian Folk singing. My Eastern ancestors could have been proud of me a century ago? I could have been a droning “caller of wasps” perhaps? I just invented that job, I like the sound of it.  We do, too.

Neko Case’s ‘Hell-On’ comes out June 1st.
Neko Case goes on tour with Ray LaMontagne this summer. Hell-On comes out June 1st via ANTI-Records.

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In the 14 years since The Tigers Have Spoken, Neko Case has long since transcended her alt-country beginnings to become something more complex and harder to define. The Tigers Have Spoken captures her on the precipice of a shift that would begin on 2006’s Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Here, Neko Case stays close to her twangy roots, leaning heavily on covers (from Loretta Lynn, Buffy Ste. Marie, traditionals, and others) and performing only four originals. One of those, “Favorite,” remains one of her best songs ever, and it was unavailable elsewhere until 2015, when a studio version finally appeared on the box set Truckdriver Gladiator Mule. Although The Tigers Have Spoken may disappoint fans looking for a more representative set, the album nicely captures Case’s voice and artistic restlessness.

The New Pornographers Whiteout Conditions

The New Pornographers have always insisted that they aren’t a supergroup, but no one has ever believed them. Between A.C. Newman, Neko Case, Dan Bejar, and a stellar set of supporting players, the band includes some of the finest musical talent Canada has to offer. Their collective résumé is damn impressive, but their chemistry is even more so. Since their debut Mass Romantic, the New Pornographers have always sounded like natural collaborators, seamlessly integrating Newman’s natural ear for melody, Bejar’s quirks, and Case’s pathos and enchanting voice (and vocalist Kathryn Calder’s, for that matter). You can say they’re not a supergroup,

Whiteout Conditions, the New Pornographers’ seventh album, is the most compelling twist on the supergroup narrative in the band’s discography. Two of their main members aren’t on it. Dan Bejar was too busy working on Destroyer’s follow-up to Poison Season to participate, and Kurt Dahle, whose phenomenal drumming was essential to much of the band’s early work, has left for good. You can feel their absence, but it doesn’t slow this record down. Despite losing a part of their signature sound, the New Pornographers have made their best record since 2005’s Twin Cinema.

In Bejar’s absence, Newman takes on full songwriting duties and shines. He’s always been the principal songwriter in the New Pornographers, but on Whitehouse Conditions he outdoes himself with eleven tracks that put the power in power pop. The four opening tracks—“Play Money”, “Whiteout Conditions”, “High Ticket Attractions”, and “This is the World of the Theater”—stand among the band’s best ever songs.

Each one balances the talents of the band in intricate, infectious melodies. Voices are edited into fragments and rebuilt into complex and original frameworks. The synthesizer holds over from 2014’s Brill Bruisers, but it doesn’t dominate the record in the same way. The tempos are faster than they are on most New Pornographers records, especially the mellower Challengers and Together, but Whiteout Conditions manages its momentum so that its energy is never exhausting. Closing on album standout “Avalanche Alley”, you’re left with your blood pumping, ready to play it through again.

The New Pornographers have a knack for generating positivity from darker moods. In that regard, Whiteout Conditions is a welcome spring escape. The title track’s enchanting melody distracts from its somber lyrics about struggling to get through the day, but Newman’s refrain of “Such a waste of beautiful day” feels like an admonition to get outside and embrace whatever beauty you can find.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about Whiteout Conditions, however, is how well it meshes with the rest of the New Pornographers’ discography. Brill Bruisers was a solid record, but there was the sense of a band getting its bearings with updated tools. Here, the music feels more organic and in line with the songcraft that has formed the band’s backbone to date. True, Bejar, who traditionally wrote about a third of each record, is missed. The album sags slightly in the middle, and one wonders if his touch might have added an interesting surprise here and there. But the heart of the New Pornographers, an undeniable chemistry and pop sensibility, remains and thrives. They’re not just a supergroup, a collection of talented musicians. They’re a great band,


“Where have all sensations gone?” Neko Case asked on this Vancouver band’s debut. A lot of indie-rockers were wondering the same thing during the music’s late-Nineties nadir. The New Porno’s gave the scene a jolt of energy and sorely missed fun. Burt Bacharach fan Carl Newman, Bowie obsessive Dan Bejar and alt-country barnburner Case didn’t have much in common on paper but on songs like “Letter From An Occupant” and the title track they came up with music that surged with electric smarts, roundhouse drum-pump and hooks atop hooks. It’s power pop that never lets up for a minute.

Initially billed as the biggest Vancouver supergroup that no one had heard of, the New Pornographers were burst to life fully formed on Mass Romantic. There’s three different vocalists competing for your attention here – Neko Case, A.C Newman and Dan Bejar all the while the band opts to throw everything into the same blender. What the New Pornographers excel at is making everything sound like a massive sugar rush with their voracious love of synths and guitars and catchy melodies. With Mass Romantic, the band proves themselves studious in their noted appreciation of the pop form and its classics but too hypercharged and frenetic to come across as retro. The highlights are many: The vocal harmonies on “Letter From An Occupant”! The way those brash synths build up and let loose on “Mystery Hours”! How it takes less than thirty seconds for the band to get to the chorus for “The Mary Martin Show”! The New Pornographers would scale greater heights in later albums and make big names out of everyone involved but Mass Romantic was where they thrillingly laid down the blueprint.


The New Pornographers fans have to hold out until April to hear their next LP, but the band’s making the wait a little easier with the release of the set’s second single, “This Is the World of the Theatre.”

The new track, now on streaming services and embedded below, arrives a month after the release of previous single “High Ticket Attractions” — which was released along with a announcement that they’d be putting out their new album “Whiteout Conditions” on April

The upcoming LP, the group’s seventh overall and first since 2014’s Brill Bruisers, opens some new chapters for the New Pornographers: it’ll be the first album for new drummer Joe Seiders, a touring sideman with several years of tenure, and it also marks their first record without guitarist Dan Bejar. As is generally the case with pre-release tracks these days, “This Is the World of the Theatre” — which features lead vocals from singer Neko Case .

The New Pornographers, who are scheduled to start a U.S Tour shortly after Whiteout Conditions arrives, are taking full advantage of streaming services with the album’s promotional campaign. Frontman A.C. Newman recently put together a Spotify playlist, “Things I Like” offering fans a window into songs he currently has in his personal heavy rotation. There will be a white vinyl edition of the new album.

Listen to the New Pornographers Perform ‘This Is the World of the Theatre’

Brill Bruisers

Some bands aim for a grand, widescreen sound when they go into the studio, but the New Pornographers refuse to be satisfied with anything short of 3-D IMAX, with their songs accompanied by thundering drums, massive cascades of keyboards, towering vocal choruses, and chugging, percussive melodies that power it all. It would be easy for this band to sound absurdly ostentatious if it weren’t for the fact there’s a fiercely beating heart in the midst of their music, and at their best, this indie supergroup seems to be having a grand time constructing their walls of sound.

Brill Bruisers is the sixth studio album from Canadian indie rock band  The New Pornographers. It was released in August 26th, 2014 . In describing the album, A.C Newman called it “a celebration record… After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that.”

The first single from the album was “Brill Bruisers”,  with the second single, “War on the East Coast”, The album was a shortlisted nominee for the Polaris Music Prize. A special “Paint Splattered” limited edition of the album on vinyl was made available inclusing a 3d Poster and 3d Glasses .

The Title track from the new album on Matador Records from the collective band known as the New Pornographers, featuring Neko Case and Kathryn Calder ,”Brill Bruisers” is the bands album,  they performed the song on the Late Show with David Letterman.  A really joyous tune with harmonies and handclaps and a great synth refrain.

The New Pornographers are :

“Best Kept Secret” by Case/Lang/Veirs from the self-titled album, available June 17th. is a one a of a kind album from Neko Case, K.D. Lang, and Laura Veirs. from three phenomenal, self-driven artists:
avant-rock icon Neko Case, legendary musical nomad K.D. Lang, and indie folk star Laura Veirs.These three women wrote all 14 songs and shared lead vocals equally, sometimes even within the same track. Full of stunning harmo¬nies and spellbinding rhythms, case/lang/veirs travels through aches and eras, torch songs and tributes to the undersung.

The self-driven artists:  Neko Case, legendary musical nomad and four-time Grammy winner k.d. lang, and indie folk star Laura Veirs. ANTIrecords is sharing the album’s lead track “Atomic Number,” which features vocals by all three singers, today.

“case/lang/veirs” the album will be released June 17th on ANTI- Records with an extensive tour to follow. Dates already confirmed for the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, The Newport Folk Festival, and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park among others.

‘case/lang/veirs’ features fourteen original songs written by Neko Case, K.D. Lang and Laura Veirs over a period of two-and-a-half years. Full of stunning harmonies and spellbinding rhythms, ‘case/lang/veirs’ draws inspiration from alluring, mysterious subjects: a supermoon, the tumbledown story of 70s singer Judee Sill, and the “best kept secret” in Silver Lake, to name but three.   It was recorded in Portland, OR where Lang and Veirs both live, and produced by Tucker Martine with the group. Sessions commenced in Lang’s loft with a view of Mount St. Helens, and in Veirs’ dining room and backyard studio.


Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule,’ is the complete Neko Case vinyl collection on 180 gram vinyl, remastered from the original analog tapes.  If you’ve ever wanted to own everything Neko Case has released in one, neatly-put-together package, your chance awaits. Anti-Records will be releasing the vinyl box set Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule on Nov. 13th. The box set will include all eight of Neko Case’s albums, many of which have been out of print for years, as well as a photography book, a Case-illustrated vinyl slipmat, and a storage box.


with a collective of superb musicians, The New Pornographers have released some excellent music to date with a new album their sixth titled ” BRILL BRUISERS” and tour under way very soon, this video showcasing one of the earlier singles, Inventive and funny video