NEKO CASE – ” Last Lion of Albion “

Posted: November 2, 2018 in MUSIC
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Neko Case Shares Video for "Last Lion of Albion"

“Last Lion of Albion” is a post-humanity track through and through. The video imagines a world in which the titular lion, long since disappeared from the industrial land of Albion (aka Great Britain), has returned to its kingdom once again, free from the crushing grip of people. Beautifully designed by artist Laura Plansker, the video features handmade miniatures and props that combine into a surrealist dreamland of verdant plastic trees. “She has a way of making something so artificial so very alive,” Case says of Plansker’s designs. “The turning of the lion’s head to look at the sky, or its own reflection makes me cry my eyes out. There is so much straight ahead compassion in Laura’s work, there’s no need to manipulate emotion of the viewer, it is the perfect balance.”

Neko Case is currently touring Europe, and will be returning to the U.S. for a West Coast tour at the end of November for a live show featuring glowing, life-size wasp nests and Case as the wasp queen

“Last Lion of Albion” by Neko Case from the album ‘Hell-On’ available now

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