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With the addition of drummer Tim Cheney and bassist Damien Scalise, Jilian Medford’s solo project Ian has evolved into the full band now called Ian Sweet. But it’s still Medford’s bruised, beating heart that lies at the center of Shapshifter with twitchy tangles of guitar-rock, and it’s her voice we hear cracking into a strained yelp time again and again. Shapeshifter is a brutal listen of an album, an album about anxiety and self-destruction and giving yourself up for someone who only makes you feel more alone. But it’s also a hopeful album about going through the wringer and coming out on the other side with a smile


“Slime Time Live” is the lead off single from IAN SWEET’s Shapeshifter, out now on CD, LP, digital, and cassette from Hardly Art records.


Back in January the album “Reverb Room” by The New Highway Hymnal was released “The nine-track disc rolls out high-energy, warm guitar-pop chords that dip into fun-loving surf-rock and frequently fuzzes into shoegaze territory.”  Obviously, our ties to the Massachusetts rock band runs deep. Vanya Records released both their Blackened Hands 7-inch (2011) and Whispers LP (2012) before our relaunch as a music news website, and we’ve done bat shit crazy things together like driving a prison bus to SXSW in Austin Texas with fellow Vanya homies Bearstronaut and witnessing them perform as the Stooges at one of the Pill Halloween shows. Like their swirl of noise and feedback that marked the end of teach of their live shows, the stories are seemingly endless.

Tonight, our beloved Hymnal self-release Reverb Room on a bill with Vundabar, Televibes, and Andy California, and we couldn’t be prouder. This band helped establish the Vanya name in Boston, and for that we love them like brothers and sisters. Get the dice, bring singles, leave your mind at home.

I allowed myself to be surprised and wowed by acts like Har Mar Superstar, Diarrhea Planet, and so many others. The band I want to mention now was completely the band I wanted to see anywhere last year . They were called Speedy Ortiz, fronted by a badass named Sadie Dupuis. In the tiny venue, they blew me away, and I’ve since become a loyal fan of their music, which “rings loud and clear by way of ass-kicking guitars, thunderous rhythms and a promising new voice,”. So I give them my highest recommendation, but also have to insist that you spend some time adrift in Austin, pushed and pulled by forces out of your control, so that you can find your own Speedy Ortiz

Ducktails is an American band from New Jersey that began in 2006 as the solo recording project of Matt Mondanile (also of Real Estate).[1][2]Ducktails started up in a tool shed in Northampton, Massachusetts the summer before his last year at Hampshire College, The band name is a play on the title of the animated television series, DuckTales, from the late 1980s and early 1990s they recorded their first release, 1992 Demo, on a 4 track with cheap multi effects pedals and a guitar. After leaving college Matt Mondanile moved back to his parents’ home in New Jersey, where he recorded in the basement. Between 2007 and 2012 he recorded several albums, singles, cassettes, and split releases, mostly recorded on cassette tape. Ducktails’ self-titled debut album proper was released in 2009 on the Not Not Fun label, followed later that year with Landscapes. Third studio album Ducktails III: Ducktails releases have received significant critical acclaim, most notably from Pitchfork Media who have favourably reviewed the albums, and produced two video features on the band.