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Margaret Glaspy strips back DJ Snake’s ‘Let Me Love You’ for triple j’s Like A Version, Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every Friday morning a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and a cover of a song they love. Margaret Glaspy is a New York-based songwriter who originally hails from Red Bluff, California, and this morning she sang ‘Let Me Love You’, which usually hails from Justin Bieber’s mouth.

“Emotions and Math” is not simply the name of Margaret Glaspy’s new debut album. That expression drills right to the heart of the New York singer-songwriter’s proper introduction, a mission statement both artistic and personal.
On its surface, the title track talks about being a touring musician and figuring out how to see your partner, looking at the calendar and calculating how you’re going to spend time together. But “Emotions and Math,” which ATO Records will released earlier in summer 2016, also sums up an epiphany she had while making the record.

The DJ Snake track got the Glaspy treatment and we were blown away with ~the vocals~:

US singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy performs her original tune ‘You And I’ live in triple j’s Like A Version studio. Glaspy, who’s 27 and grew up in Red Bluff, California, self-produced the album, which frames her revealing ruminations in shards of jagged guitar rock. Building on its early buzz — Rolling Stone hailed first single “You and I” for its “hot barbs of electric guitar,” and declared it a “stomping rocker


There’s brutal honesty in the songs of  Margaret Glapsy that can make them feel cold, but they’re also heartfelt. That’s part of what makes Glaspy a top new artist of 2016 .

Glaspy’s new album Emotions And Math, made with her band, is a huge leap from her earlier EPs Homeschool (2012) and If & When (2013), which mostly consisted of the singer and her electric guitar. You can hear Glaspy’s sharp words on those older records, but now that wit and wisdom packs a confident punch — as does her guitar playing, which is no longer simply fingerpicked, but also crunched with power chords behind a newly brazen voice.

The Tiny Desk Concert provides a great example of how much power can be found in simplicity and purity. Everything serves the songs here: There’s no overplaying, no frills, just great music and a tremendous new artist who sounds thrilled to be playing it. Emotions And Math is available now catch her this weekend at the Bodega.

Set List

  • “Emotions And Math”
  • “Love Like This”
  • “You And I”
  • “Somebody To Anybody”

Margaret Glaspy released her debut full-length, Emotions And Math earlier this year and is one of our favorite new artists of 2016 (so far).

If there’s anything Margaret Glaspy can’t do, it’s not apparent on her first full-length album. “Emotions and Math” pretty much has it all—deftly written songs, effortless musical chops and a fierce attitude that is at once brazen and somehow also understated. “I don’t want to see you cry, but it feels like a matter of time,” she sings on breakout single “You and I,” a song that opens with Glaspy telling a moon-eyed suitor that he’s only there temporarily, to satisfy a need. She’s just as frank throughout the album, ruefully parsing her own diffidence on the title track, offering questionable advice from an elder’s perspective on “Parental Guidance” and asserting herself over a wonderfully abrasive guitar part on “Pins and Needles.” “I don’t want to watch my mouth,” she sings on the latter song, and that’s welcome news,

Although born in the exotic sounding Red Bluff, California, Margaret Glaspy moved to Boston on the back of a musical scholarship at Berkeley. Although she couldn’t afford to stay at Berkeley for long it was in Boston that Margaret fine-tuned her songwriting skills. Now based out of New York, this week Margaret has detailed her signing to ATO Records and shared her first release for the label in the shape of double A-side single, featuring tracks You & I and Somebody To Anyone.


With an album due in the summer, these first two tracks are a tantalising glimpse of both the scope and ambition of Margaret’s musical output. It’s perhaps unsurprising that someone who cites Bill Withers, Elliot Smith and Weezer’s Pinkerton as influences should produce a diverse array of sounds, and even on these two tracks there’s plenty of evidence to suggest Margaret is one of music’s natural magpies. You & I is the more instantly gratifying of the two, all raw guitar-lines and crashing drums in brings to mind a less bored sounding Colleen Green, whilst Somebody to Anybody is a more nuanced and low-key affair, allowing her voice to soar and swoop it brings to mind the melodies of Elliot Smith and the gorgeous vocal tone of Sea Lion or Reservations. Lyrically smart, and musically intriguing, even the boy whose hearts she trampled would find it hard to argue it wasn’t worth the pain for songs this good!

Margaret’s debut album will be released this summer via ATO Records. Margaret Glaspy is on tour in the US now, head to her WEBSITE for details.