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One of this year’s most talked-up new outfits, it’s easy to see why on the catchy single “Taking You With Me” which has recently been receiving praise in all the right places.  Having already amassed plenty of support in their hometown (their fanbase includes Brix & The Extricated and Clint Boon), it should only be a matter of time before Blanketman’s glorious post-punk racket connects with a mass audience.

They are also a band with a great logo, get one of their t-shirts before they become a much sought after collector’s item. With the intuition of the rhythm, believable lyrics and the tasteful guitar work, the band’s ability to keep it to the point, without tacked on self indulgence clouding the pathway, permits them to continually develop into a strong, entertaining live act that all elements of the masses can enjoy.

Suffice to say, they will not be unknown for long. Blanketman and their new double A side single has confirmed them as one of the brightest talents to come out of Manchester in a very long time