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Heavy Salad work in the space between perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Melt yourself! , A trio formed in 2018 in one of the most fertile rock cities in the world Manchester, that works in the space between perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Bonding over a joint interest in psych-horror films, they loved the idea of being in a band like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules. Sounds pretty cool, right? Absolutely, as the now this 7-piece gang knocked heavily on the door last year with “Cult Casual”. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best debut LPs of last year that got missed. So, you really need to learn more about this Lucy in the Sky with diamonds collective.

Delirious you’re not alone trip by these starry-eyed Manchester newcomers. Heavy Salad released their debut slice of psychedelia in the form of new album “Cult Casual”. A loose concept-album-of-sorts, “Cult Casual” explores the idea of finding your own reality in the modern world. Beginning with ‘Death’, the album takes the listener backwards through the very experiences of existence. A prospect that seems like a kind of special challenge at the moment.

“Heavy Salad was just a phrase that Lee liked and thought he’d just made up, then we found out it’s a – lesser known – Scouse saying that means ‘something stressful or demanding’ which seemed to be a nice juxtaposition to the sound of the band.


Heavy Salad was started by Rob Glennie, Allan Hutchison and Lee Mann and slowly grew into a seven-piece (when we’re all free) with The Priestesses: Ally Boo, Esther Maylor and Lucy Hope and Oscar on rhythm guitar /backing vocals. The whole group contributed to the album too.” “The title of the LP was an off cuff remark by Allan on WhatsApp that stuck. I guess it means we like to think of ourselves as a cult but we don’t expect you to drink the poisoned Kool Aid to transcend, you are free to transcend at your own free will! It was originally going to be called ‘Sun Warm’.”

Allan Hutchison – Drums and Percussion Rob Glennie – Guitars Lee Mann – Bass Guitar and Vocals, Keyboards by Matt Hutchinson aka ortoPilot aka Our Kid, Horn Section: Andrew Morel (Saxophones), Jack Tinker (Trumpet) and Chris Bridges (Trombone), Backing Vocals: Ally Boo, Lucy Elizabeth Hope, Esther Maylor and Jardine Emmanuel Sage.

Heavy Salad – out now on Mal Loco Records.
Released September 25th, 2020