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Josey, Davey, Jory, T’Ben, four fellas from Louisiana that are on a mission to bring the funk and good vibes to those ear drums of yours. The good news, reader – they do a real good job of that.

The funk-lords (well, half of them, Jory and Josey) are on a mid an epic drive towards Orlando,  digging into their wonderful minds on just how they’re producing these musical gems. “To be honest it’s usually a very collaborative thing – the way we started this project was ‘let’s just not have any rules’. No pre-conceived notion of what is should be. We’re just trying to let it fly.”

“We have this song on the album called ‘Barbarella’. And that was written cos Jory was watching TV in our favourite studio (Dockside in East Louisiana). Out by this swamp, retreat vibes. And he was watching this Jane Fonda movie (called ‘Barbarella’) and there she was in the intro just floating through space, clothes flying off and everything – it was insanity. I started scribbling some lyrics. And the next thing you know we had the song – it just kinda fell out of the sky.


The first single we released ‘Gold Coast Dreaming’ – we were throwing darts, listening to French music, just so we weren’t getting caught up in being inspired by english lyrics. And then we decided to open up a notebook, and if you weren’t throwing darts, you had to write down the first thing that came to your mind while listening to this music. Jory had written ‘faded pink hair’. Then we decided to all trade instruments, so I sat down with drums, our drummer David sat down with a bass etc. And that little phrase stood out to me so much, within an hour we had a full verse and chorus. We took a break, and a couple of weeks later, went to a different studio and fleshed it all out.


Word traveled like a sonic boom after the Shreveport, Louisiana group’s first gig, and they quickly signed with Fat Possum. Tours with the Dandy Warhols, St. Paul & the Broken Bones and Thao & the Get Down Stay Down have followed — and soon they’d record upcoming full-length debut “Get Gone”.

Before all this, the Seratones‘ chameleonic vocalist-guitarist A.J. Haynes‘ progression of musical influences had taken several fortuitous left swerves. As a kid in Louisiana, she sang in church and heard raunchier blues at home. In her teens, it was straight Billie Holiday and eventually indie rock. Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and brown liquor further muddied the picture as she got to know her eventual bandmates, guitarist Connor Davis, bassist Adam Davis, and drummer Jesse Gabriel. All of the above fed the Seratones‘ barbarous artistic appetite. Every song on Get Gone hits a different pocket of the party: heavy, buzzed-out moments slide into Winehouse-infected soul. “It’s eclectic,” Haynes says. “That reflects Shreveport.

Shreveport doesn’t have a brand. Take a bunch of stuff, throw it in a bag and shake it up.”

They Say: “We were in New Orleans the day that [Prince] died and I did a cover of ‘The Beautiful Ones,‘” says Haynes. “I could barely make it through the song. It’s hard when you feel so close to someone’s music. I’ve adopted his stage presence to imitate, honestly. The way that he wore femininity and used it to say powerful things. I still can’t process it. What a badass, until the day of his death.”

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