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It’s nearly 30 years since “Exile in Guyville”, Liz Phair’s coming-of-age, being a woman of the 1990s, the “Supernova” singer is releasing her seventh album titled “Soberish”, out June 4th, a narrative on where she stands today, and her deeper musical roots, with the self-reflective track “Spanish Doors.”

Phair’s first release in 11 years, following Funstyle (2010), Soberish(Chrysalis Records), produced and engineered by longtime collaborator Brad Wood, who also helmed Exile In Guyville, and follow ups Whip-Smart(1994) and whitechocolatespaceegg(1998), finds Phair reverting back to her earlier musical blossoming and art school days at Oberlin. 

“I found my inspiration for Soberish by delving into an early era of my music development, my art school years spent listening to art rock and new wave music non-stop on my Walkman—The English Beat, The Specials, Madness, R.E.M.s ‘Automatic for the People,’ Yazoo, The Psychedelic Furs, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Laurie Anderson, and the Cars,” says Phair. “The city came alive for me as a young person, the bands in my headphones lending me the courage to explore.”

On opening track “Spanish Doors,” which she describes as “the fracturing of a beautiful life, when everything you counted on is suddenly thrown up for grabs,” Phair sings Locked up in the bathroom staring at the sink / I don’t want to see anybody I know / I don’t want to be anywhere you and I used to go. 

“I drew inspiration from a friend who was going through a divorce, but the actions in the lyrics are my own,” reveals Phair. “I relate to hiding out in the bathroom when everyone around you is having a good time but your life just fell apart. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder who you are now, shadows of doubt creeping into your eyes. Just a few moments ago you were a whole, confident person and now you wonder how you’ll ever get the magic back.” 

Following up Phair’s other Soberish single Hey Lou,” a tribute to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, and her revealing 2019 memoir Horror Stories, “Soberish” is about partying and all those self-delusions, whether chasing new loves or a returning to a constant state of escapism for a few moments of elation.

“It’s not self-destructive or out of control,” says Phair. “It’s as simple as the cycle of dreaming and waking up. That’s why I chose to symbolize ‘Soberish’ with a crossroads, with a street sign. It’s best described as a simple pivot of perspective.”

She adds, “When you meet your ‘ish’ self again after a period of sobriety, there’s a deep recognition and emotional relief that floods you, reminding you that there is more to life, more to reality and to your own soul than you are consciously aware of. But if you reach for too much of a good thing, or starve yourself with too little, you’ll lose that critical balance.”

We were supposed to get Soberish, Liz Phair’s first album since 2010’s Funstyle, last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic upended those plans. Phair gave us a peek of what’s to come back in 2019 with “Good Side” and she released second single “Hey Lou” (about Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s longstanding relationship) earlier this year. Now, we have a release date for Soberish.

Soberish finally arrives on June 4th, and a press release describes it as “a portrait of Phair in the present tense, taking all of the facets of her melodic output over the years and synthesizing them into a beautiful, perfect whole.” Digital liner notes mention that Phair’s forthcoming record is influenced by music she listened to during her art school years.

May be a cartoon of 2 people and text that says 'LIZ PHAIR THE NEW SINGLE 'HEY LOU' OUT NOW'

Liz Phair addresses the romance between Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, pondering how they might have felt and interacted privately in her new song “Hey Lou.” Produced by long time collaborator Brad Wood, it’s Phair’s first new song in two years following the Wood-produced “Good Side.” There’s more to come. Phair is all set to release her first album of new material in a decade, entitledSoberish”, following a deal struck with U.K. Chrysalis Records.

“Hey Lou” dropped at midnight and is accompanied with a fun, Toben Seymour-music video featuring music’s quirkiest pair and a cameo from Andy Warhol, all rendered as puppets. It’s the Chicago-based singer and songwriter’s first release since 2019’s “Good Side.” Have you ever wondered what love looks like for your favourite celebrity couple behind closed doors? Hey Lou imagines a day in the life of two music legends, whose union was an inspiration for rock fans

Due out at an unspecified date in 2021, “Soberish” will be supported this summer when Phair hits the road. 

Squirrel Flower’s cover of Liz Phair’s “Explain It To Me” from her 1993 debut, ‘Exile in Guyville’ serves as the A-side, backed with a new Squirrel Flower original. ‘Explain It To Me’ has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it when I was 14. I made this recording in my basement while experimenting with self harmonizing for the first time in a while. “Chicago” is a rework of an old song I originally released in 2018. It’s from a studio session a while ago and it never got used, so my brother and I put some extra guitar on it during quarantine and voila.

Ella O’Connor Williams, also known as Squirrel Flower, I originally wrote it in 2015 when I lived in the Midwest. Put it on when you’re lost/moving/found.” – Ella Williams (Squirrel Flower)

released October 13th 2020

It’s a beautiful exciting week in the land of Speedy Ortiz because they released a new song! I am pumping it right now and this rips!

The song is called “Blood Keeper,” and it’s a Liz Phair cover in celebration of Speedy Ortiz joining Liz Phair on tour starting today . “Blood Keeper” is available on Bandcamp and all proceeds for the single are being donated to purchase venues along the tour copies of Making Spaces Safer, a how-to guidebook from AK Press by Shawna Potter of War on Women!

n celebration of their tour with Liz Phair, Speedy Ortiz has covered this track a Scream 2 soundtrack outtake, written by Phair. The pay-what-you-want Bandcamp proceeds will fund providing each venue on the tour with copies of Shawn Potter’s (War On Women) pocket guide, “Making Spaces Safer.”


This October, Speedy Ortiz is also touring the UK for the first time in three years! The shows begin on Wednesday, October 17th in London until Thursday, October 25th in Bristol! More info is available in the TOUR DATES section!!

Released September 5th, 2018
Recorded by Speedy Ortiz
Mixing & artwork by Sadie Dupuis
Sadie Dupuis – guitar, synth, vocals
Michael Falcone – drums
Darl Ferm – bass
Andy Molholt – guitar, synth

Singer-songwriter Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville is about to turn 25, and Matador Records is making sure that anniversary doesn’t go unnoticed.  On May 4th, the label will issue Girly-Sound to Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Boxset, a 7-LP or 3-CD (or digital) collection tracing her artistic evolution from her three pre-Matador demo cassettes (originally released under the name of Girly-Sound) to her acclaimed debut album.

Girly-Sound to Guyville kicks off with each of the three privately-pressed cassettes remastered and restored on vinyl, and now titled Yo Yo Buddy Yup Yup Word to Ya Mutha (Girly-Sound 1), Girls Girls Girls (Girly-Sound 2), and Sooty (Girly-Sound 3).  Volumes 1 and 2 are pressed on two vinyl LPs, while Volume 3 takes up one LP.  The box is rounded out, on two LPs, with a remastered version of Exile in Guyville.

Additionally, the box set will feature a book with an oral history by Jason Cohen, drawing on interviews with Chris Brokaw, Gerard Cosloy, John Henderson, Chris Holmes, Tutti Jackson, Nash Kato, Mark Ohe, Casey Rice, Brad Wood, Tae Won Yu, and of course, Phair.  Essays by Phair (“You Might Be a Lucky Star”) and Ann Powers (“Talking Back in Guyville”) are also included, along with rare photographs and memorabilia.  For her June tour, Phair will exclusively perform material from the Girly-Sound tapes.

For those interested in having the Girly-Sound tapes in their original cassette format, a bundle of three cassettes can be ordered directly from Matador to add to a box set pre-order.  Lastly, the original Exile in Guyville album will be reissued on double-vinyl or single CD, also on May 4.  Amazon links are currently available below for the vinyl and CD editions of the box set; the standard reissue isn’t yet available for preorder at Amazon.

Originally released in 1993, Exile In Guyville is a seminal album and a feminist landmark. Its legendary status has only grown over the years. It’s continually included in countless lists…Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest albums of all time + 100 best albums of the 90s, Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of the 90s, etc. Numerous essays and think pieces have been written about it and the number of accolades piled on is endless. Since the release of Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair has continued to defy expectation and break barriers. She has released five albums, and is currently working on a new one with Ryan Adams. She has also composed music for television shows and received awards for that work. In November, it was announced that she would be fulfilling a longtime dream to be an author, and she received a two-book deal with Random House. Her first book will be called Horror Stories which focuses on “heartbreak, motherhood, and everything in between.” “A landmark of foul-mouthed, compromised intimacy, a tortured confessional, a workout in female braggadocio, and a wellspring of penetrating self-analysis and audacity.” – The New Yorker “Maybe the greatest work of traditional American indie rock that anyone has ever made. It’s also probably the best road-trip album of its generation and the signal of a rare talent’s arrival. It deserves to be celebrated. Let’s do that.”

Liz PhairGirly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set (Matador, 2018)

lizphair lpboxcontents Liz Phair announces 25th anniversary Exile in Guyville box set, shares alternate version of Divorce Song: Stream

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Exile in Guyville, the landmark debut album from Liz Phair. In commemoration, she and Matador Records will soon release a limited edition box set containing the record as well as music from Phair’s pre-Exile days.

Due out May 4th, the Girly-Sound to Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set comes with a fully remastered version of the 1993 debut, overseen by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Emily Lazar at The Lodge. It also boasts the first official restored audio of Phair’s three Girly-Sound demo cassettes: Yo Yo Buddy Yup Yup Word To Ya Mutha, Girls! Girls! Girls!, and Sooty. These date back to 1991, during the pre-Exile era when Phair recorded under the moniker Girly-Sound.

Also included in the bundle is a lavish book featuring an oral history by Jason Cohen and essays penned by journalist Ann Powers and Phair herself. The box set will be available as a 3-CD set or 7-LP set (with added goodies like never-before-seen photos and artwork), and will also be offered in digital formats and on streaming platforms.

For fans just looking for the debut, Exile in Guyville will be reissued on its own on the same day on CD and double LP; it hasn’t been widely available on LP in years. As a teaser for the box set, the veteran singer-songwriter has shared an early alternate version of “Divorce Song”, which appears on Girly-Sounds tape Yo Yo Buddy.