HADDA BE – ” Wait In The Dark “

Posted: April 1, 2021 in MUSIC
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In a world full of change, last year  was the one Brighton/London band Foundlings got in a pickle with some music bigwigs in the USA, subsequently forcing them to change their name to Hadda Be (taken from Allen Ginsberg’s poem ‘Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox’).

First new track ‘Another Life’ under their new moniker comes along with recent introduction of Ben on bass, who, with his love of all things electronica, has enabled Hadda Be to combine their previous work with new energy and a punchier sound. 

Recorded last year at the Brighton Road Studio, the track starts with a flourish of Matthew’s guitar licks combined with generous helping of Olly’s drums. The song is straight out the gate sonically, but combine that with innocence of Amber’s vocals and some under the shelf bass-notes, creates a great tune about how we see ourselves in rose-tinted glasses compared to the hard reality of the ‘real’ you. Propelled by scuzzy riffs and thrashing racing beats, ‘Wait In The Dark’ shows us a heavier side to Hadda Be than what we might be used to, proving them as a band who are able to constantly hone their sound, reluctant to be pigeon-holed into any one genre.

With a gritty, frenzied energy and shades of the whirring splendour of Sonic Youth, it builds with a frenetic tension to a magnificent, swirling cacophony. Oozing a riotous, grunge-infused spirit, it offers all the fuzzed-out, angst-driven power we need to motivate us through the next few months, when hopefully brighter things – and the possibility of live music – will be on the horizon.

(FKA Foundlings) Post-punk inflected stomps and melancholic indie-pop • Based in Brighton & SE London • Debut album, “Another Life“, arriving April 2021, It’s the second single to be taken from our forthcoming debut album ‘Another Life’.

Here’s what they say about it:
“Hi, Hope you’re doing well.  “’Wait In The Dark’ is a direct and visceral reaction to the turbulent political and cultural times we find ourselves in. There’s a lot of anger and passion in this song. It felt liberating to have a moment on the album where we really let loose, not allowing ourselves to be wrapped up in analytical posturing. Like with our first ever single, ‘Misery’, the track started off with a bass line and everything else was built up from there. We’re particularly excited about getting this one out on the road.”

We released our new single Wait in the Dark today. Would love to hear what you think! , Our forthcoming debut album ‘Another Life’ is available to pre-order on four different colours of vinyl and CD via our label Last Night From Glasgow’s 

Released March 26th, 2021


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