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Nathan Followill is reflecting on the year-long wait to release Kings of Leon’s next and eighth studio album “When You See Yourself”, released March 5th, and how the band circumvented their natural instincts to completely overhaul the album after sitting on it for so long. The band’s first release since 2016’s Walls, now the Followills seem more relieved that the album is finally on its way out, following its delay around the onset of the pandemic. Some band members choose not to listen to it for fear of wanting to make changes to songs, lyrics, or completely scrap the album.

“It’s been a long wait sitting on this music, and it’s always difficult knowing that you have something that you’re really excited for everyone to get to hear, and then being told you have to sit on it for a minute was tough,” says Nathan Followill. “But it also gave us a chance to live with it for a little while, and it’s still just as fresh today as it was on the first listen.”

“I was worried that I was going to want to change things, but when I did finally listen to it, I was very pleased,” says Caleb Followill. “If we did want to change something, we could have gone back and done it, but I think we had put in the work and it was the album that we wanted to put out.”

Throughout the recording of When You See Yourself, produced by Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons), who also worked on Walls, all the innate concerns of how it would be perceived went out the window, and everything centred around the band making an album they would enjoy. It was super important for us to feel like we made an album that we liked… and trying not to think about anything else,” says Matthew Followill. “We didn’t even think about radio or anything like that.”

Most of the 11 tracks averaging four and a half minutes, says Caleb, which doesn’t make it the most radio-friendly record by Kings of Leon. “It was just more like play the song while it feels good, and when it’s time to end the song, we end the song,” says Caleb. The band was also on the same page, sound-wise and with tracks, for the first time in nearly 20 years from the moment they stepped into Nashville’s Neon Leon studio for pre-production.

“This was definitely the most on the same page that we had all been on going into a project,” says Nathan. “In the past, Jared and Matt were like the younger voices that would bring cool type music that me and Caleb might not be listening to, so there were times when we were kind of in different directions… There was this just natural vacuum, and that makes it so much easier when you’re not feeling like you’re having to swim upstream to get a song as a group.”

Pulling a piece from the end of one of the album’s songs, the band landed on When You See Yourself as the title—and it stuck. At first, the words didn’t resonate with Caleb, who remembers writing them down and singing them. 

“After all of this, that we’ve all gone through together, you really do have to take a hard look at yourself, and see exactly who you are and how you can handle situations, and how you can be a part of the solution and be a part of something,” says Caleb. “I think I relate to it a little more than when I actually wrote the words down on paper, but the guys, they were the ones that had to fill in, ‘This means something more than what you just said.’”

The connecting for the band was in realizing that as you get older there’s so much that is out of your control, you begin questioning your place in the world. 

“It’s just kind of trying to connect with yourself and ask yourself, ‘What do you see when you see yourself?’” says Jared. “Sometimes you’re way harder on yourself than anybody else would be, and it’s just a good question to ask yourself… It really kind of just stuck with me and it kind of just grew from that—and it kind of shaped the vision of the whole album from that point on.”

For Kings of Leon, every album since 2003 debut Youth and Song Manhood has been a musical reflection of their growth.

“We were discovering new music and new things and we were growing as men,” says Caleb of the band’s journey together. “And so every experience we had, we’d come home and we’d just put it into music. And when you’re doing that, you look up and it’s like, ‘wow, we’ve made five albums in seven years,’  and it didn’t feel like that. It just felt like we were living our dream and something that we never thought would actually come true was coming true and just kept feeding the fire.”

Proud of When You See Yourself in its entirety, one song, “A Wave,” continues to echo for the band an is admittedly their favourite track. “I love ‘A Wave,’ and I think it’s just because we worked so long and so hard on it that if I didn’t say that, I would probably jump off a bridge or something, because I felt like we honestly worked on that song for about eight months, and it changed so many times,” says Jared. “I’m just proud of where it ended up, but I really like all of it.”

Working through its lyrics, Caleb remembers the band struggling to figure it out, and recording it several different ways. In the end, everything came back to the lyrics and lines, he says, because there was something pure about the song. “When we finally got it right, all of us were just like, ‘The nightmare is over,’” says Caleb. “We found a way to put it on the album, and we’re all very proud of it. It’s one of my proudest moments on the album.”

Kings of Leon  “When You See Yourself” The New Album Available Now

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Kings of Leon have returned with their first new music in five years with the release of two songs. “The Bandit” follows the group’s penchant for soaring vocals backed by driving rhythms. The familiar wail of frontman Caleb Followill breaks through on the chorus, as the singer croons “Must catch the bandit / Reckless abandon / Rundown and stranded / Must catch the bandit.”

An accompanying music video features all four band members Caleb, along with brothers Jared (bass), Nathan (drums) and cousin Matthew (guitar) – performing on a sparse sound stage. The clip, shot largely in black and white with various moments of colour interspersed throughout, was helmed by Casey McGrath, who was previously nominated for a Grammy for his work on the band’s documentary Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon.

“The Bandit” is the first official single from “When You See Yourself”, the band’s forthcoming album due out March 5th. The LP follow’s 2016’s Walls, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart. A second song from “When You See Yourself”, “100,000 People” has also been unveiled. The tune offers a slow burning sound that builds to an expansive chorus, featuring swirling synths and engaging percussion.

Hear both of Kings of Leon’s new songs and see the artwork and complete track list for “When You See Yourself”.

Kings of Leon had been teasing new material in the past few weeks, posting clips of songs to their various social media accounts. In a Christmas Day tweet, Jared Followill noted the long delay between his band’s albums and asked fans for forgiveness.

“Blame it on the holiday ‘cheer’, but I just feel like sharing,” the bassist began. “Kings of Leon tweeted ‘the w8 is nearly over’ Ten Months ago. Enough. If you were promised new Kings music in 2 weeks, would you forgive us? Could you?” In conjunction with their new music, the band has also unveiled new merchandise on their website. Proceeds will go to Live Nation’s Crew Nation, a relief fund set up to help live music professionals struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill has shared a new acoustic number called ‘Going Nowhere’ to help raise awareness of Live Nation’s Global Relief Fund to support live music crews and venues during the COVID-19 battle, Kings of Leon have shared new acoustic track ‘Going Nowhere’ amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The US rockers posted a black and white video of the performance of the song by frontman Caleb Followill sat on the edge of a couch playing the acoustic guitar and singing.
He belts out: “It’s a long, hard road / ‘Til I can get to you / And I’ll be holding on / Hoping the sun comes shining through / I’m going nowhere.” The song was posted on social media to help raise awareness of Live Nation’s Global Relief fund, which has been setup to help support live music crews and the touring and venues industry, which has been heavily-disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Kings of Leon captioned the clip posted on Instagram: “Stay safe. Stay home. We will see you as soon as we can.” “Going Nowhere” couldn’t be more apt, given that most of the world is quarantined or on lockdown.The ‘Sex on Fire’ hitmakers – whose last studio album was 2016’s ‘Walls’ – are due to return to London for the first time in three years for an exclusive performance at Finsbury Park in June. Caleb and co will be joined at their Finsbury Park show by Courteeners, Cage The Elephant, Inhaler, Soccer Mommy, and The Big Moon, with more acts still to be announced across two stages. The show will form part of a small UK tour, which will also see them play two arena dates at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena on July 7, and Leeds’ First Direct Arena on July 8th.

However, at the time of writing, the US rockers are yet to announce whether the shows will still go ahead.Their recent festival appearances have seen the band play at Lollapalooza in Brazil, Chile, and Berlin, Rock Werchter, Benicàssim, and Mexico’s Pal Norte to a crowd of over 100,000 people. The ‘Waste A Moment’ musicians also played Reading and Leeds festival in the UK, but have not set foot on a stage in the capital city since 2017.

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Rock Werchter 2017

Announcing the best news of the week by far! Foo Fighters – the premiere rock band of the 21st century – play Rock Werchter on Sunday 2nd July 2017. What a festival closing act! We now have announced four amazing names for the upcoming festival, which takes place in the Festival park in Werchter (Belgium) from 29th June to 2nd July 2017. Radiohead plays on Friday 30 June, Linkin Park and System of A Down on Saturday 1st July and Foo Fighters on Sunday 2nd July. More names to follow soon.

In the 20+ years since the 1995 release of Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear have grown into a world class headliner dominating stadiums, arenas and festivals across the globe. The band’s massive catalogue of gold and platinum albums has won 11 Grammys, four Brit Awards, sold 25+ million records, and is the backbone of marathon shows powered by singalong anthems “Everlong,” “Monkey Wrench,” “My Hero,” “Learn To Fly,” “All My Life,” “Best Of You,” “The Pretender,” “Walk,” “Something From Nothing” and more. In 2015 Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their appearance at Rock Werchter, but they’ve made good on their promise to return and will bring Rock Werchter 2017 to a close on Sunday 2 July.

Rock Werchter 2017

The first name is in for Rock Werchter’s opening day. Arcade Fire will play the festival on Thursday 29 June. Rock Werchter hosts this five-star Canadian band for the second time. They were last here in 2010. Five massive names for Rock Werchter 2017 -which takes place from 29 June to 2 July in the Festival Park in Werchter (Belgium)- are now in: Arcade Fire play on Thursday 29 June, Radiohead on Friday 30 June, Linkin Park and System of A Down on Saturday 1 July and Foo Fighters on Sunday 2 July.

Every one of Arcade Fire’s albums is an artistic and commercial triumph. So, in the style of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die , with a silver lining: their amazing debut album, ‘Funeral’ (2004), is a fierce rallying call for beauty, emotion and absurdity in music. Artful rock with a punky outlook – a major lift in times of chaos and anxiety. ‘Neon Bible’ (2007) establishes the Canadian six-piece as one of the key bands of the 21st century. “It’s like standing beside the ocean at night”, or so its makers tell us. ‘The Suburbs’ (2010), their equivalent of ‘OK Computer’, is a prize winner, which – rightly, if a little unexpectedly – scooped a Grammy for Album of the Year. ‘Reflektor’ (2013) goes off ‘all guns blazing’ and shows what Arcade Fire still have to offer after all these years. Onwards and upwards to album number 5. That line just keeps on rising.

Rock Werchter 2017

Friday 4 o’ clock comes early today…  Another great name just has been added to the Rock Werchter 2017 bill. The British trio alt-J play the Festival Park on Sunday 2 July. These guys are musical wizards. Type alt and J on an Apple keyboard and you get Δ, the Greek letter delta. It’s the symbol used by scientists to mark a change in value. We can be forgiven for saying that the alt-J trio have done something similar with the history of pop. They’ve created their own universe from the highlights of the last 60 years. And they’ve been as expert at this as they’ve been inventive. Alt-J reach their tenth anniversary in 2017.
For Rock Werchter 2017, from 29th June to 2nd July, the first of the big names is in. Radiohead who will perform on Friday 30th June. Few artists combine success with experimentation the way Radiohead do. Their ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool (2016), is yet another hard hitting and inventive artistic statement. It’s going to be great to see this band again. The last time they played Werchter was in 2008.
Another amazing band has been announced for Rock Werchter 2017: LINKIN PARK! A band we’re always mad keen to see. Linkin Park top the wish list at any festival, and online streaming services place the American six-piece among their most-frequently-listened-to artists. The band even has two tracks in Spotify’s Top 10 timeless songs. Yes, with over a hundred million streams between them, ‘In The End’ (# 6) and ‘Numb’ (# 3) sit with the likes of ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Having started as an alternative metal band in the mid-nineties, Linkin Park amassed bigger audiences by incorporating elements of hip hop and electronic music. Two front men give the band a distinct dynamic: Chester Bennington’s intense vocals bouncing off Mike Shinoda’s stellar raps.
Linkin Park will play Rock Werchter on Saturday 1st July.  This will be the band’s second time at Werchter, having first appeared in 2011. Linkin Park is currently recording its 7th studio album.
Rock Werchter 2017

News extra. Because it is allowed. Because Kings of Leon have confirmed they will play the festival on Thursday 29th June . And that’s worth celebrating. The list of massive names for Rock Werchter 2017, which takes place from Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2 July at the Festivalpark in Werchter (Belgium), is gradually growing. As it stands: Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire play on Thursday 29 June, Radiohead on Friday 30 June, Blink-182, Linkin Park and System Of A Down on Saturday 1 July. Foo Fighters close the festival on Sunday 2 July. More to come soon.

The Followills are Werchter’s royal family. Brothers Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill, and their cousin Matthew, love to play the Festivalpark. On their seventh album ‘WALLS’ (2016), Kings Of Leon have found the perfect balance between the animated garage band they started out as, and the arena rock that brought world fame. Their story is a parable. The four are raised in the deep and devoutly religious south of the United States. Rock ‘n’ roll is the devil’s music – and their chosen weapon of rebellion. The holy fire leads to evergreens like ‘Sex On Fire’, ‘Use Somebody’ and ‘Waste A Moment’. Fame catches hold in Europe and spreads back home to the US: ‘WALLS’ is the band’s first American number 1. The title is the acronym for: We Are Like Love Songs. That’s five syllables, just like the last six albums…
Rock Werchter 2017

This week the Rock Werchter team is delighted to confirm some great new acts for the upcoming edition. Five to be precise: Royal Blood, Bazart, Bonobo (live), White Lies and Agnes Obel. The line-up for Rock Werchter 2017 is slowly taking shape. Take a look:

  • Thursday 29 June: Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Agnes Obel
  • Friday 30 June: Radiohead, James Blake, Oscar And The Wolf, Royal Blood, Bazart, White Lies, Future Islands
  • Saturday 1 July: Linkin Park, System Of A Down, Blink-182, Bonobo (live)
  • Sunday 2 July: Foo Fighters, alt-J, Dropkick Murphys, The Lumineers
Tickets to Rock Werchter 2017 go on sale on Saturday 19 November at 10 am.  Previously announced are Radiohead on Friday 30 June and System of A Down on Saturday 1 July.

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Kings Of Leon  – Walls

Multi-platinum selling rock band Kings of Leon return with their hugely anticipated seventh studio album Walls. The Grammy Award winning group decided to return to their recording roots in Los Angeles and worked with famed producer Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Florence and the Machine). Lyrically, the album touches on band members’ personal stories.

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Public Access TV –  Rebounder EP

The debut four track EP from New York’s most hyped and most loved band Public Access TV. Limited to just 500 copies and exclusive from Rough Trade Shops. Stand out track is ‘Middle Child’ which opens with a drum beat which cheekily apes The Stone Roses’ ‘I Am The Resurrection’ before settling in a noisy garage punk groove with a pop edge. In under three minutes Public Access TV prove they are a band waiting to cross into the mainstream.

Crocodiles  –  Dreamless

Moving both geographically (from San Diego to Mexico City in the case of vocalist Brandon Welchez) and stylistically (eschewing the more post-punk tinged origins of yore for a broader sweep of sound) the electronically-augmented sound of this sixth album may still be rooted in the ’80s, but it’s more akin to New Order in its melancholia and bold primary colours. Nonetheless he glam-tinged exuberance of this duo may still be present even if the Bunnymen-esque raincoat-brigade guitars aren’t. Ironically enough given it was an album inspired by insomnia, ‘Dreamless’ sounds for all the world like a bold new dawn for the band.


Jagwar Ma –  Every Now and Then

Since the release of 2013’s ‘Howlin’ Jagwar Ma have played sold out shows across the world and supported the likes of Tame Impala, The xx and Foals, filling festival tents and clubs alike with their explosive, hypnotic live performances, not to mention legendary DJ sets – most recently illustrated through their televised Park Stage performance at Glastonbury, and a raucous closing DJ set at the Crows Nest the same weekend. Now the song-writing duo of multi-instrumentalist and producer Jono Ma, singer and guitarist Gabriel Winterfield return with their second album ‘Every Now and Then’. The new record returns to the melody soaked nods to club culture and instantaneous vocal hooks they’ve become well known for, but has also seen them employ their passion for the Beastie Boys, citing this eclectic album as their ‘Paul’s Boutique’. Overall this stunning record encapsulates the band at their most entrancing and anthemic – a wig out of oscillating acid bassline, ricocheting dub-fused guitars and heady pop psychedelia bathed in strobe-lit sonics. It was self-produced and recorded in the United Kingdom, Australia and France, then tweaked and mixed with the assistance of some of their brightest contemporaries, James Ford (Florence and The Machine, Arctic Monkeys), Blue May (Kwes, Kindness), Ewan Pearson (LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers) and David Wrench (Caribou, FKA Twigs, Glass Animals).

Big Star –  Complete Third

Omnivore does an in-depth vault dive into the creation of Big Star’s Third for a new 3-CD box set.  Complete Third includes every demo, rough mix, outtake, alternate take and final master from the Third sessions known to exist. The 69 tracks on this set represent the culmination of a decade-long search to assemble all extant recordings for the album originally released in 1978.  Some alternates and demos have appeared on various compilations over the years, but this first-of-its-kind collection presents every track in context – including 29 never-before-released tracks captured by producer Jim Dickinson and engineer John Fry.

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The Growlers – City Club

The Growlers are an American band formed in Southern California who’s sound has been described as a trademark style of music, effortlessly managing to combine eclectic elements of country, lo-fi punk, surf/psych/garage rock, Tex-Mex, and slacker/stoner/skate culture into something that is uniquely their own. Known for their relentless touring schedule and DIY work ethic, the band is one of the most exciting independent success stories of recent years. The band has toured with The Black Keyes, Dr. Dogg, Devendra Banhart, and Jonathan Richman, among others. The album is produced by Julian Casablancas the first he has produced).

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Gurr  –  In My Head

When two best friends start a band, songs get filled with inside jokes. In My Head takes the listener on a journey of Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee’s friendship, their life, and a step further into the world of GURR. Having met in an American Studies class in Berlin, and after spending time in the US together, the US West coast sound was an obvious influence on their music, but Andreya and Laura draw from a wide set of pop culture references and personal experiences for their debut album. First Wave Gurrlcore they call their own genre, always with a slight and acknowledging nod to riot girl culture and yet stressing that they want to invent their own style – they pair straightforward garage rock tunes with more psychedelic and wave elements on their debut album. “We didn’t start making music because of Kathleen Hanna,” explains singer Andreya Casablanca. “Musically we were more influenced by bands like Gun Club, Echo & the Bunnymen, the B52s or classics like the Ramones and Beatles.”

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La Femme – Mystere

Direct from the Parisian overground, French pop connoisseurs La Femme will release their second album Mystère this week. La Femme have made a huge mark on modern Paris’s cultural landscape, by engraining in their music the two sides of the city : the glamour and the grit. Returning with a more psychedelic sound and numerous female guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats, La Femme celebrates their wonderful city and tackles the enigmatic questioning of falling in and out of love. Mystère is indeed a compendium of short stories describing loves and losses and each song breaks down language barriers through an inventive and astute knack for melody. The band’s chic retro-futurist surf-pop sound possesses the same dose of glamorous punk stomp as before, but this time around it’s layered with an elegant fusion of influences from Ennio Morricone, Marie Et Les Garcons’s disco-rock touch and the lysergic romanticism of The Velvet Underground. Through increased use of strings and further exploration of sound, Mystère also incorporates the band’s new love of oriental sounds, Turkish disco, Tuareg blues, medieval psychedelia to mainstays Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.


Las Kellies  –  Friends And Lovers

Following the release of ‘Total Exposure’ the fiery Argentinian Riot grrl group Las Kellies return with new album ‘Friends & Lovers’. Inflected new wave post-punk blends garage-psych with infectiously deft dance beats and melodic pop. ‘Friends & Lovers’ fuzzed-up gems sees them move away from the heavier dub sounds of their last record instead sinking their teeth into a groove like Thee Oh Sees with the spirit of ESG and Delta 5. Rupturing with dance floor classics like ‘Sugar Beat’ and ‘I Don’t Care’, they effortlessly move into sun-soaked psych-pop tunes (‘Summer Breeze’, ‘Sun Goes Down’) with slow grooving honeyed tones, shimmering guitars and propulsive percussion. Produced by Iván Diaz Mathé (credits include Lee “Scratch” Perry & Mad Professor), who’s worked on their previous records.


Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation –  Mirage

Having already been nominated for a Swedish Grammy with their debut EP, Diamond Waves, their full-length 2015 debut on Rocket Recordings, Horse Dance, marked out a territory in which beguiling repetition could sashay with sweet pop suss, melodic flourishes with experimental intensity, and it was summarily rapturously received on arrival, making new fans and earning them appearances at Roskilde Festival and Eindhoven Psych Lab. Their second effort Mirage, which follows a mere year after its predecessor, sees the band sculpting sprawling, hypnotic jams into elegant nocturnal serenades. “We agree on not remembering very much about how these tracks came about, that all of them were written on the road and that most of them came fully formed” note the band. “Most were really long to begin with, but we found it relieving to break away a bit from the mandatory psych jams a little bit. We also just realised that none of them were written in daylight, which might be why memory is so elusive.” Indeed, this hypnagogic approach seems to fit well with the primary inspiration for the five-piece, which centred on ‘the state where dreams, visions and the present are entwined’ .Mirage sees the band taking a chic tradition of avant-pop that extends all the way from Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy to Broadcast and Saint Etienne, and warping it mercilessly to their own darker ends. Whilst the brooding yet sultry ‘Sister Green Eyes’ is no less than a sharp slice of velveteen motorik-pop and ‘Looking For You’ reinvents three-chord garage-rock attack with mighty finesse, The Liberation are just as comfortable dealing out the heavy-lidded and electronically-driven ‘In Madrid’ or the dive in the hallucinatory deep end of ‘Circular Motion’, on which they’re aided and abetted by Lay Llamas’ Nicola Guinta. The seductive splendour of these ten songs åmake manifest a parallel world of disorientation and deliverance in which one would be a fool not to want to languish adrift . Fresh excitement for the band lies in wait, courtesy of a UK tour with Goat and an appearance at Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia. Limited holographic mirrorboard sleeves.

Screen shot 2016 09 15 at 15.02.31

Thurston Moore  -Chelsea’s Kiss

Cassette Store Day 2016 Release. 2 Tracks / 16 Minutes. Double sided printed extended j card.
Edition of 1000. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Brooklyn-based drummer Ryan Sawyer along with UK-based members of Thurston Moore Group: bass player Deb Googe (also of My Bloody Valentine) and guitarist James Sedwards (also of Nøught) met up in the studio to record these songs offered here to support the campaign to Free Chelsea Manning. Partial proceeds of the sales of this cassette will support the Chelsea Manning Support Network (, and will be earmarked for the defence of Army Pvt. Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning. Former Private Manning was sentenced to thirty years in military prison for sharing the video of a US helicopter attack that killed a dozen Iraqis, exposing US State Dept. cables, the “Iraq War Logs”, and the “Afghan War Diaries” with the WikiLeaks website.


Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – Overnight

British Folk duo Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker have risen to star status lately on the English acoustic scene, earning last year’s Best Duo award from the BBC Folk Awards and across-the- board praise for two self-released albums, most recently ‘Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour’, with its lush single ‘Silverline’. While The Guardian anointed them “chamber folk” (they certainly cut their teeth in that thriving part of the UK music scene), Clarke is an unusually compelling singer, sharing more in common with Sandy Denny, Gillian Welch, or even Nina Nastasia and Laura Marling, than your usual staid folk artist. Walker is a prodigiously talented guitarist and arranger and the two of them are engaging and often funny in a live setting where, in addition to their own songs, they choose covers brilliantly, from Denny, to Jackson C Frank, to Nina Simone, to death-obsessed traditional ballads. Clarke and Walker Rough Trade debut album brings bigger, more modern arrangements and production to their beautifully-wrought songs and Clarke’s tremendous voice.

The new album ‘WALLS’ out 14th October,While ranking Kings of Leon‘s six studio albums, it’s impossible not to notice just how steadily they transformed from scruffy rockers to crafters of highly polished anthems.
Each of their first four albums – which were all released in just a over a five year period , and near-constant touring the releases show clear advances and expansions in the band’s sound and songwriting skills. Their original sound was soon supplemented with increasing doses of anthemic ambition and bombast.
This evolution was quite rewarding for the Tennessee-based group, who became huge draw to audiencec especially in England, and conquered the rest of the world with two gigantic hit singles “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” from their 2008 album Only by the Night. New album Walls is out this month, an acronym of We Are Like Love Songs arrive on October. 14th. Whether it matches the double-platinum sales of 2008’s Only by the Night remains to be seen, but for now, they’re in good spirits and ready for their next endeavor. “We definitely have a better, stronger ­relationship ­outside of music than we did in the past,” Caleb said.

Theo Wargo, Getty Images

For the long-awaited new track ‘Waste A Moment’, the band enlisted the help of producer Markus Dravs, known for his work with Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons as well as Coldplay.

Fortunately, ‘Waste a Moment’ has enough classic Leon sounds in it to please even the biggest Sex On Fire haters. Caleb Followill’s lyrics are almost completely inaudible, the drums are heavy, and the guitars sound as though they were ripped right off of Only By The Night, But the hallmarks of the Kings of Leon remain intact on “Waste a Moment”: nubby guitars, a firm beat and Followill’s weary croon.
On the track, singer Caleb Followill urges listeners to step away from the daily grind, if only for a second: “Take the time to waste a moment,” he sings. “Never ask to be forgiven.”

Kings of Leon - Walls Vinyl

The band plans to release new album “Walls” on October 14th.

“We’re in the best place we’ve ever been,” quoted Caleb . “We’re enjoying what we’re doing, and we have a great relationship outside of making music. A lot of bands don’t make it this long, especially family bands. Right now we’re more excited than we’ve ever been to work.”

The singer/guitarist has high hopes for the new record. “We’re trying to change people’s perception of [us],” he said. “We have more depth on this album and more situations where we dipped our toe in before but never committed. Now we’re wanting to dive in. I know this is a pop-driven world and what we do isn’t necessarily at the top of the heap of music that people are listening to, but I feel like once people discover this album, it’s going to change them.”

Kings of Leon’s last album, Mechanical Bull, came out in 2013.