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If you look up ‘beguiling’ in the dictionary it probably says ‘adjective: charming or enchanting, often in a deceptive way e.g. Rozi Plain’s utterly beguiling voice’.
Rozi’s Plain has a new album may currently be under lock and key in a caravan home on the Hebridean Isle of Eigg but ‘Actually’ is evidence that ‘Lost Map’ headhoncho and Eigg dweller Johnny Lynch is poised to release Rozi’s latest soon.

Head to Lost Map’s website where you can download a free 9 track taster of the labels roster.


“Giant Peach” the first song from North London rock band Wolf Alice‘s new album, “My Love Is Cool” is a reference to Roald Dahl’s famous kid’s book about an orphan named James. According to vocalist Ellie Rowsell, the track is about growing up in London, so the title could also maybe be an across-the-pond version of New York City’s “Big Apple” nickname. “It’s about a love affair with the city,” Ellie commented that  “It’s a song to dance to, but also a song to lose your shit to.”

Like any affair worth writing about, it’s a complicated one: I don’t know what keeps me here, it’s not the boy that gives me funny feels, Rowsell sings in the hushed build-up to the noisy climax, which is all squalor and sludge and shrieking. My Love Is Cool is released in the UK  June 23rd via Dirty Hit/ RCA; listen to “Giant Peach” here


Scottish duo Honeyblood – now consisting of Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers, following Shona McVicar’s 2014 departure – have unveiled a brand new single, ‘No Big Deal’.
The track follows up a self-titled debut released last summer, riding the coattails of the LP’s finest moment while marking its own territory. Strung-out and documenting the highs and lows of a not-that-committed relationship, it takes a whirlwind journey, compressing several months into five sludgy minutes.




Viet Cong, from Canada’s less-celebrated center Calgary, sold out at the Union Pool show long before the not-at-all-catastrophic snowstorm hit New York City this week. Viet Cong had the place well past capacity. Half-composed of former members of the band Women,  Viet Cong continues that band’s art-rock mission, if not expands it. What makes the band’s live show flat-out better than their very-well-regarded debut LP is simply that watching them put this music together gives you a clearer sense of how much is going on. The interplay between guitarists isn’t simply your usual rhythm/lead dichotomy; guitarists Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen’s instruments are almost in opposition to each other at points, at others answering each other note-for-note. Both guitarists double up on keys as well, but don’t think vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel isn’t producing himself. Granted, some of the members have history together, but this is still an incredibly tight unit for a band with only the “Cassette EP” and now the new album to their credit.

The band’s sound mimics the bleak landscape of their hometown at times; the show, and the album closed with a ten-plus minute dirge named “Death”.  But there’s also humor running through Matt Flegel’s lyrics, when you can make them out, and the Cassette songs, especially, have a more straightforward appeal. Ultimately, though, what comes across most about this band is just how effing good they are. The complexity of their work may suggest that this is music for musicians, but what Viet Cong do so well is make that complex music relatable, even fun, to listen to. This show will set a high bar for the rest of 2015, in the best possible way.


Baby Strange is the title of a track from T-Rex’s 1972 album The Slider, But now also the name of a three-piece from Glasgow who don’t sound Bolan-esque at all. They’re much more in the vein – pun intended – of those bands who have tended to peddle the idea that they are in touch with rock’s dark, druggy side. Bands who push a nihilistic sensibility and a black aesthetic. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would be an obvious precedent for these young Scottish gentleman

They’re punk with a dash of grunge and their songs veer between drones and dirges. They wear their art on their sleeve, with their ideas and their worldview made pretty plain. And so just in case you were wondering where they were coming from, their new single is called “Pure Evil” and they’ve got another called Mess. Closer inspection reveals their dark vision is a little unfocused. Pure Evil finds the singer complaining that he is “tired of my generation” . When asked about the song, the singer does indeed admit, “I’m just not very happy with the way things are around me”, and yet he says of the video, “We’re all huge fans of electronic music and we love everything that comes with it.” Bit confusing, that. Same goes for their track Mess. “You people make me sick,” he rails, but it’s unclear which people he’s referring to, and whose side Baby Strange are on. Musically, they’re on the side of good old-fashioned rebel rock, only we don’t know what they’re rebelling against or about. In a way, they’re like a Clash with all the ideology and invective sucked out. They’ve been touring with Palma Violets, another band who some consider to be utterly predictable while others are enjoying presumably as a handy primer on a certain strand of alternative music.


Interpol and a song from their new album ‘El Pintor’.  coming from the fifth album released in September

The video above shows the band performing the song live earlier this year at O2 Academy Brixton in London when the band headlined the NME Awards Tour,  Interpol finished mixing ‘El Pintor’ earlier this year. It was recorded between New York studios Electric Lady and Atomic Sound.

Interpol previewed three new songs when they headlined this year’s NME Awards Tour,  Track titles included ‘My Desire’, and ‘All The Rage Back Home’. The band topped the bill above Temples, Royal Blood and Circa Waves.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, guitarist Daniel Kessler said that he felt a “new, natural energy” between the band while making the album. “We’re never lacking ideas or inspiration,” he said. “There’s always something new to be said, and if you don’t have something new to say, that’s when you should take a break. We got back together because we felt that some of these songs had a certain urgency. It feels like a new band again.”


MOON KING – Roswell

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Moon King are a band from Toronto in Canada, with their first visit here in the uk supporting Alvvays. Moon King is the recording project of Toronto natives Daniel Woodhead (brother to Doldrums’ Airick) and Maddie Wilde, longtime friends and musical collaborators. After two EPs of punchy, hard-hitting dream-rock, the duo are getting ready to release their debut full-length, “Secret Life”, this spring. And first single “Roswell” is an excellent introduction, a sprawling, soaring six-minute epic that follows a propulsive motorik groove straight into the sky and sounds absolutely immense while doing it.

Van McCann doing what he does best. Catfish and the Bottlemen are a Welsh indie rock band that formed in Llandudno, North Wales. Currently enjoying touring Australia, playing bigger venues and perhaps the best new band from last year after a lots of shows and pure great songwriting


Sonic Boom Six are a five-piece band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Their eclectic sound combines different elements of several genres and has been described by Kerrang! as “taking ska, pop, grime,


Fast becoming my favourite new band , the quality of songs coming from this band is amazing, ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ is the second single from this Stockport band ,Blossoms, released by Skeleton Key Records. This new band is bringing us spring-time a little earlier than expected. Introducing the classically British pop quintet, Blossoms. Their sound mixes a spoonful of psychedelia, with a cup of candid songwriting; and to finish it off, a sprinkling of nostalgia. The band first emerged earlier last year, with single ‘Blow‘, now they are back with their second offering ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’. In true British pop style, the band ensure they give a confident nod to the past with this track, from working with The Coral’s James Skelly to releasing it on limited edition 7″ vinyl. Set to be released on Monday 02.03.2015, the track will coincide with the band’s UK tour, beginning at the end of this month and running throughout February and March.