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“With Another” is the first of several “lost tracks” recorded back in 2016 at late the lamented Invisible Sound Studios, Baltimore. The second digital release from 2016’s “Lost Sessions” from The Stents “Alone Again” is a 2:39 second hook-riddled ripper that will pull your earholes out. 

Featuring the Pat/Steve/Scott/Sean/Ken line-up of the band in February of 2016, these were recently mixed and mastered by Simon “Woolly Bushman” Palombi in deluxe caveman stereo under the watchful ear of Pat & Steve.


The Band:
Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals: Pat Brown
Rhythm Guitar: Steve Branson
Organ: Sean Lally
Drums: Ken Chiodini
Bass/Backing Vocals: Scott Sugiuchi

released November 6, 2020

Hidden Volume presents The Resonars “Extended Play”, their 4 song Hi-Vo debut. After scores of releases on Burger, Get Hip and Trouble In Mind Records, the multi-talented Matt Rendon once again does it all on this quartet of garage/power pop gems. Mining that trademark “Who Meets Hollies” sound in glorious MONO, Rendon doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s the glorious ringing guitars of “A Smile and a Promise” or the biting but incredibly catchy “Nobody Can Tell You What To Do” (our personal candidate for Song of Our Times), The Resonars make sure they won’t leave your brain any time soon.
Perhaps it’s a by-product of hailing from Arizona, but The Resonars (aka Matt Rendon), sound like pure sunshine. Taking cues from the Mersey Beat heydey, Rendon breathes fresh air into everything he touches. It’s mindboggling how consistently excellent The Resonars releases are, and his ear for melody and hooks has now approached near-legendary status.
Performed, recorded and produced by Matt Rendon
Releases May 15th, 2020

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Lucky you! We have copies of this Japanese-only Instant Banquet CD Sampler left from The Safes’ recent tour of Japan. 20 big hits from the Hi-Vo catalog—some from long out-of-print singles. If you still fancy the compact disc, this one’s for you!

Track List: 
1. The Routes “Meant To Be” (3:40)


2. The Missing Souls “Gotta Have Your Loving” (2:55)
3. The Safes “Crystal Ball” (2:40)
4. Quitty & The Don’ts “Running Out of Time” (2:07)
5. Swamps “Hate Hate Hate” (2:42)
6. The Rebel Set “Trails!” (3:01)
7. The Improbables “Bad Vibrations” (2:39)


8. The Stents “Meet Mike Hate” (3:05)
9. Gorilla* “Oh Tonight”(2:17)
10. The Reverberations “The Way I Want You” (2:26)
11. The Fadeaways “Kicks & Chicks” (2:28)
12. Pow Wows “Hey Doctor” (4:37)
13. The Torments “The Creamer” (2:23)
14. The BellTowers “No Matter” (2:46)
15. The Beginner’s Mynd “Singing

Released March 7th, 2018

The official souvenir of Field Trip South! The Field Guide zine is a 12-page show guide impeccably designed by Hi-Vo and featuring all your faves: Groovy Movies, The Hall Monitors, Baby Shakes and more! 200 originally produced for the festival. This is all that’s left! Also included is a two song flexi-disk with The BellTowers and The Improbables ripping some fine garage psych.


released March 7th, 2018

The BellTowers recorded and mixed by Paul Mutchler
The Improbables produced by Mike Kennedy and The Improbables. Recorded and mixed at Fairmount Funeral Sound Studios.

Let’s start out by saying, Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness play the kind of tunes that I could play all day long. It’s the rock ‘n’ roll that I grew up on, some MOD , some garage, and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll fun. What I do care about is finding Bands that are in the game for the right reasons. I am not here to break down the structure of the songs nor to analyze the lyrics , Rock ‘n’ Roll is meant to be fun , you are supposed to be able to put on a Record and blast the shit out of it, dance like a crazy person and get lost in the coolness of the beat and that indeed happens when you play Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness. I would like to say thank you to Hidden Volume Records for turning me on to Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness, and that is just one more reason for all you garage rockers to show some love .


Nathaniel Osgood: drums, all instruments on “Hong Kong Phooey”
Louie Newmyer: bass, harpsichord on “By the Grace of Mod”
Kathleen Wilson: guitar, backing vox, Farfisa organ
Sean Crowley: guitar, backing vox, lead vox on “Learnin’ to Howl” and “Ognir’s…”
Jake Starr: throat, tambourine, maracas


A fabulous piece of jangly retro psychedelia if I’ve ever heard one. I’m not the only one who thinks so either it seems, with this Baltimore based group catching the ear of the Marshmallow Overcoat’s Timothy Gassen, whose expert hand ensures  period-perfect production on this wee gem of a 7″.

“Never Ever” is a lovely slice of jangling twelve string – unmistakably an homage to Roger McGuinn’s influence, but the whirling Farfisa, and Flying Nun style vocals elevate it beyond the level of other sound-alikes. Its melancholy, memorable melody line doesn’t do it any harm either.
The B-Side, “Beware The Noble Krell”, is a different kettle of fish altogether. While still exhibiting enough of the same sonic characteristics to retain fans of the A-Side’s attention, it’s a noticeably more progressive offering, and a much darker one to boot. Fuelled by a giant mellotron / organ riff which is more King Crimson than the Byrds, “Beware The Noble Krell” creates a sense of Lovecraftian unease, which explodes into full-blown disorientation courtesy of shards of expertly manipulated backwards guitar.

An excellent balance is struck between these two sides, and one that makes it very difficult to guess which direction (or directions) a follow up full length could take. Quite the exciting launching pad.

Who are the Noble Krell? Discover for yourself with these two tracks of jangle-desert-psych. The A-Side “Never Ever” is twelve string Byrds influenced bliss while the B-Side “Beware The Noble Krell” hints at everything from The Electric Prunes to Saucerful of Secrets era Floyd. First 75 orders from us get a super limited edition Noble Krell die cut sticker, first 250 of these beauties are pressed on YELLOW vinyl so order fast.