VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” Instant Banquet by Hidden Volume Records “

Posted: March 7, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Lucky you! We have copies of this Japanese-only Instant Banquet CD Sampler left from The Safes’ recent tour of Japan. 20 big hits from the Hi-Vo catalog—some from long out-of-print singles. If you still fancy the compact disc, this one’s for you!

Track List: 
1. The Routes “Meant To Be” (3:40)


2. The Missing Souls “Gotta Have Your Loving” (2:55)
3. The Safes “Crystal Ball” (2:40)
4. Quitty & The Don’ts “Running Out of Time” (2:07)
5. Swamps “Hate Hate Hate” (2:42)
6. The Rebel Set “Trails!” (3:01)
7. The Improbables “Bad Vibrations” (2:39)


8. The Stents “Meet Mike Hate” (3:05)
9. Gorilla* “Oh Tonight”(2:17)
10. The Reverberations “The Way I Want You” (2:26)
11. The Fadeaways “Kicks & Chicks” (2:28)
12. Pow Wows “Hey Doctor” (4:37)
13. The Torments “The Creamer” (2:23)
14. The BellTowers “No Matter” (2:46)
15. The Beginner’s Mynd “Singing

Released March 7th, 2018

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