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There’s probably no sweeter SoCal sound circa 2019 than this band as the title track from their upcoming album, “Let It Burn,”  It should come as no surprise that GospelbeacH sound is favorite for us, their 2017 offering wound up on many of our contributors’ best-of releases for that year, “The band’s debut album, 2015’s Pacific Surf Line, wasn’t shy about its Cali worship; two of GospelbeacH founder Brent Rademaker’s other groups, psychedelic warriors The Tyde and mystic Americana wranglers Beachwood Sparks, have shared similar sentiments.

We don’t like to disappoint, (the feckless leaders in D.C. have that role handled) so here’s a first listen of the song “Let It Burn,” the title track off the band’s soon to be released new LP. The song boasts a cameo by the brilliant, late Neal Casal who passed away just weeks ago.

“Let It Burn’ became a secret little mantra in my head while dealing with some heavy changes in my life, mainly loss. Letting go wasn’t good enough I had to burn those negative feelings before they killed me,” said singer-songwriter-guitarist Brent Rademaker. “Trevor [Beld Jimenez] and I came up with some verses to my open C-minor tuning and we cut it live with a cool flat dry 1970s production by Jonny Niemann. The great Nelson Bragg orchestrated the perfect So-Cal harmonies.

“Little did I know I would need to call on that mantra again, when just months after finishing the album we would lose our dear brother Neal Casal. Neal’s otherworldly guitar playing weaves this whole song perfectly together and the outro solo that closes the whole album says more to me than any lyric we could’ve written. Neal made GospelbeacH legit, when we told him we were making a “rock” record he just shook his hand and shushed me up, plugged in and played his guitar…no second takes, he just let it burn.”

Band Members
Brent Rademaker, Jon Neiman, Jason Soda, Neal Casal, Will Scott Ben Redell, Derek Brown w/ a cast of friends
GospelbeacH’s Let It Burn will be available October 4th

“Another Winter Alive” reflects on the GospelbeacH California rock and roll dream, and pays homage to friend and founding member Neal Casal by covering his most well known song “Freeway To The Canyon”.

The album features 5 previously unreleased studio tracks recorded during the band’s sessions for last years’ “Another Summer Of Love” plus 5 live songs recorded in London during their California Fantasy tour, revisiting stripped down live versions of songs from their debut album “Pacific Surf Line”.


Sweet, fun and utterly without pretence. – SHINDIG!
Tucked snugly in that happy place between cosmic country and neo-hippie bliss. – MAGNET
Makes you want to drive to the ocean and watch the sun go down. – MOJO

GospelbeacH | Photo by

iA band formed by Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks and former Sparks drummer, Tom Sanford. The band includes Neal Casal (of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals) and Jason Soda on vocals and guitars, Kip Boardman (vocals, bass), with a guest appearance by Nelson Bragg (vocal harmonies).

The band is helmed by Beachwood Sparks‘ Brent Rademaker, and they released their sophomore album, Another Summer of Love, . But we need something for this summer, and that’s just what GospelbeacH is giving us. Their new song, “Dreamin’”, is from the recording sessions of Another Summer of Love, so it already has that summer vibe instilled within it. It’s a bright, warm invitation to chill.


Beachwood Sparks debuted in 2000, with a collection of songs on Sub Pop Records that couched the band in 1960s’ Laurel Canyon country-rock of The Byrds, and the cosmic country of Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers. With Rademaker at the helm of this new band, GospelbeacH continue to draw connections between the country-rock and pop on their debut album, Pacific Surf Line came out on October 9th 2017 on Alive Naturalsound Records.

The lineage of kaleidoscopic California folk-rock could hardly have meandered into better hands than those of GospelbeacH, the all-star quintet whose members boast resumés longer than a hippie’s hair. At the center of the spinning wheel is singer-guitarist Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, the Tyde, Further). While Rademaker is the unchanging core, various lineups of the band have included his former Beachwood Sparks bandmate and drummer Tom Sanford, guitarist Neal Casal (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Furthur), guitarist Jason Soda (Everest, Watson Twins) and bassist Kip Boardman (Watson Twins).

Last summer GospelbeacH continued to deftly honor the grand tradition of West Coast rock and roll with their second album Another Summer of Love. This time around it was more 70’s FM rock than 60’s AM gold, more cosmo than country with a theme of timeless love delivered through straightforward, inviting songwriting and singing by Rademaker.

Warm classic production and tight harmonies are helmed once again by guitarist/vocalist Jason Soda. Recorded in Los Angeles at Palomino Sound, Jason’s new 1970’s vintage artisan recording studio. Third GospelbeacH core member Jonny Niemanns adds cascading piano, organ and mellotron fill out the album’s rich sound.

 “Change of Heart”, a previously unreleased single from the album. The song features effortlessly cool vocals and bouncy, power pop-tinged rock and roll sound. References to Tom Petty are unmistakeable, but you can also hear the band finding inspiration in acts like Mikal Cronin and Traveling Wilburys. Their is a sunny California vibe to the song, even though it seems to be dabbling in the fare of a broken relationship. The band also throws in some vibrant group harmonies that give it a warm, surf pop sound. Ultimately “Change of Heart” captures a different side of Rademaker’s musical vision, proving he isn’t an artist put all his eggs into one basket when it comes to the genres he tackles.


In the tradition of the Troubadour scene of the 1970’s Another Summer of Love also features some of the GospelbeacH friends and Los Angeles’s finest players and singers including, Pearl Charles, Miranda Lee Richards, members of Wilco, Mapache, Eels, and pickers from the Grand Ole Echo. The album artwork features reflective photography by GospelbeacH guitarist/singer Neal Casal and Allah-Las drummer Matthew Correia. 


Played and sung by
Brent Rademaker- vocals, guitar & bass
Jason Soda- vocals, guitars
Jon Niemann- keyboards
Kyle Crane- drums
George Sluppick- drums
Andres Renteria- percussion
Pearl Charles- vocals
Sam Blasucci- vocals
Will Courtney- vocals
Steve Taylor- vocals


After debuting with an album that captured the good-time, easy feeling of the early-’70s version of the Grateful Dead at their warmest, GospelbeacH returned with a second album that jumps ahead a decade or so, switches gears sonically, and in the process makes a bigger impression.

Under the guidance of Beachwood Spark’s Brent Rademaker, on “Another Summer Of Love” the band shelves its impressively deep Dead worship in favor of some serious Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers vibes. From the jangling warmth of the guitars to the hooky choruses, the subtle keyboards to the ringing, overdriven guitar solos that feel lifted from Mike Campbell’s bag of tricks, the album is like a lost Heartbreakers classic made just before Petty went solo on Full Moon Fever in the late ’80s.

On Another Summer Of Love GospelbeacH debuted on European soil for a short tour including Green Man Festival and a handful of club shows in the UK and Scandinavia.


GOSPELBEACH – ” Pacific Surf Line “

Posted: November 27, 2015 in MUSIC

We made two resolutions last year: listen to more music and spend more time at the beach. And ideally, listen to music while at the beach. Ideally, we wanted to listen to the groovin’ country choogle of GospelbeacH. We are very proud to tell you that we successfully accomplished all of those things in 2015. Go us! Pacific Surf Line was the soundtrack to our late-autumn wave runs, when we need hot tunes to warm us up before paddling out into the cold, cold ocean. Featuring Beachwood Sparks’ Brent Rademaker and Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s Neal Casal, GospelbeacH’s harmony-driven surf-hippie odyssey is one of the year’s most humorous. You can hear the smile behind every syllable, feel the fun in every fuzzy chord and westerly swell of pedal steel. On “Out of My Mind (On Cope and Reed)” and “Sunshine Skyway,”GospelbeacH trade licks and quips like old bar buddies for an effect that’s timeless and enduring.