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Pretty much all you need to know about Death Valley Girls can be summed up by the line from the 1975 sexploitation film Switchblade Sisters that became the band’s unofficial slogan: “Everybody’s gotta be in a gang.” All those images of leather-clad, grime-covered, rebellious fun that such a phrase evokes are just what the Los Angeles quartet personifies. It’s slightly crazy, completely sexy, and just frightening enough that you want nothing more than to be inducted into the club.

Luckily, Death Valley Girls are sending an open invitation with their sophomore record, Glow in the Dark. On Burger Records, the follow-up to 2014’s Street Venom plays like a beacon from space sent to incite a cultural mutiny. Tracks like “Love Spell” and “Disco” beckon the listener to shed the chains of repressive modesty in favor of letting loose in the neon light of the night. “Horror Movie” and “I’m a Man Too” strike out at the definitions laid down by a society enslaved to consumerism and clearly delineated classifications. All of it bursts out in surfy proto-punk layered with sugary shrill harmonies that cut through the garage door like so many steel studs.


If the message of the album isn’t clear enough, this band delivers  “Join the experience that will cosmically unite the living and turn on the dead. The battle is now, Be part of the revolution. Glow in the dark.


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L.A.’s Death Valley Girls are a menacing sight to behold. Tough, uncompromising and like their music, battle ready, the band take no prisoners with their snot-rock menace and occasional psych nuance. ‘Disco’ is the anthemic second track from 2016’s balls-out LP ‘Glow in the Dark’an album that cemented Death Valley Girls into the psyches of all who are worth their salt.

As terrible as disco really is -this, by the way, is not a disco song and would quite possibly have John Travolta twitching in a fit of high-pitched conniptions- this pop/rock gem actually makes going to the disco sound like a hell of a lot of fun and frivolity.

So, stand up, thrust your hips or whatever the hell it is people do at discos and prepare for the big night with this goosebump-inducing sing-a-long, ‘Disco’ by the one and only Death Valley Girls.