Posted: July 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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L.A.’s Death Valley Girls are a menacing sight to behold. Tough, uncompromising and like their music, battle ready, the band take no prisoners with their snot-rock menace and occasional psych nuance. ‘Disco’ is the anthemic second track from 2016’s balls-out LP ‘Glow in the Dark’an album that cemented Death Valley Girls into the psyches of all who are worth their salt.

As terrible as disco really is -this, by the way, is not a disco song and would quite possibly have John Travolta twitching in a fit of high-pitched conniptions- this pop/rock gem actually makes going to the disco sound like a hell of a lot of fun and frivolity.

So, stand up, thrust your hips or whatever the hell it is people do at discos and prepare for the big night with this goosebump-inducing sing-a-long, ‘Disco’ by the one and only Death Valley Girls.



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