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Last month we highlighted a giant 9-disc R.E.M. boxed set filled with BBC Recordings, and while it’s still not officially announced though it seems we’re close to that happening  It appears the full details and a complete tracklist for the package.

REM grew up with the BBC, and this historic relationship is lovingly celebrated across an incredible collection that beautifully illustrates the career trajectory of one of modern music’s greatest bands. The collection comprises a treasure trove of rare and unreleased live and studio recordings culled from the BBC and band archives. This is a must-have collection for REM fans and an authoritative introduction for newcomers.

Due out October. 19th, R.E.M. at the BBC is now fully listed on, along with a 2LP vinyl set called The Best of R.E.M. at the BBC that’s listed for release that same day. The set now has been officially announced, and we can add that The Best of R.E.M. at the BBC will not only be released as a 2LP vinyl set, but a 2CD edition as well.

So what’s in this thing?, here’s a quick rundown of the set, which includes live material recorded both in concert and in the studio for the BBC between 1984 and 2008.

Disc 1: A round-up of BBC in-studio sessions, including six songs recorded in 1991, plus a 1998 session with the legendary John Peel and more songs recorded in 2003 and 2008.

Disc 2: A 12-song performance recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre in London in 1998.

Disc 3: Perhaps the most exciting to longtime fans, this is a 16-song set recorded at Rock City in Nottingham, England, in 1984 during the Reckoning tour.

Discs 4 and 5: A complete 25-song Monster tour set recorded at Milton Keynes in 1995.

Discs 6 and 7: The band’s Glastonbury festival appearance in 1999 following the release of Up.

Disc 8: An 11-song, invite-only performance at St. James’s Church in London in 2004.

Disc 9: A DVD featuring the “Accelerating Backwards” film plus a “Later… with Jools Holland” appearance filmed in 1998, and a few other assorted performances.

As for the 2LP and 2CD “best of” editions, they’re described as offering “a selection of in-studio performance and live broadcast highlights” from the boxed set.

It should be noted, though, that the two contain slightly different tracklists, and the 2CD edition does include audio of two “Later… with Jools Holland” performances only included on the DVD of the larger set.

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Paul Weller is nowhere near as musically conservative as some of his fans. The hits understandably get the biggest response – Changing Man, You Do Something To Me, That’s Entertainment, a slightly trudgy version of Start!, a sparkier take on A Town Called Malice that concludes the set – but the most intriguing stuff he plays is off his most recent album, Saturn’s Pattern: if it’s less fragmented and strange than its predecessor, Sonik Kicks, there’s still something exploratory and off-kilter about the piano-powered title track, and the dense, ominous psychedelia of opener White Sky.

As the Glastonbury 2015 festival draws to a close, the set by the Modfather, Mr Paul Weller, who takes the penultimate slot on the Pyramid stage with a set of songs from across his extensive solo back catalogue on the final evening

There’s still plenty of the rustic, new-age hippy charm in First Aid Kit’s appearance, but the one thing that’s noticeable as they launch into ‘Wolf’ from their 2012 album The Lion’s Roar is that there is a new swagger in place.The sisters from Stockholm, Johanna and Clara, feature a notable shift in presentation in the form of Johanna’s move to bass guitar from keyboard/synth. Furthermore, their music seem to now slither with a hitherto unexplored groove; bobbing up and down,Whilst they dig deep into their own catalogue – which includes a heart stopping rendition of ‘Ghost Town’ – they also take time to dig out an old 70s classic. ‘The Gambler’ is tackled with vim, vigour and it’s fair to say that it is one big winner with the festival crowd. Promisingly, new song ‘It’s A Shame’ is quickly greeted like an old favourite. Unlike ‘You Are The Problem Here’, this is in keeping with the tone and format in which devotees of First Aid Kit are familiar.

They close out with the double whammy of old favourites and trademark songs, ‘Emmylou’ and ‘My Silver Lining’. Their rise is unstoppable and they are doing it on their own terms. Wonderful.

First Aid Kit live at Glastonbury Festival 23rd June 2017.

Musicians: Scott Simpson, Melvin Duffy, Steve Moore.
1. Wolf
2. Master Pretender
3. Waitress Song
4. The Lion’s Roar
5. You Are the Problem Here
6. Ghost Town
7. King of the World
8. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers cover)
9. Stay Gold
10. Emmylou
11. My Silver Lining

Radiohead at Glastonbury

Radiohead headlined the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury 2017 on Friday night with an astonishingly mesmerising – if not a little unruly – set in what resulted in an utterly compelling two hours and 25 minutes.

The performance came on the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s first headline set at Glastonbury, a reminder of the reissue of the iconic album ‘OK Computer’ and a statement of intent of the band’s utter dominance.

Absorbing, challenging and achingly beautiful – Radiohead delivered a typically Radiohead sort of set for Glastonbury’s opening night. The Oxford quintet emerged, bathed in white light, to the haunting piano refrain of Daydreaming, from last year’s A Moon Shaped Pool album.

Two hours and 25 songs later, they closed with Karma Police, singing: “For a minute there, I lost myself.”

Such is their confidence, Radiohead’s set list was nothing short of experimental, eclectic and downright enthralling. Tracks such as ‘No Surprises’ tempted Thom Yorke into a brief political outburst when he ominously pleasured the crowd with “see you later, Theresa” as the song, with lyrics such as “bring down the government, they don’t speak for us,” came to a close.

Opening with ‘Daydreaming’ from 2016 record A Moon Shaped Pool, the band indulged fans with favourites such as ‘Airbag’ and the aptly titled ‘Pyramid Song’ before Yorke couldn’t resist busting out his new dance moves during a revised version of ‘Idioteque’.

Encore one saw the likes of ‘No Surprises’, ‘Nude’, Paranoid Android and Fake Plastic Trees before the second and final encore welcomed the three big hitters: Lotus Flower, ‘Creep’ and ‘Karma Police’ the last of which left the crowd and Yorke singing: “For a minute there, I lost myself.”

Thanks to faroutmagazine

Doom City
Nuclear Fusion
Sleep Drifter
Alter Me I
Altered Beast II
Alter Me II
Altered Beast III
Robot Stop
(with snippet of ‘Master of the Universe’ by Hawkwind)
Gamma Knife
The Lord of Lightning
The River

Father John Misty performs “I Love You Honeybear” in the BBC Music Tepee at Glastonbury 2015. Look, we write about Father John Misty a lot. By now you probably know how we feel about him . But 2015 saw Father John Misty somehow bringing his live show to a higher level with his “I Love You, Honeybear” material, shifting gears from stunningly gorgeous on “I Went to the Store One Day” to disaffected and funny as hell on “Bored in the USA” at the drop of a hat.

It’s been an exciting 12 months for Wolf Alice since they messed with many a young mind from the John Peel stage at last year’s Glastonbury, with an assault on the senses that was bookended by a blazing cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, and singer Ellie Roswell’s psychedelic pink dress. Having built up a formidable fanbase based on a pair of fine EPs and a lot of hard gigging, they proved to be a worthy addition to the BBC’s Sound of 2015 longlist.

Then there was the piledriving single Giant Peach – a former Zane Lowe Hottest Record in the World – which boasted the kind of riff that could level Stonehenge. And of course they finished and released their debut album My Love Is Cool, giving fans at this year’s festival roughly three days to learn the proper versions of all the songs they’ll have been howling along to at gigs

Wolf Alice’s set on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury Festival 2014.

Set List:
0:16 Moaning Lisa Smile
2:49 She
5:49 Hold Up Your Lighters
9:15 Storms
12:46 Blush
16:15 Wicked Game
20:15 Giant Peach
24:47 Bros
27:49 Fluffy

wolf alice you're a germ

Suede perform “Beautiful Ones” at Glastonbury 2015. Visit the Glastonbury website at for more videos and photos,

The return of Brett Anderson’s black-clad glam-pervs to active duty has been one of indie rock’s great joys over the last few years. Their early ‘90s role as flag bearers for articulate and English sleaze acted as a flamboyant catalyst for what became Britpop, so their influence lingered even longer than the thrill of their songs. Since their 2010 return they have taken on the mantle of elder statesmen with a story to tell, like soldiers returning from a long and bloody war. And this has given them a platform from which to deliver new music – such as 2013’s Bloodsports – that has been as warmly received as the hits.

For newcomers, all you need to know is that this exquisite glam racket is the product of hard-won experience in the fields of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, that the drama in the music has occasionally been reflected in drama between the key players in the band – not least original guitarist Bernard Butler, who left in 1994 – and that even though these dramas are in the past now, they will be called up like rampaging wraiths at the first swing of Brett Anderson’s hips.


Pantomime Horse, Moving , Trash, Animal Nitrate, We Are The Pigs, Killing Of A Flash Boy, It Starts And Ends With You, He’s Dead, Pale Snow, I Don’t Know How To Reach You, The Living Dead, Drowners, So Young / Can’t Get Enough, Metal Mickey, Beautiful Ones, She’s In Fashion, New Generation.

Suede at Glastonbury 2015


Catfish and the Bottlemen singer Van McCann is not a man unduly burdened with doubts about his immediate future, and with good reason. His band’s successes have all come from winning hearts in every audience they’ve played to – including those standing stunned in front of the BBC Introducing stage at last year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow, which also lead to them winning the BBC Introducing trophy at the first ever BBC Music Awards – and they really like to play.


Not that it’s all about the gigs. Each Catfish single – all gifted with a one-word title, to make their set-lists nice and neat – has been greeted like an old friend by Zane Lowe and his Hottest Record in the World, and then playlisted across Radio 1.

Setlist: Kathleen, Pacifier, Fallout, 26,  Business, Homesick, Cocoon, Tyrants.



Ryan Adams and the Shining performed at the iconic Glastonbury Festival last weekend, and you can watch the full set below!, This Sunday, American artist Ryan Adams took to the Park Stage in patchy denim to perform in front of arcade cabinets and a crowd of thousands.

It says something about the astonishing work ethic Ryan Adams has that in the 15 years since he first embarked on a solo career, he has released two books and 14 albums – on his own and with The Cardinals – and managed to fit in a period of “retirement” in 2009, and a comeback. This on top of various side projects, including the disturbingly titled Sleazy Handshake, punk band Pornography and the black metal band Werewolph. He’s a hard man to keep track of, and that’s just the way he likes it.


As befits such a mercurial talent, he has turned up all over the BBC, with a Zane Lowe session here, a Dermot O’Leary there, and lots of on-air support from Bob Harris, Jo Whiley, Shaun Keaveny and Lauren Laverne. Even BBC Four has had him in for a live session, filmed in 2008. The only surprise is that this is only Ryan’s second stab at a Glastonbury performance, having had to pull out in 2005 with an ear infection. Grab your chance to see him close the Park Stage on Sunday night, before he’s off onto another project.


Gimmie Something Good, Let It Ride,To Be Young, Dirty Rain,  Stay With Me, New York New York,  Kim, Peaceful Valley, This House Is Not For Sale,  Shakedown On 9th Street,  Band Intros, When The Stars Go Blue,  Come Pick Me Up,  Magnolia Mountain,  Wonderwall (encore).