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its almost 1am here in LA and i’m thinking about this song “midnight choir” that i am so happy to share with you today, what it meant to me. every time i write a song, it changes the way i see the world a little bit. this song taught me a lot that i am grateful for. i am learning that we don’t have to choose one – joy or sorrow – or even esteem one as superior to the other —  that these worlds are maybe not so far apart. the same song can contain both and still be true… maybe truer because it refuses to be one thing ?

i had the chance to make this song with producer rob schnapf who is a bit of a legend here. he has worked with some of my favorite artists — beck, elliot smith, cat power — and the process was super cool, a bit magical. i found some new spaces in this song that i haven’t been before. i think that amazing producers help you find that — the thing thats in you that you block yourself from unleashing.

well, i hope you enjoy this cosmic hug from me to you. i hope you are happy, or on the way there.

thank you for listening,

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What a week. Released a song that I started the lyrics to in 2013 and turned 34. I remember when I was 27 and A&R at a major label told me it was great that I looked so young because they could pitch me as 23. I would never participate in contributing to that unsubscribe from this culture that puts these crazy expectations on people and especially women to achieve at a young age! Many artists learn that their best work comes from experience, which requires time.

Complete with supporting horns, the track takes on a slightly gospel vibe, while still maintaining that catchy pop rhythm and sound that has you putting down your drink at a bar to Google “what song is this?”.  In the track’s music video, the curly-haired songstress contemplates slipping into old habits when it comes to love; an all too relatable feeling. Wandering about a grey-landscaped city, as a listener you are right there alongside her, reminiscing about or realizing that you are stuck in that old cage of habits.

The track follows the already released song “Over” off of the upcoming album. Having already toured and worked with artists such as Bon Iver and Sylvan Esso, Doe Paoro will hit the road again this fall after the release of Soft Power.

by Doe Paoro from the album ‘Soft Power,’ available October 19th

Brooklyn based Doe Paoro can always be relied upon to bring you amazing visuals to her music video’s, Sparse synths and a beautiful vocals, this track is taken from the new EP “Ink on the Walls” check out some of the previous videos “Born Whole” and “New Lows”