DOE PAORO – ” Midnight Choir “

Posted: July 12, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

its almost 1am here in LA and i’m thinking about this song “midnight choir” that i am so happy to share with you today, what it meant to me. every time i write a song, it changes the way i see the world a little bit. this song taught me a lot that i am grateful for. i am learning that we don’t have to choose one – joy or sorrow – or even esteem one as superior to the other —  that these worlds are maybe not so far apart. the same song can contain both and still be true… maybe truer because it refuses to be one thing ?

i had the chance to make this song with producer rob schnapf who is a bit of a legend here. he has worked with some of my favorite artists — beck, elliot smith, cat power — and the process was super cool, a bit magical. i found some new spaces in this song that i haven’t been before. i think that amazing producers help you find that — the thing thats in you that you block yourself from unleashing.

well, i hope you enjoy this cosmic hug from me to you. i hope you are happy, or on the way there.

thank you for listening,

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