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With the release of their eponymous 2013 debut, Cheatahs found themselves compared to 90s luminaries Dinosaur Jr and the Boo Radleys and associated with the emergent nu-gaze scene. But last year’s Sunne EP gave the first hints that the quartet might have struck on a new, otherworldly sound and the title track provides a salient start to their 60-minute set.

Jangly guitars and hushed vocals – so low in the mix that they turn into a blur – create a disorientating dreaminess that turns urgent on Murasaki, a Japanese-versed song that draws on their literary and global influences.

Formed in London but hailing from four nations – Canada, the US, Germany and England – the band unite for the psychedelic wall of sound at the heart of latest album, Mythologies. Bassist Dean Reid and lead guitarist James Wignall share keyboard duties and join with guitarist Nathan Hewitt to provide lush harmonies on Channel View. But although drummer Marc Raue spares little passion as he dives into each driving rhythm, his bandmates remain tightly controlled through each sprawling song. Synchronised head-nodding is as showmanlike as Cheatahs get.

When the music’s as clever and majestic as the melodic swirl of Seven Sisters and splintering rock of The Swan, however, there’s no need for much else. Pop gold runs through every melody and even the ragged squeaks and shrieks of guitar that usher in the aggressive, prog-tinged Su-Pra can’t disguise Cheatahs stadium ambitions. They’ve certainly got the talent but they’re not quite ready for bigger stages yet, and a too-long wait for an encore sees a sparser crowd treated to the cascading tides of Signs for Lorelei. It’s “a song about a German mermaid”, Hewitt explains in a rare display of stage patter – but the band depart having left the labels firmly behind.

CHEATAHS – ” Freak Wave “

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This is the latest single to be taken from the new album, “Mythologies”, which is available digitally, on gatefold double vinyl and on CD via Wichita Recordings now. Already primed following the release of the transitional ‘Sunne‘ and ‘Murasaki’ EP’s earlier this year – Cheatahs return with their second album ‘Mythologies’. Culled from North America, Germany and the UK, this multi-national quartet continue their  journey following 2014’s acclaimed self-titled album. Ever evolving from their inception, ‘Mythologies’ is witness to a band that has developed in the interim – attributed in no small part to a touring itinerary that traversed the US in three-pronged aural attack with like-minded sonic souls Wavves and Fidlar. Meanwhile, no less busy this side of the Atlantic saw triumphant dates with No Age and a seemingly never ending European jaunt with Metz which brings us to….‘Mythologies’. Recorded over the past year and in hand with their debut, ‘Mythologies’ takes in a vast array of influences whilst taking its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth. A rollercoaster of sonic thrills – the cinematic widescreen brilliance of ‘Channel View’, the motoric rhythms of ‘In Flux’, the cascading sonic beauty of ‘Freak Waves’ or the scintillating beauty of  ‘Seven Sisters’ and  ‘Signs To Lorelei’ before the seismic surge finale of album closers ‘Mysteci’ and  ‘Reverie Bravo’, it’s a marked and ambitious departure. The newfound sense of freedom has inspired and certainly influenced the self-produced ‘Mythologies’. Recorded at various locations in London, Marc’s studio home, a monolithic high-rise next to MI5 headquarters overlooking the Thames (one floor above offices that once housed anti-terrorist units in the 60’s), a converted church in Ramsgate and the fabled  environs of Chemikal Underground’s Glasgow studio Chem19.
2LP – Double 140 Gram LP in Gatefold Sleeve with Download.

This is the first song released from our forthcoming new album, Mythologies, which is due for release on 30th October on Wichita Recordings. This London-based guitar band Cheatahs will release their second full-length record, Mythologies, With their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and incendiary live shows, Cheatahs proved themselves to be one of the most exciting leftfield guitar bands to come out of the UK in recent years. With their sophomore LP, the band demonstrates even further their devotion to experimentation, leaving behind the debut’s hazy, nostalgic world for Mythologies’ ambitious Technicolor universe, in which motorik rhythms, garage and ambient punk flow seamlessly into one another.

Recorded over a period of a year, Mythologies takes its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth, which influenced the record along with such varied themes and inspirations as Freudian ‘screen memory’, the fluidity of recollection, meta-modernism, hospitalisation on tour, syndicalism, Dennis Potter, Early music and neo-mysticism (to name a few).

According to the band, they “had no permanent base when making this record, and creating the record in so many varied locations undoubtedly influenced the album in a positive way. We felt very nomadic, and the sense of freedom inspired us to experiment as much as we wanted.”

In between festivals (including an acclaimed performance at this year’s Primavera Sound) and UK, European and US tours supporting the first record, Cheatahs sought new inspiration by organising gallery-based improvisational noise shows, which fed into the recording of the exploratory and transitional Sunne and Murasaki EPs, and commissioned a remix record for Sunne, to which friends such as Hookworms, Moon Gangs and Drumm Chimp (Jon from Part Chimp) contributed.

In creating Mythologies, the band, as ever, self-produced, recording in a number of different London studios, Glasgow (Chem 19 studios, where Mogwai recorded Young Team) and a converted church in Ramsgate, before decamping to drummer Marc’s shared studio-home, a monolithic high-rise building next to MI5 overlooking the Thames (one floor above offices that housed anti-terrorist task forces in the 1960s), to complete the LP.

Cheatahs are:

Nathan Hewitt: CAN – Vox/guitar, James Wignall: UK – Vox/guitar/tapes/keyboards ,Dean Reid: US – Bass/vox/keyboards, Marc Raue: DE – Drums/tapes/keyboards





Cheatahs have announced news of their second album Mythologies, due for release through Wichita Recordings on October 30th. The title takes its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth, which influenced the record.

Listen to the track Seven Sisters an appropriately seismic and glistening excursion into their world of shimmering, hazy rock’n’roll.


London shoegaze quartet Cheatahs are back like they never left after releasing February’s fierce Sunne EP. The band hits us with the title track off their new four-song EP, Murasaki, and if this kickoff is any indication, it will be an unstoppable driving force. The strict conceptual EP is inspired by Japanese poet and novelist Murasaki Shikibu. “Murasaki” in particular is inspired by a pivotal moment in Shikibu’s novel A Tale Of Genji. Just as Murasaki blended the style and techniques of the Chinese narrative poetry and Japanese prose of her time to imprint a distinctive stamp on her novel, Cheatahs have used their signature dynamic rhythms and percussion, and winding delicate sounds to interpret Shikibu’s scene in a way only they could.

CHEATAHS – ” Sunne “

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Cheatahs have announced details new EP. ‘Sunne’, the band’s first release since their self-titled debut album back at the beginning of the year, will be out via Wichita Recordings next February 23rd 2015

Taken from Extended Plays – Having just released their debut full-length this year on Wichita Recordings, London-based Cheatahs is the newest band on this list. They’re from the heavier, more athletic Swervedriver school of shoegaze (as opposed to the dreamy pop of Lush or swirling soundscapes of MBV) but don’t flirt too much with the alt-rock that would eventually do in their forebearers by 99th Dream. They’ve got a brand-new EP entitled Sunne coming out in February, and it looks to continue the aggressive, noisy, ethereal sounds they’ve been perfecting on tour across Europe and the States all year.



CHEATAHS – ” Controller “

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London-based quartet Cheatahs released their self-titled debut earlier this year, and will return early next year with a new EP entitled Sunne . If new track ‘Controller’, they are an exciting new band with a great live set is anything to go by, this EP is something to get more excited about,Complete with a crunchily produced drum-groove, rays of light guitars and sultry vocal harmonies, this song ticks all boxes for a immersive listening experience.



Cheatahs headlined the “What Became Of  Us” festival weekend of great Indie Bands in Leicester, Cheatahs are a London based band recently released their debut album after some great single , I really expect this band to be huge



Loud,luscious melodies and layers of guitars , One of the bands promising big things in this year with a mixture of pop, psych,garage, and shoegaze dirty riffs with crystal clear vocals a great indie band , debut album due soon