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Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered Live At World Cafe Tiger’s Eye Vinyl (500 available)

Best Coast have a new live EP from a show we played at World Cafe in Philadelphia in early 2020 before “Always Tomorrow” came out. It was the first time we played new songs for fans and the first time we stepped on stage as a full band in a really long time. 2020 obviously went a lil crazy and we were forced to put everything on pause, but we hope this Live At World Cafe EP will make you feel like you’re hanging with us. We have 500 limited-edition signed, numbered vinyl for sale as well as some leftover tour merch, so after listening to the live EP, don’t forget to stop by the virtual merch table lol.

Recorded live in February 2020, the album showcases songs off Always Tomorrow, recorded live for WXPN in Philadelphia. Featuring the single “Everything Has Changed”, the album also highlights other cuts from Always Tomorrow, as well as fan favourites “Feeling OK” and “Heaven Sent”.

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Best Coast’s instant-classic debut album “Crazy For You” recently turned 10 years old, and core band members Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are celebrating with a guest-filled livestream later this month. They’re also celebrating the album, and today’s Bandcamp Friday fundraiser, by releasing a new version of “Boyfriend” to benefit The Trevor Project, a national organization which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people. Here’s more from Bethany about the reimagining:

When I was 22 years old I wrote a song about a guy I was quite literally, obsessed with, called “Boyfriend.” This obsession took up a lot of my time and mental energy. In the decade since writing this song, I have had a lot of time to reflect on not only that obsession, but the way in which I have at times, glorified obsessive and toxic romantic relationships in my song writing. This song in particular started to feel problematic to me around the time I really started working on myself at age 30. I would listen back to my lyrics and think about how much I was neglecting myself and how I made this guy the protagonist of my own life and story.

Somewhere down the line, I started noticing that this song in particular seemed to be a bit of an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. I would get tagged in social media posts of guys proposing to their boyfriends with the song in the background, I would get countless messages from fans about how they put this song on a playlist for their crush and then their crush became their partner, I met lesbian and gay couples at shows who told me they had their first kiss to this song. Suddenly I realized that it had a whole new meaning than the one it did when I first wrote it. That is one of the most special parts of art – what the artist creates can be interpreted in so many different ways by the people who experience it – and the experience of this song through the eyes of the LGBTQ+ community of Best Coast fans, is truly the way I want it to be experienced.

With all that being said, here is a new, reimagined version of “Boyfriend” that includes everyone. For TODAY ONLY, this version will be available to buy on our Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project, an organization that focuses on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. The core of Best Coast songs have always been about struggling with your identity while trying to keep your head above water, so I deeply care about any organization that focuses on mental health awareness.

Thank you so much to the people who have messaged me or told me their stories in person over the years – you are what inspired the new version of this song and I hope you enjoy it.

love + gratitude,

Best Coast

Best Coast the band has revealed a special ten-year anniversary event to celebrate that pivotal moment in Best Coast history back in the year 2010 Best Coast released “Crazy for You”. The debut album from Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno . The duo is going to stream a special performance of the album front to back. Recorded pre-quarantine with special guests including Hayley Williams of Paramore, CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry, and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, the online broadcast is set for August 14th at 6 p.m. PST.

“Crazy for You” truly changed my life,” singer-songwriter Cosentino shared in a statement. “I was 22 years old, feeling so lost, confused and anxious — and so I wrote a bunch of songs about it. I had no idea the album would impact people the way it did back then, and I had no idea its legacy would last a decade later. When I started this band, I had no expectations of what would happen, I just wanted to make and play music with my friend. Multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno and I feel so lucky to have been able to do everything we have over the last 10 years, and we are so appreciative of our fans who have stuck with us since the beginning.”

Tickets to watch the stream are on sale now for $10 in advance, $15 on the day of the show (plus fees). Any tips will be donated to the Loveland Foundation, which works to “bring opportunity and healing to communities of colour, and especially to Black women and girls” through “fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more.”

“This is the first time we have ever played this album in its entirety and we will be sharing some behind the scenes photos/footage/and stories of the making of the album, the songs and the story of how Best Coast came to be,” the group wrote on the ticketing site. The page also reveals a new Crazy for You capsule collection, which includes t-shirts, prints, and face masks.

from the album “Crazy For You”, available to purchase now from the Wichita Recordings

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Best Coast have always been a delightful embodiment of catharsis. The California rock duo of Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno have been rattling off intensely personal guitar pop songs since their 2010 classic debut “Crazy For You”, but their new album, “Always Tomorrow”, out now via Concord Records, provides a different kind of catharsis.

A decade ago, Best Coast were the definition of a hype band. Every cool blog was raving about them, they had A-list actors in their music videos, they toured the world and even Cosentino’s cat became famous. But beyond their sun-soaked, emotional indie rock songs and cloud of fame, Consentino was having trouble dealing with success. After their 2015 album California Nights, she isolated herself, feeling miserable and creatively uninspired. But then a song fell out of her, which became the golden ticket she needed. It was called “Everything Has Changed,” and it envisioned a healthier version of herself, one that was much more in tune with her physical and emotional needs.

In late 2017, she decided to make that song a reality by becoming sober. Her creative gears eventually began to turn again, and she brought in guitarist Bobb Bruno to write songs with her for the first time. He sent music for her to write to, and four of his songs ended up on their new album Always Tomorrow. Ultimately, it’s a record about embracing your full self, flaws and all, even if it’s for the first time—in Cosentino’s case, she feels like she’s finally found herself at the age 33.

I didn’t want to write a song about you, yeah/ In case it was too good to be true” is a genius opening line to a song (True), with its multiple meanings and reflexive ironies. You can hear that Bethany Cosentino is proud of it, because she really drags out its delivery, almost to the point that its punchy brilliance is lost. What’s disappointing about Best Coast’s first album in five years is that not much else feels as shocking or powerfully true.

This is Cosentino’s first set of sobriety songs, but not enough of the shame or damage that must have attended her decision to give up drinking informs the duo’s politely executed indie rock. “If everything’s OK/ Then what the hell do I complain about?”, from the outstanding song Everything Has Changed, says it all. Written at one of Cosentino’s low ebbs, tormented by writer’s block and booze, it flags an issue that is wrestled with yet never resolved by this solid but unchallenging album. Great art doesn’t have to come from a place of great discomfort, but it often helps. Always Tomorrow always chooses cosseting its audience over confronting more painful truths.

Best Coast recently released “Different Light,” the opening track from duo Bethany Cosentino and Bob Bruno’s fourth studio album, “Always Tomorrow”. One of the most-anticipated albums of this month, Always Tomorrow follows Best Kids (2018) and California Nights (2015). It was produced by Carlos de la Garza (M83, Paramore) with assistance from Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

Best Coast performs “Different Light” LIVE at Phaser Control Recording Studio in San Diego, California for a 91X X-Session.

new album ‘Always Tomorrow’ out February 21st, 2020:

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Bethany Cosentino’s swift rise to fame as lead singer of L.A. rock duo Best Coast was exciting to witness. Their 2010 debut album Crazy For You spilled with lo-fi, love-dovey rock songs, which became instant classics, but while the band gained notoriety and their music climbed up the charts, Consentino was struggling to cope with success and was losing a battle with her insecurities. Following their most recent album—2015’s California Nights—and Trump’s election victory, Consentino experienced a creative dry spell and a whirlwind of emotional setbacks, so she turned to alcohol to numb the pain.

In 2017, she finally decided to get sober and found herself creatively tuned in again. The result was their fifth album Always Tomorrow, which leans into stomping, hi-fi rock riffs and anthemic choruses. The lyrics were largely informed by her “broken patterns” and journey back to sanity. “Some days I wake up and I feel like I’m on top of the world and I forget about everything that’s ever bummed me out, and other days, it all comes flooding back,” Consentino says. “This album is about leaving the darkness for the light, but still understanding that nothing is ever going to be perfect.”

Best Coast’s first album since 2015’is out in just a few weeks, and today we’re getting the third track off Always Tomorrow, following “For the First Time” and “Everything Has Changed.”

The duo’s album opener is called “Different Light,” a dynamic song in which Bethany Cosentino sings about a compassionate viewpoint and the ability to see things from another’s perspective: “Guess before I thought of only things being in black or white / Who am I to judge if you still see things in a different light?”

Always Tomorrow is out February 21st  by Best Coast Concord Records,

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On the tenth anniversary of their band’s forming, the duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are announcing the release of their fourth studio album as Best Coast (fifth, if you include last year’s children’s music LP Best Kids, which you absolutely should) titled Always Tomorrow, their first since California Nights in 2015.

While the release date is still under wraps, the pair is sharing a video for the LP’s first single, “Always Tomorrow,” which is an optimistic and surprisingly pop-oriented number already drawing comparisons to post-self-titled Paramore’s new-wave-tinged power pop—this particular number also dancing around a “This Must Be the Place” synth line.

The band said:

Excited to share with you a new song entitled “For The First Time.” It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin and looking at the skin you had to shed to get there and being OK with it all.

Thank you for your patience while we finish up our record and get everything ready for you- we hope this song keeps you company until then. One exciting thing I can tell you about the album is, it already has a title – Always Tomorrow. 

Do you crave catchy, early ’60s surf-pop that has shades of My Bloody Valentine soundscapes with baritone guitars, lo-fi punk noise reminiscent of Cloud Nothings, and is fronted by a former journalism student who writes about everything from love and loneliness to weed and lazy cats? If so, Best Coast is your bag. After dropping out of college in New York City in 2009, guitarist/singer Beth Cosentino went back home to SoCal to write songs with her musical collaborator guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. While the duo flirts with headier influences, they strike a legit, earnest chord with Beach Boys-esque formulaic compositions that boast hummable hooks, chant-able choruses, and memorable melodies that float through the walls of reverb. After two independent releases, Best Coast is poised to take over the airwaves with their Virgin-backed album California Nights, with singles “Feeling Ok” and “Heaven Sent” already getting airplay

Most of our sets are probably an equal split of songs where I play the Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster—it’s tuned A to A—for moodier, more melodic things on our albums like Crazy For You and The Only Place. The Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker is for all the songs that are in standard tuning and more straight-ahead rockers—I love the crunch of that single Burstbucker 3.

One of the effects I use pretty much all night is reverb. I was using a SubDecay Super Spring Theory, but since then I’ve switched to the Catalinbread Talisman. I mainly made the switch because the Talisman has a lot more tweakable features and is plate-based reverb where the SubDecay was a spring. Two more important pedals on my board that see a lot of action are the MI Audio Super Crunch Box—my main distortion—and the Strymon El Capistan delay. The Electro-Harmonix Tone Tattoo is used for its chorus effect on “Heaven Sent” and the delay portion is for songs that need slapback. (I have it on a loop because the footswitches are too close together.) The Guyatone MD-3 delay is used on songs that need a longer delay time and is in a loop along with the Mr. Black Eterna Shimmering Reverberator since I need to turn both pedals on at the same time for the song “Feeling Ok.” The TSVG Hard Stuff is my solo boost pedal that I use to stand out a bit more in the mix. The Bigfoot FX Magnavibe is used for a bunch of songs often in conjunction with the Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo—it’s perfect because it’s a small pedal but still offers three different waveforms. The Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV Phaser is for the solo on ‘California Nights’—it’s my favorite phaser because it’s voiced like an MXR Phase 90, but has a lot more control and versatility. The big green Mid-Fi Electronics pedal is something I had Doug make for me. It basically houses two of his fuzz pedals in one box—the Fuzz Wall and Psych Byke—and they can be run separate or into each other for complete and absolute mayhem. In the studio during the California Nights sessions, I used so many different fuzzes, but this custom box is really good at getting the various fuzz tones on our new album. The dual Mid-Fi fuzz is looped into the MXR Noise Clamp to cut down on hiss and feedback when I don’t need total chaos. The Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork is set to 1-octave down on leads and to add even more low-end to my sound, I’ll play the baritone, too.

“My primary guitar is the Gold Fender Strat, which I recently got before SXSW, and my second guitar is a no-name T-style model that I found shopping one day. I use the T-style for songs that need a little bigger, bassier sound than the Strat can produce—it was my main guitar until I got the Strat because most of the stuff on California Nights needed a whammy bar. Plus, I absolutely love how it sounds and the gold finish isn’t too bad either,

The signal goes into my TC Electronic PolyTune to the Xotic EP Booster—which is always on to beef up my thin guitar sound, but as you can tell, I don’t turn it up very far. The Mojo Hand FX Bluebonnet is a distortion box that I use on some of the older songs like ‘Summer Mood’ from Crazy For You, since it’s a little darker and has less gain than the Wampler Euphoria, which has now become my primary overdrive because it offers more gain and crunch. The HardWire Supernatural Ambient Reverb—shimmer setting—and the Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay are used only on the song ‘California Nights,’ and the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail—hall setting—is always on.”



great songs and lyrics…a good summery voice..all on a rush of guitars..I hope this is the big for them..A little of a Californian Husker Du..a lot of Go Gos on legal highs, The few songs I’d heard before were good tight indie pop but now they’ve gone to a major label my fears were diminished as soon as “Feeling OK” blasted through my speakers. The voice, the lyrics and the music has matured but without losing it’s edge. There are shades of 80’s pop a la The Go Go’s and 90’s via Throwing Muses. With this and the Wolf Alice album out, will this year be all about girls and guitars?

Best Coast are a bit like a game of hopscotch. The strategy is simple: Take a few hops forward, sometimes inside the box, sometimes outside, and with enough practice at the reliable pattern comes enough skill to exercise a little style in your step. 2010’s Crazy for You laid the basics of Best Coast’s game — earnest lyrics about being stoned and in love, interspersed with a few ooh’s and ahh’s, and unbelievably catchy hooks drenched in honey, sunshine and surf. California Nights shows off the tricks Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have mastered after many run-throughs of that formula since — opening track “Feeling OK” is incredibly polished, while the title track is a hazy, gliding departure from the crunchy pop we’ve come to depend on from the duo. In its familiar patterns, California Nights is as endearing as any Best Coast release to date.

Music video by Best Coast performing “Heaven Sent”.  2015 Harvest Records. An American rock duo formed in 2009, Best Coast are globally celebrated for their retro vibe that none of us can get enough of. Hailing from LA, their songs are drenched in the sunlight of the American West Coast, whilst flawlessly tapping into the laid-back, nostalgic energy of lo-fi surf-rock from the 60s.

Best Coast – singer/songwriter/guitarist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno – will release their third full-length album, entitled California Nights, out now on Harvest Records.

California Nights is a brighter, more sparkly, more sophisticated, more psychedelic Best Coast album across the board, embodying the rich lightness and stinging darkness of a California state of mind. The love stories Bethany spins on California Nights all detail the highs and the lows of relationships, similar to the juxtaposition of a the band’s native Los Angeles – a place tinted by candy-colored palm trees and pale blue skies while existing within the loneliness and desperation of waterless place. More than that, there is a literal meaning to the record’s title – Cosentino is a well-documented insomniac whose creativity spirals out in the early hours of the morning, allowing her to write, undisturbed, the finest album Best Coast has made to date.

Behold the exclusive Never Hide Noise premiere of Best Coast’s ‘Heaven Sent’ from her upcoming album ‘California Nights’

Best Coast have unveiled the new video for “Heaven Sent”, the latest single from upcoming LP “California Nights”. The band recently played at the infamous Austin’s SXSW showcase, California Nights is out via Virgin Records on EMI on 4th May. Watch the petal-filled video for “Heaven Sent” below. You can check out the band’s upcoming UK shows.

May 2015

16 – Berlin, Bang Bang Club
17 – Amsterdam, London Calling Festival
19 – Paris, Badaboum
20 – London, Electric Ballroom
22 – Manchester, Dot 2 Dot
23 – Bristol, Dot 2 Dot
24 – Nottingham, Dot 2 Dot