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Lord Huron have shared the title track (and third single) off their upcoming album “Long Lost”, and this one finds them combining their trademark indie folk with sweeping, string-laden, vintage balladry. Lord Huron announced the new album, Long Lost, and so far, the group has shared a pair of songs from it: the driving single “Not Dead Yet” and the breezy “Mine Forever.” Now they’re back with another preview of the album (which is set for release on May 21st), the title track.

“Lonesome Dreams is the album from rising pop experimentalists Lord Huron, led by Michigan-born songwriting prodigy Ben Schneider. A joyous collision of Appalachian percussion, rustic guitars and sumptuous harmonies lit up by lens-flare flashes of electronics, it’s a record inspired by the rust coloured canyons and characters of the Wild West, with the emphasis on wild. Tales of the great American outback have always been an inspiration, according to Schneider. “Sometimes I feel like I’m living in one of those stories,” he confides. “I wanted to look at my life and lives close to me as though they were tales from some frontier novel.”

For all the appeal of Lord Huron’s elegiac, ethereal Americana, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver were ahead of them in a very crowded field. So after two albums of hymnal beauty with acoustic guitars – and the track, The Night We Met,  the Michigan band led by Ben Schneider have changed course.

Now on a major label, the songs no longer conjure up vast rural or mountainous landscapes but the even more widescreen spaces of the cosmos. The title means “black void”, and vast swaths of reverb and echo (sculpted by Flaming Lips’ producer Dave Fridmann) create a celestial wall of sound; many of the songs have astral themes or metaphors. Writing on bass guitar has given the music a more powerful chassis, from Killers-like throb to subtle funk. Any remaining acoustic guitars have been blasted beyond recognition.

With their first release on a major label, Los Angeles based band Lord Huron are more popular than ever. Their third album Vide Noir is beloved by critics and fans alike and we welcome them for a live set in the midst of a nationwide headlining tour.

Lord Huron has morphed from the solo project of Ben Schneider to a full-fledged band and their sound has grown with it. It’s a bountiful collection of texture and rhythm from one of our favorite american bands.

Schneider’s best songs tap into the desolate beauty of the loner, who now has a much bigger universe to get lost in

Ben Schneider – lead guitar/lead vocals
Mark Barry – drums
Thomas Renaud – guitar/backup vocals
Miguel Briseno – bass
Brandon Walters – guitar/backup vocals
April Boyce – keys/backup vocals

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Lord Huron’s new album Vide Noir will be out April 20th, but you can listen to two new tracks today – “Ancient Names Pt. 1” and “Ancient Names Pt. 2”. The gang will also be touring across the US this spring.

Lord Huron, the folk-adjacent rock band helmed by Michigan-born singer and guitarist Ben Schneider, will release their third LP Vide Noir on April 20th. With the announcement, “Ancient Names,” an eery, unresolved tale of a crystal ball vision that amplifies the band’s characteristic thematic darkness into distorted garage rock.

The new album was inspired by driving Los Angeles after dark, Schneider explained in a statement:

“My nighttime drives ranged all over the city—across the twinkling grid of the valley, into the creeping shadows of the foothills, through downtown’s neon canyons and way out to the darksome ocean. I started imagining Vide Noir as an epic odyssey through the city, across dimensions, and out into the cosmos. A journey along the spectrum of human experience. A search for meaning amidst the cold indifference of The Universe.”


Lord Huron’s previous album, the melodic and spooky Strange Trails, was released in April 2015; they’ve spent much of the intervening three years on tour. Vide Noir arrives from Whispering Pines/Republic Records (a new arrangement for the band, whose previous two albums were released by indie label IAMSOUND).


“Fool For Love” opens with a delicate wash of humming bells, a distant organ drone and a few carefully plucked strings. It’s a beautiful, meditative mix that shimmers with the kind of hope and determination that only a new day can hold in its earliest hours, just after waking, before the inevitable letdown.


What unfolds after it is a sepia-toned story song from another time, when honorable men resorted to fisticuffs to win a woman’s heart. “I’m leaving this place behind, and I’m heading out on the road tonight,” sings frontman Ben Schneider. “Before I commence my ride, I’m askin’ Lily to be my bride.”

As Schneider tells his tale, the music kicks along with cocksure resolve, punctuated by ringing guitar riffs and shuffling rhythms. It swells and ebbs like a sighing heart, heavy with the weight of love. But there’s a melancholy undertone to it all, as if he knows, down deep inside, he isn’t really going to get the girl, or if he is, it’ll never live up to his expectations. Sort of like the strange, uncertain looks Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross give each other at the end of The Graduate.

Based in Los Angeles, Lord Huron will release their full length second album , Strange Trails, on April 7th. It comes three years after the folk rock group’s 2012 debut Lonesome Dreams.

Music video by Lord Huron performing Fool for Love

Ben Schneider describes “Strange Trails,” his new album as Lord Huron, as an anthology of weird fiction with “no direct narrative connection” between this their second release and 2012′s widely lauded and lovely “Lonesome Dreams.” “The stories here are separated by time, location and characters,” the Los Angeles.-based Michigan native explains, although “many of the themes have carried over and evolved.” What has also carried over is Lord Huron’s palette of burnished Americana. If there’s a way to sound like a John Ford Western, Schneider and bandmates Mark Barry (percussion, vocals), Miguel Briseno (bass, percussion) and Tom Renaud (guitar, vocals) have it down. The new single “Fool for Love” traverses the dusty plain at a comfortable gallop, spinning a tale about man competing for a woman’s affection. “Strange Trails” is out on April 7th via IAMSOUND Records.


Last week, Lord Huron — the L.A.-based band helmed by native Michigander Ben Schneider — released a short teaser video (but precious little other info) for their new album “Strange Trails.” Schneider and company won hearts and minds with the cinematic folk music on their Western-flavored debut “Lonesome Dreams” in 2012, but beyond the teaser and some recently posted single artwork, Lord Huron had been playing it close to the vest. Today, however, the band unveiled a full song from the new album; “The Night We Met” is a shimmering ballad of regret in which Schneider sings “Don’t know what I’m supposed to do / Haunted by the ghost of you.” It’s almost too beautiful Meanwhile, there’s still no date announced for the release of “Strange Trails.”.