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Lord Huron have shared the title track (and third single) off their upcoming album “Long Lost”, and this one finds them combining their trademark indie folk with sweeping, string-laden, vintage balladry. Lord Huron announced the new album, Long Lost, and so far, the group has shared a pair of songs from it: the driving single “Not Dead Yet” and the breezy “Mine Forever.” Now they’re back with another preview of the album (which is set for release on May 21st), the title track.

“Lonesome Dreams is the album from rising pop experimentalists Lord Huron, led by Michigan-born songwriting prodigy Ben Schneider. A joyous collision of Appalachian percussion, rustic guitars and sumptuous harmonies lit up by lens-flare flashes of electronics, it’s a record inspired by the rust coloured canyons and characters of the Wild West, with the emphasis on wild. Tales of the great American outback have always been an inspiration, according to Schneider. “Sometimes I feel like I’m living in one of those stories,” he confides. “I wanted to look at my life and lives close to me as though they were tales from some frontier novel.”

Long Lost

After causing a whole lot of chatter amongst audiences and critics alike, Lord Huron have begun to unwind the little riddle they’ve been spinning over the past few months and announce their fourth full-length album, “Long Lost”.

At the same time, the news only raises more questions. what can fans expect? what did the band lose and how long has it been lost? and who the hell is wbub’s Mr. Tubbs Tarbell? all these questions have been brewing as easter eggs from the upcoming album have been revealed during Lord Huron’s alive from Whispering Pines series. during its first episode, viewers were introduced to Mr. Tubbs Tarbell, fell under the spell of commercials that may very well be lost tapes from the past, and were treated to some incredible performances by Lord Huron.

In the series’ first episode, covering the song “Not Dead Yet,” the band introduced the character Mr. Tubbs Tarbell as a figure to leave clues about their future releases. With “Mine Forever” comes a lenghty letter from Tarbell about the process of creating the single.

“I gave the boys a good round of applause before they launched into a real sunset of a song they called ‘Mine Forever,’ a swingin’, full-on heart-renderer with a bubbly sound,” the letter read. “All of a sudden I heard handclaps and female voices—I swear those ladies must have risen up outta the floorboards! Never saw ’em come in, and didn’t see ’em leave. That’s just the magic of the Pines, I suppose. 

The band played some old songs including “Meet Me In The Woods” and provided a sneak peek at some new songs. the episode also featured a hotline where fans could call in and ask Mr. Tarbell questions and request songs from the band.

Episode 2 included additional cryptic clues, more beautiful performances from Lord Huron (including “the World Ender” and “Frozen Pines”). Last night on alive from Whispering Pines, Lord Huron performed their triple-platinum single “The Night We Met” as well as fan favourites “ghost on the shore” and “never ever.” to help answer all these lingering questions, Tubbs has put out an official letter into the multiverse from Whispering Pines studios describing the mythical tale of recording Long Lost with Lord Huron and the origins of its cosmic music.

“Mine Forever” explores a narrative of lost love that ultimately isn’t found again, the group singing: “I’m much too young to die / So long, my love, goodbye / We will always be together / In my mind you’re mine forever.” The single arrives with a music video directed by Anthony Wilson that visualizes the song as a western film Gun Thunder. It continues the narrative the LA indie-folk outfit has been building up through music videos and their live stream series Alive from Whispering Pines,

Lord Huron has announced that their fourth studio album Long Lost will be released on May 21st via Republic Records.

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