FLYYING COLOURS  – ” Fantasy Country “

Posted: October 12, 2021 in MUSIC
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Sun drenched shoegaze doesn’t come any finer than the sweet sound of Australian band Flyying Colours. The quintet includes (songwriter/vocalist)  Brodie J Brümmer, (guitarist/vocalist) Gemma O’Connor, (bassist) Melanie Barbaro and (drummer) Andy Lloyd Russell who shot to global attention with the release of formidable first album Mindfullness.

Residing on the legendary label Club AC30, a home for the most innovative acts and always a sure sign of quality, Flyying Colours have now returned with “Fantasy Country” – their first album release in five years which has reawakened the band’s passion with fans and critics calling it their best work.

Schoolfriends Brodie J Brümmer and Gemma O’Connor formed the Brunswick based band Flyying Colours in 2011, and immediately set about establishing themselves on the Melbourne gig scene by playing wherever and whenever they could. First single “Wavygravy” was soon followed by an eponymously tired debut EP in 2013, both of which proved the arrival of something truly special which began to gain traction throughout the rest of Australia and beyond.

Australian four-piece Flyying Colours release their sophomore album; taking inspiration from the early 90s UK psych / shoegaze scene, “Fantasy Country” is rich in sonic texture and shimmering atmospherics with a heavy dose of melody. From the swooning, sludgy ‘Goodtimes’ and urgent noise-fest of ‘Big Mess’, to the gorgeous melodic pop of ‘OK’, Flyying Colours look to redefine noise within the context of pop music. Elsewhere, ‘It’s Real’ is perfect, summery dreampop while the crushingly loud ‘White Knuckles’ and chugging ‘Boarding Pass’ is a hazy, echo-laden spaced-out affair. Having released their critically acclaimed debut album “Mindfullness” in 2016, Flyying Colours have spent much of their time on the road with headline shows across the UK and Europe.

Touring with such prestigious names as pinkshinyultrablast as well as Johnny Marr, Brian Jonestown Massacre and A Place To Bury Strangers; the band developed both the talent and the audience appetite for the release of album Mindfullness which more than met expectations when it dropped in September of 2016. The enormous international reaction to a record which wrapped gorgeous melodies and harmonious vocals inside indie, shoegaze, and psyche prompted a huge rise in profile and established them as one of the coolest cult bands of the current generation.

Despite riding high from their instant success, fans had to wait five long years for another full-length record – but “Fantasy Country” once again proved why Flyying Colours are so special. Featuring the singles “Ok” and “Big Mess”, their second album is gloriously radiant and is a culmination of all of their experiences travelling and playing all around the world.

“This album was supposed to now be 6-12 months old. We take touring and supporting our music live pretty seriously so it would have been very difficult for us to put out this album during the early stages of the pandemic. We are very lucky to be in Australia right now where shows are starting up again, and we of course hope to be touring internationally again soon” said Brümmer.

Fortunately, the time to tour will soon be at hand as Flyying Colours have now announced select shows in support of their essential “Fantasy Country” album. Released via Club AC30 and Poison City Records

07/05    Flyying Colours – The Chameleon, Nottingham

Taking “Fantasy Country” on tour, Flyying Colours will be heading to the UK during Spring 2022

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