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Jeffrey Silverstein is a songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. He has been making music for over a decade.

“Along with running, teaching, and meditation, music has always been an outlet through which I come to further understand myself and others. Each release helps keep me on the path. This EP is largely a celebration of the unknown, small joys and learning to be comfortable with transition. I am grateful to be joined once again by Barry Walker Jr. (pedal-steel), Alex Chapman (bass) and Ryan Oxford (production). Their generous spirit allowed me to explore, question, and expand upon ideas that floated freely in my mind for quite some time. It felt so nice to ground them through music and collaboration.”


Releases April 16th, 2021

Jeffrey Silverstein (guitar/vocals)
Barry Walker Jr. (pedal-steel)
Alex Chapman (bass)

“Torii Gates”, a forthcoming EP for Arrowhawk Records 

The first single “Come and Find Me” is out now, with a stunning video directed by D. James Goodwin. We spent a night in July in his pool, filming all sorts of dark, under water passages…but after hours of doing that, we dropped everything, and shot this, in one take.

The latest from NY psych/shoegaze rocker Shana Falana, “Darkest Light” (Arrowhawk Records) explores extreme contrasts and the process of conversion. From anthemic pop (“Go Higher”) into gutsy sludge rock (title track) and moments of elegant, minimalist beauty (“Come and Find Me”), Darkest Light is described by Falana as “druggy music by sober people.” In her 40s and owning it, the veteran of the San Francisco and Brooklyn experimental pop scenes finds themes of rebirth and empowerment in the darkest materials.


Falana worked for the third time with producer D. James Goodwin (Kevin Morby, Wand) to craft a record of great sonic and thematic substance. Shana combines live looping of reverb-drenched vocals and guitar with tribal drums and stunning visual projections. Her live experience has often been described as transcendental.

‘Darkest Light’ is out 10/25 on Arrowhawk Records


Blush is the new project from Maura Lynch, formerly of cult New York-favourites Darlings. Inspired by a stint touring with Beverley, Maura was inspired to revisit the bedroom demos she’s been stashing away under the pseudonym Blush. Maura went into the studio with members of Pop 1280 and Pill and the first Blush album was born.

That self-titled debut will be out in December, and ahead of its release, this week has seen Blush share their debut single, Daisy Chain. A wash of fuzzy bass, gentle ringing guitars, and perfectly hushed, intimate vocals, it’s a track that seems to exist as two minutes of escapism, a flash of wistful summer sunshine breaking through an overcast skyline. As Maura repeats the line, “good morning baby, let the sun shine to your toes”, you can hear her genuine support, her desire for this person to not just have a good day, but to fulfil their wildest hopes and dreams. It’s a magical introduction, to a record Maura describes as “a diary of my late 20s”, a special record that simply can’t come quick enough. This album began as bedroom demos I recorded while playing with my longtime friends in Darlings. Once that band called it a day, I got together with Andy (producer: Pop. 1280, Yvette, Bambara) and the Campolos (Pill) to turn my demos into real songs.

Over nights and weekends in 2016, we recorded at Andy’s Gilded Audio studio, in both its first location in Chinatown and, later, in Dumbo. We ate many pizzas and watched many ridiculous YouTube videos. It was one of the breeziest, most fun music-making experiences I’ve ever had. Maura M Lynch.


Blush is out December 8th via ArrowHawk Records

Lifting their name from a Greek maritime explorer in the service of King Philip II of Spain was a pretty boldly high-brow move for Athens, Georgia based band Juan De Fuca. The band, which began life as the solo project of Jack Cherry, have now morphed into a five-piece band, and will release their debut LP, “Solve/Resolve” early next year on Arrowhawk Records. Shortly after singer/songwriter Jack Cherry released a 6 song solo EP cavern of in 2015, he was fervently encouraged by friends in the Athens, GA scene to make something bigger happen with his material. Bassist Jack Webster and drummer Howard Stewart pushed for the formation of a full band, and when guitarists Clark Brown and Declan Farisee signed on, the group began work in earnest developing their sound.

Ahead of that release, this week has seen the band share their sprightly new single, All The Time. The track is a winningly shambolic affair, recalling the precise yet jagged guitar work of The Walkmen and the densely, layered experimentation of Cheatahs. The track seems to always teeter on the edge of collapse, an idea that ties into the lyricism, as Jack half sings/half yells, “I can’t escape, everything all the time, I can’t all deal with, or raise a fist at everything, all of the time”. There’s a real feel of cathartic anguish here; much of the record was inspired by a close friend’s suicide, and Jack has suggested Solve/Resolve is a record about not overcoming grief, but simply learning to live with it, as he explains,“it’s about trying to overcome something that you are just absolutely living with for the rest of your life”. In this blissful musical chaos, Juan De Fuca offer no resolution, just a helping hand that says we are not alone.


The Band

Jack Cherry
Howard Stewart
Jack Webster
Clarke Brown
Declan Farisee

Solve/Resolve is out January 12th via Arrowhawk Records.