BLUSH – ” Daisy Chain “

Posted: October 31, 2017 in MUSIC
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Blush is the new project from Maura Lynch, formerly of cult New York-favourites Darlings. Inspired by a stint touring with Beverley, Maura was inspired to revisit the bedroom demos she’s been stashing away under the pseudonym Blush. Maura went into the studio with members of Pop 1280 and Pill and the first Blush album was born.

That self-titled debut will be out in December, and ahead of its release, this week has seen Blush share their debut single, Daisy Chain. A wash of fuzzy bass, gentle ringing guitars, and perfectly hushed, intimate vocals, it’s a track that seems to exist as two minutes of escapism, a flash of wistful summer sunshine breaking through an overcast skyline. As Maura repeats the line, “good morning baby, let the sun shine to your toes”, you can hear her genuine support, her desire for this person to not just have a good day, but to fulfil their wildest hopes and dreams. It’s a magical introduction, to a record Maura describes as “a diary of my late 20s”, a special record that simply can’t come quick enough. This album began as bedroom demos I recorded while playing with my longtime friends in Darlings. Once that band called it a day, I got together with Andy (producer: Pop. 1280, Yvette, Bambara) and the Campolos (Pill) to turn my demos into real songs.

Over nights and weekends in 2016, we recorded at Andy’s Gilded Audio studio, in both its first location in Chinatown and, later, in Dumbo. We ate many pizzas and watched many ridiculous YouTube videos. It was one of the breeziest, most fun music-making experiences I’ve ever had. Maura M Lynch.


Blush is out December 8th via ArrowHawk Records


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