WURST NURSE – ” Dedication Doesn’t Pay The Rent “

Posted: May 25, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Wurst Nurse

In addition to fronting the jangly indie-punk band Camp Cope (who recently released a great new album), Georgia Maq also fronts the more driving, aggressive punk band Würst Nürse, who just released their debut single “Dedication Doesn’t Pay The Rent.” Georgia’s voice here is even more snarling than it is in Camp Cope, and she sounds great over this kind of dark, beefed-up, minor key punk. It’s the first taste of an upcoming four-track EP, which was recored by Ben David of Georgia’s collaborators The Hard Aches, and that EP will be out at a later date via Damaged Music.


They no longer count Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq as a member, but the “five-piece nurse punk from Melbourne, Australia” have responded to our present pandemic with a new single. “Needless to say, things have been a bit shit this past year,” they write. “Between dealing with the realities of pandemic nursing we have been chipping away at writing and recording new music and today we are super grateful that we can share this with the world…”

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