CUT WORMS – ” Like Going Down Sideways “

Posted: September 17, 2017 in MUSIC
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Based out of New York, where he relocated to two years back from his native Chicago, Cut Worms is the pseudonym of songwriter Max Clarke. Signed to the ever reliable Jagjaguwar Records imprint, Cut Worms are hotly tipped as one of the most exciting new acts on the planet, and have this week detailed the release of their debut EP, Alien Sunset. The record showcases a collection of what could loosely be termed demos, recorded over the last few years with side A focusing on his time in Chicago and side B being his New York recordings.

Ahead of that release, Cut Worms have also shared the video to their new single, Like Going Down Sideways. The track is a beautifully lo-fi offering, Max’s multi-tracked vocals accompanied by walls of fuzzy guitars and twanging lead-lines. It’s the vocal though that is consciously pushed front and centre, like Harry Nilsson or Scott Walker before him, there’s the flourish of an old-time crooner, but lurking beneath the surface is the raw, melodic equivalent of a mischievous glint in his eye. With the debut album, “proper and polished”, due next year, Alien Sunset is a thrilling insight into the world of Cut Worms, that serves as both an introduction and a water mark for wherever Max’s music goes next.

Alien Sunset EP is out October 20tth via Jagjaguwar Records .


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