HOVVDY – ” Taster ” Best Albums Of 2016

Posted: December 18, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Launched in April of this year Hovvdy’s ‘Taster’ album with the premiere of its stand-out track, “Problem”, way back in early 2016, little did we know then that this small, bruised, lo-fi gem would go on to rack-up over 75,000 plays on Soundcloud alone.

The album that followed was just as affecting; the languid approach to it all, the scratchy, dim-lit tone of the voice and the music, creeping out of the speakers with a dulled charm that takes a few listens to truly appreciate. A duo from Austin, Texas, Hovvdy’s skill lies in the ability to sneak utterly captivating hooks in to songs that seem too weather and unadorned to do so. Like the sudden jolt of a treasured memory on the most listless of days, ‘Taster’ is a truly beautiful collection of songs dressed up as something dull and indifferent. Seek and you will find alittle gem of an album that you will keep coming back to play .


The best crunchy lofi drum and synth sounds, bedroom acoustics and honest vocal deliveries. This really follows up my LVL UP and Mitski obsessions well. It’s got melodies and vibes that feel like a nice morning/afternoon/evening on the couch. Hovvdy is Charlie Martin and Will Taylor.
‘Taster’ recorded and mixed by Hovvdy,
bass on 2, 8, and 10 by Sam Jacobson,

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