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The first track to come from forthcoming LP ‘Almost Free’, ‘Can’t You See’ finds FIDLAR nixing the old tricks of short, bratty punk bursts in favour of a more subtle new angle. Over repeated, pulsing guitars, singer Zac Carper’s verse vocals are given an almost psych-y twist – shut one eye and you might think they’ve roped in our old pal Kevin Parker for a guest spot. The bridge, meanwhile, is more trad Zac; the cumulative effect is almost like he’s singing a duet with himself.

Far more reigned in than the grubby skate kids we were first introduced to way back when, ‘Can’t You See’ still has elements that are recognisably the sound of Fidlar but there’s a more restrained swagger here that suits them. Rather than a chaotic explosion of hedonism, Zac and co might be converts to the less is more approach.

Band Members
Zac, Elvis, Brandon, Max

From the new album Almost Free out January 25th, 2019. Pre-order available now at