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The Dollyrots are poised to build on the success of 2017’s breakout hit Whiplash Splash. Whiplash indeed made a splash in Billboard, debuting on the Heatseekers chart . The band’s 2016 live album/DVD Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles also hit the charts, while previous studio album Barefoot And Pregnant  showed lots of interest.

Long a staple in rotation on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, the band’s recent output perked up the ears of Wicked Cool founder Stevie Van Zandt. “Their songwriting has reached a consistent level of greatness,” he says.

The alliance with Wicked Cool, which began with the singles “Get Radical” in 2018 and “Everything” this spring, is a return to a label after several DIY, fan-funded releases since 2012. Their 2004 debut was released by legendary Punk label Lookout! while the next two were on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.

The Dollyrots are a female-fronted rock n’ roll band from California. “Whiplash Splash” on AQUA BLUE vinyl! Mastered off the “dynamic” mastered version of the LP… really WARM and analog goodness!
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The 6th Studio Album by The Dollyrots

Originally released March 24th, 2017

All songs written by Kelly Ogden & Luis Cabezas
(Except Track 13)
All songs performed by The Dollyrots
Kelly Ogden: Vocals, Bass, Keys
Luis Cabezas: Guitar, Vocals

WhiplashSplash is OUT! Click here to get it!

Howdy! Ready for the new stuff?, We’re slugging it out on the road right now but thought everyone should know the new album “Whiplash Splash” is now officially out!. Last Friday was the release date, but we’re on the road with our two kiddos so sending a message out about it totally slipped our minds!
Get our 6th studio album, and our first in 3 years, in any imaginable format,
It’s available on Mom & Pop record stores, Best Buy, and a bunch of other brick & mortar locations! If you love anything in our back catalog you’re gonna find TONS to love in this one. It may be your fav, and we don’t say that lightly!

Late in 2015, The Dollyrots released their phenomenal studio album ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’ and headed out on the road to support their fifth studio album. However, the tour was different than their previous adventures as the husband and wife duo aka Kelly Ogden (vocals, bass) and Luis Cabezas (guitar, vocals) aka Mr. and Mrs. Dollyrot had a baby while recording ‘Barefoot and Pregnant.’

Throwing caution to the wind and being the nomads they are in the name of punk rock, Ogden and Cabezas packed up their gear, along with an abundance of diapers and baby wipes for 18 month old baby boy River aka The Dollytot and headed out on tour with longtime friends Bowling for Soup. The tour was captured in audio and video form for the first-ever Dollyrots live CD/DVD release ‘Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles’ (MVD Entertainment) coming in March.

There are inescapable feel-good encounters and there are others which lead you into energetic engagements but there are very few which has the body and spirit engaged in a full on party mode “Whiplash Splash” is one of the few.

Uncaged by Californian duo The Dollyrots, its the band’s sixth studio album, Its a new wave of bubblegum flavoured pop infested punk ‘n’ roll. A year ago, the pair invaded a new plateau in their sound with the “Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out” EP, itself continuing the new bloom of growth started by the bands previous album “Barefoot and Pregnant” two years before that.

Now the ‘invader’ has become the conqueror, Whiplash Splash owning the new level of creative maturity in the pair’s sound leaving the body exhausted and emotions flying in its wake.

If last year was a truly busy time for the couple of vocalist/bassist Kelly Ogden and vocalist/guitarist Luis Cabezas, with the release of the EP and a sold out UK tour with Bowling For Soup backing up the birth of their child, 2017 has the potential of being even hungrier on their time and virulent revelry with Whiplash Splash leading the way. As Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out, the crowd funded album was produced by John Fields with the duo.

With the album’s title, imagery, and writing spun from Ogden’s passion for and longing to be a mermaid, as well as working as a metaphor for the band’s spilt time living in downtown Los Angeles and coastal Florida, Whiplash Splash just rips itself from the speakers with opener “I Do”. A squeal and coaxing beats hit ears before a swaggering stroll of Ramones like riffs and further tenacious rhythmic exploit punk instincts led by the catchy vocal lures of Ogden and the equally enticing throb of her bass. Feet and hips are just as quickly involved as too voice and appetite, the song simply punk pop devilry.

The following Babbling Idiot is just as virulent, Ogden’s harmonic romancing warming the angular surge of guitar and the sparking of solitary rhythmic seduction before it all boils up into another seriously addictive and physically persuasive chorus. The song has a slim seventies/eighties scent to it, occasionally bringing thoughts of bands like The Photos and The Waitresses, but roars with a punk ‘n’ roll .

Next up is Mermaid, the song is pure seduction from its harmonic caresses and flirtatious hooks to a sonic blaze fuelled by just as forceful bait. It is a creative collusion built for the listener’s slavish captivation, success captured within a handful of breaths with similar rewards sought and found by Just Because I’m Blonde straight after. With Cabezas’ guitar jangle the first chain of temptation, Ogden’s probing bassline the second, the track quickly prowls the senses with a lively confident swagger and a throbbing almost salacious backbone. Again hooks escape from each creative twist with B52s inspired keys just adding to the drama.

From its first breath, continuing its manipulation in fine style with Squeeze Me. Its initial rockabilly hued bass groove is alone enough to tempt submission, an almost taunting tempting soon fondled by sonic invention and subsequently joined by Ogden’s vocal saunter.  As words and song make an increasingly pop punk proposal no red blooded rocker can refuse, kinetic dynamics ensure class ‘A’ catchiness before This Addiction serenades ears with its own boisterously infectious swing and harmonic invention; its croon sliding melodic caresses across the senses like a sultry lover inflamed with lust borne energy.

Dance Like a Maniac more than lives up to its title as a persuasion, its bold and bruising punk rock a bully for feet and body swerves driving song and listener into zealous union while Saturday Morning with a great opening bass groan offers its own headstrong physical temptation. Riffs and rhythms alone are sparks for instinctive compliance and only assisted by the blend of hard and pop rock surging through the song’s tapestry of sound.

Both tracks leave lungs gasping for breath and pleasure over flowing, yet still get slightly eclipsed by the hip swinging incitement that is City of Angels; imagine The Runaways and Bikini Kill mixing with The Go-Gos and you have a sense of its mighty romp before things mellow out with the graceful Jump Start This Heart, a song lined with an electro pop shimmer and bound in melancholic beauty as a sonic fire burns in its heart.

The rawer pop ‘n’ roll of Pack of Smokes steps forward next, bouncing along as a caustic air hugs its fiercely catchy enterprise and energy, and though it does not quite match those before it, the song leaves satisfaction pumped before the outstanding Other Trucker with its reggae hinted, attitude soaked summer canter again has pleasure brimming over. As throughout, Cabezas’ vocal backing and unity with Ogden’s is superb, often understated but always a complimentary hue to her almost siren-esque presence, especially on this treat.

The album closes with Walking on Sunshine, The Dollyrots giving the Katrina and the Waves classic their distinctive craft and energy. To be honest, it is a song which has never lit our fires but that does not stop the twosome causing bodies to bounce in the office as the album ends in fine style.

Ogden and Cabezas have hit another high with Whiplash Splash, their loftiest yet in all aspects and fair to say, when put together by The Dollyrots pop and punk has never been more tempting.