The DOLLYROTS – ” Live In The USA “

Posted: April 4, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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WhiplashSplash is OUT! Click here to get it!

Howdy! Ready for the new stuff?, We’re slugging it out on the road right now but thought everyone should know the new album “Whiplash Splash” is now officially out!. Last Friday was the release date, but we’re on the road with our two kiddos so sending a message out about it totally slipped our minds!
Get our 6th studio album, and our first in 3 years, in any imaginable format,
It’s available on Mom & Pop record stores, Best Buy, and a bunch of other brick & mortar locations! If you love anything in our back catalog you’re gonna find TONS to love in this one. It may be your fav, and we don’t say that lightly!

Late in 2015, The Dollyrots released their phenomenal studio album ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’ and headed out on the road to support their fifth studio album. However, the tour was different than their previous adventures as the husband and wife duo aka Kelly Ogden (vocals, bass) and Luis Cabezas (guitar, vocals) aka Mr. and Mrs. Dollyrot had a baby while recording ‘Barefoot and Pregnant.’

Throwing caution to the wind and being the nomads they are in the name of punk rock, Ogden and Cabezas packed up their gear, along with an abundance of diapers and baby wipes for 18 month old baby boy River aka The Dollytot and headed out on tour with longtime friends Bowling for Soup. The tour was captured in audio and video form for the first-ever Dollyrots live CD/DVD release ‘Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles’ (MVD Entertainment) coming in March.


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