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For all the upward motion suggested by its title, What a Boost basks in a cozy kind of groundedness. The subtle, psychedelic folk on Rozi Plain’s fourth album is as soothing and reliable as a mug of milky tea; these songs don’t rise and fall as much as they simply steep. The British singer-songwriter refined the record over the course of a year on the road, and it bears the marks of an itinerant existence: Worn grooves stretch on like the white lines of a highway, circular guitar figures convey a dutiful sense of routine, and Plain’s fragmented lyrics meander like backseat daydreams. On the hovering ”Conditions,” she sounds a bit like Charlotte Gainsbourg fronting the Beta Band as she sings “Is this the way for love?” with the nonchalance of a traveler asking for directions.


Tweaked and refined during a year spent touring the world playing bass in This Is The Kit, ‘What A Boost’ nurtures its homely roots and then blooms into a record that isn’t strictly about life on road but is undoubtedly, and beautifully, shaped by it. Textural, repetitive, propulsive, the whole piece plays out like a soundtrack to the world flying past the window; all of the shapes, colours, sights and sounds, flickering fast as we try to take as much of it in as we can. 

The music of Rozi Plain has always felt like a freeze-frame. A colourful and graceful snapshot of the world, paused, suspended in time, and then gently toyed with, like stepping out of the linear world as we know it.

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Winter can be tough. Staying indoors for three months (or longer, depending on your latitude) is already a drag, but it can be even worse when you’re searching for warm pockets of air in a drafty house. U.K. artist Rozi Plain fights off the chill on her new song, “Conditions,” the second single from her forthcoming album What A Boost (out April 5th on Memphis Industries).

While the idea for this song sprung from the cold, Plain actually laid down the original recording in sunny Los Angeles while playing bass on tour with This Is The Kit’s Kate Stables, one of her close friends. Plain and Stables share some sonic sensibilities—they both favor airy effects, looped drum beats and whimsical sounds, and they’re also both frequenters of the Bristol music scene. In addition to those collaborations, Plain is also a part of Justin Vernon’s and Aaron Dessner’s PEOPLE collective.

What A Boost is Rozi Plain’s fifth solo effort, following 2016’s Friend of a Friend. “Conditions” follows previously released single “Symmetrical.” The new track is warm, pliable and colorful, even as Plain sings about more frigid forecasts. “When the conditions are right,” Plain sings, “It can be freezing at night.” Here’s what she said about the new tune:

This song is about hunting for drafts in a well insulated house. Searching for the rooftop without any frost on a freezing day. Wondering about the heating situation. Inside feelings. Outside feelings. We recorded the guitar and drums of this song in LA with Chris Cohen on a day off whilst on tour with This Is The Kit. And then spent the next year adding bits here and there. It was a song I tried to record before that needed a bit of a new prism applied to it. Maybe re-recording a song about minus freezing weather in the 35 degree Californian sun was just what it needed. Warm the place up a bit. Gerard Black (from Babe and François & the Atlas Mountains) added his synths in Glasgow and I added quite a bit of Jupiter (that I recently acquired) in London. Alabaster de Plumes saxophone appears right at the end.

Taken from Rozi Plain’s new album ‘What a Boost’ (out 05th April 2019),

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This is a lovely taster from Rozi Plain’s upcoming new album ‘What a Boost’. Distinctive guitar tones hover and bounce off a rhythmic drum beat in a languid fashion whilst Rozi’s voice is calm and restrained. There is an alluring pattern with the guitar playing and this enables the song to build a subtle but strong foundation to the proceedings. This lets the music breathe and allows the listener to nestle into a happy corner and appreciate the seamless layers this song offers up.

‘Symmetrical’ seems to unearth little and satisfying discoveries with each listen and with this in mind, I cannot see anyone wanting to refrain from the former. To see her put this together on stage at an intimate venue will surely be more than the usual treat!

Catch Rozi Plain at her upcoming UK tour, Her upcoming album could well be amongst the critic’s choices of 2019

Taken from Rozi Plain’s upcoming album “What a Boost”.