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From the album ‘This Is All Yours’  Alt J have revealed the gloomy new video for “Pusher,” the latest single off the band’s This Is All YoursBased on a concept by Alt-J frontman Joe Newman and brought to life by Division Paris and director Thomas Rhazi, the video features a man’s agonizing attempt to bring change to an uninformed society. “Pusher” is presented similarly to the Best Picture Oscar-winning Birdman, with the feel of one long shot cleverly divided by seamless cuts.

is a stripped-down acoustic number about love, loss and loneliness. Its central idea is that people are either pushers or pullers, and a successful relationship needs both — Newman sings of how he lacks,

the zest of a lemon, looking forward
Unless I have a woman pushing me

It also introduces the red-billed quelea, the most common bird in the world, which will reoccur throughout the album.


with a scuzzy synth sound,  distorted guitars the British trio Alt-J releasing “This Is All Yours”, their much-anticipated sophomore album from late last year. Their videos for early singles Hunger Of The Pine” and “Left Hand Free were both strong but were vastly different from one another. And they’ve now made two videos for the winding, tricky “Every Other Freckle,” both full of images that seem randomly collected, though they’re all memorable and beautifully shot: Snakes, seagulls, buffalo. Those images repeat in both videos, but the videos aren’t carbon copies. The Boy version shows us a naked dude’s impressive muscles, while the Girl version does the same with a lady.

Alt J have issued two videos for their new single from the forthcoming album “This Is All Yours” one is designated for Girls the other for Boys.